How to Fix a Peeling Gaming Chair

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Gaming chairs are very durable, but you can often see that your gaming chairs’ PU or Faux leather can peel off. This is a very irritating thing for any gamer.

Genuine leather does not flake or peel. It might just be a chipped finish or aftermarket paint. As a result, peeling on bi-cast, bonded, or imitation leather indicates a delaminating polyurethane (PU) covering.

Gaming chairs can peel off due to improper maintenance, excessive sunlight exposure, sweating, and scratches. Genuine leather gaming chairs don’t peel. If your gaming chair is peeling, it means it was made with PU leather or Bonded leather.

But, as leather chairs are really expensive, people often go towards the faux or PU leather gaming chair. But how to fix a peeling gaming chair?

Today, we will discuss everything that you need to know to fix your peeling gaming chair and more.

Why is My Leather Gaming Chair Peeling?

As mentioned before, leather chairs do not usually peel even after many years of usage. Genuine top grain leather is much more costly and does not peel. Furthermore, the material used for gaming chairs may be listed as “bonded leather” in the product description.

They may also use words like Nuvo Leather or Renew Leather to describe their products. However, Faux bonded, or PU leather peeling is very common.

There are a number of reasons why your leather chair is peeling, including improper maintenance, excessive intense sunlight exposure, along with lack of hydration, all of which can cause it to crack and peel over time.

While the laminated surface of many fake forms of leather is appealing because it is simple to clean with harsh chemicals, it commonly fractures after only a few years of usage. On the other hand, Genuine leather is known to endure for up to 20 years.

Types of Leather used for Gaming Chair Upholstery

Gaming chairs come in different varieties and price ranges. Hence, the type of upholstery also varies quite a lot. Leather comes in a variety of forms, including bonded leather and genuine leather.

There is also imitation leather, which is the least durable of the leathers. We strongly recommend real or bonded leather over imitation leather if you can afford it.

If properly cared for, a good faux leather gaming chair may last up to 5 years. Keep in mind that different kinds of imitation leather have varied levels of polyurethane coating, with some having more than others.

How to Fix a Peeling Gaming Chair

You might think that fixing a peeling gaming chair is hard, but it is not that hard, and you can easily do it if you follow the steps that we are going to mention below.

Step 1: Peeling off

The First step is to peel off all the pieces. Using a moist microfiber cloth, slowly peel off the peeled bits. Toss all of the fragments into a nearby garbage bin.

Step 2: Applying Leather Paint

For this, you need to get leather paint from any nearest hardware store. Use a tiny paintbrush to apply leather paint to the afflicted areas. If the peeling extends across the back and sides of your couch, begin there before moving on to the seats.

You can apply multiple coats of paint if your peeling is too much. To avoid spreading, wait at least 30 minutes between applications if using multiple coats. Furthermore, make sure not to allow more than 40 minutes for the paint to dry.

Step 3: Finish Off With High Gloss Paint

Apply a high gloss paint finish using a fresh brush. To make it look as neat as possible, be sure to use even horizontal strokes. If necessary, apply additional coats of finish, but no more than three.

You may also use leather paint instead of leather filler. If you use any leather filler within the sofa’s seams, you risk distorting it.

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Tips to Avoid Your Gaming Chair from Peeling

So far, we have discussed how to fix a peeling gaming chair. But, now it is important for you to understand how you can avoid your gaming chair from peeling in this first stage.

If you follow these tips properly, we are sure that your gaming chair won’t peel off that easily.

  • Keeping the chair dry

We all know that PU Leather is water-resistant. However, extended exposure to moisture can cause the leather to get damaged and lose its soft feel.

Furthermore, keep any liquids away from the upholstery of your chair, especially if it is made of cloth or suede. Because these fabrics aren’t as water-resistant as PU leather, you’ll want to avoid spills as much as possible.

Even when you’re indoors, it’s natural to sweat a little. If you’re moist, you should avoid sitting and leaning on the chair as much as possible. Besides that, In the event of an unavoidable spill, wipe the liquid on the fabric with a dry cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. Always make sure not to rub the fabric, as this may result in further discoloration. 

Before using a fabric cleaner to any persistent stains, gently wipe them away with a fabric cleaner or vacuum any loose particles and debris. To clean suede surfaces, start by wiping them with a dry microfiber cloth against the grain.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

Make sure your gaming chair isn’t in direct sunlight if it’s next to a window. The leather might harden and break as a result of the heat from the sun. Always remember to keep it cool or close the curtains throughout the day if it’s near a window.

  • No Sweating

For gaming chairs, PU leather is frequently used as the upholstery. While there are many levels of PU leather quality, all levels are susceptible to peeling when repeatedly exposed to perspiration and friction.

Sweat is acidic by nature, so it’s not strange that it might cause this over time. As a result, you should avoid making direct touch with your chair with your bare skin.

Before settling back into your chair, ensure sure you’ve properly dried off after showering or other activities. You may also place a towel on your chair before sitting to help the upholstery last longer.

  • Keep sharp objects away from your gaming chair.

While PU leather is durable, it is susceptible to scratches and rips, and even a minor movement can result in an unsightly scratch mark on the leather. As a result, try to keep abrasive or pointy things such as velcro and denim rivets away from the chair’s leather.

Furthermore, pets should also be kept away from gaming seats since their claws can do serious damage to the upholstery.

  • Using leather Conditioners

Giving your chair a thorough cleaning every two weeks or every week is a fantastic habit to develop. It may appear to be yet another duty to add to the list, but it is well worth the extra 15 minutes. This regular cleaning practice will assist in reducing the accumulation of filth and dirt.

Begin by sweeping or vacuuming the chair to remove any big dirt particles before wiping the leather clean with a moist microfiber towel. Use specific PU leather conditioners if you want even better results or if you have some stubborn spots to remove.

The conditioner maintains a layer of moisture on the leather, ensuring that it remains smooth, silky, and similar to when you first bought the chair. This should not be done frequently; once every two months is a decent rule of thumb.

Top 3 Gaming Chair Cover Recommendations

Cheap PU and Faux leather can easily peel within a few years, whereas genuine leather gaming chairs are really expensive.

However, we would like to recommend a few covers for your gaming chairs which we believe will keep your gaming chair fresh and protect it from dust, scratches, and sweat.

  1. Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Covers

The Deisy Dee gaming and office chair covers are very well renowned covers for gaming chairs. They come in many designs and can be a suitable option for gaming chairs with dimensions that are given below

The back height of the chair is 23.6-27.1 inches, while the breadth of the chair’s back is 17.7-21.6 inches. The length of the seat cushion is 16.5-20.5 inches. The breadth of the seat cushion is 17.7-21.6 inches.

This cover is constructed of high-quality 100 percent polyester and is an excellent protection for cat owners since it protects your chair from scratch. Zippers are provided on both sides of the chair back to make installation and use easier. Stretchable and non-slip elasticity material that immediately recovers.

2. SARAFLORA Office Chair Covers

The SARAFLORA gaming chair covers in many different colors and is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex and is sufficiently flexible. It is compatible with the majority of computer office chairs.

Redecorating your office chairs will give your chair a fresh look if it is broken or not as new as it once was. It will also help to prevent future harm to your chair.

3. WOMACO Printed Office Chair Covers

This chair cover is for those who want to add some design to their gaming chair. This gaming chair cover will always fit all of your gaming chairs perfectly and is made up of 95 percent polyester and 5% spandex. Soft with a lot of stretches. Furthermore, it will always stay in position and will not require any adjustments.

The Womco printed chair covering is constructed of a soft and comfy fabric that will protect your chair from spills, tears, scratches, and hair. Keep your furniture as new as possible. Ideal for families with children. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective and stunning present for people of all ages.


Peeling gaming chairs is a very unpleasant sight for gamers. But, if you know how to fix a peeling gaming chair, then your life will be much easier.

Hence, today in this guide, we discussed a step-by-step procedure that you can follow to fix your PU or Faux leather peeling gaming chair.

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