Can Gaming Chairs Explode?

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You are peacefully enjoying your gaming sessions in your gaming chair, just when you are in the middle of an intense gaming session and about to make the attack on your opponent.

Boom, your gaming chair explodes, and you get hurt. Is this really possible? Can gaming chairs explode?

Gaming chairs can explode. Even though it’s a rare occasion, certain factors can cause gaming chairs to explode. The gas cylinders that enable height changes in contemporary chairs have the potential to explode. Furthermore, improper use of the chair may result in explosions. Buying from reputed companies will help you avoid confrontation.

So, in this guide, we will discuss everything that you need to know regarding exploding gaming chairs.

Do Gaming Chairs Explode?

There are two primary reasons why we’re asking this question and why you might be concerned about gaming chairs exploding: There have been a few instances where this has happened, and the use of compressed gas may make us question if it is conceivable.

When you buy cheap gaming chairs from unknown brands, you can easily see the very poor quality of cylinders filled with pressurized air that can explode compared to the expensive chairs that come with Nitrogen gas.

Even though gaming chair explosions aren’t very common, there have been mainly three incidents in china where gaming chairs exploded, which can be a severe issue.

The pressurized tanks within the chair that are used for suspension detonated in several incidents, causing metal rods, screws, and other metal shards to break and pierce the person sitting in the chair, resulting in catastrophic injuries.

Just stay away from compressed air and search for chairs that employ a pressured nitrogen system instead.

Reasons Why Gas Pressured Gaming Chairs Explode

After intense research, we have found out mainly three reasons which can be the significant reasons for gas pressured gaming chairs to explode.

  • Problematic Gas Cylinder

Over time, the gas cylinder in some chairs may develop a problem. Moreover, if your chair’s height adjustment mechanism stops operating due to excessive use, it might indicate a problem with the gas cylinder in the chair’s base.

This will not only produce discomfort, but it will also make your mind uneasy as you consider the potential problems.

However, Due to most chairs’ high-quality construction and safety features, you should seldom have contact with the gas cylinder.

  • Poor Build Quality

If the gaming chair you got is from any unknown cheap brand with a bad reputation, then there is a high possibility that the build quality can be very poor. The problem is the gas cylinder can be due to this poor quality manufacturer.

Instead of utilizing nitrogen gas, these low-cost gaming chairs employ compressed air in the cylinder to save money and increase profits. This might result in potential issues and hazards, which could cause problems for users.

  • Not Proper Usage

There are several videos on the internet showing chairs cracking and exploding. However, this does not occur in everyday use. The major reason you see these types of things happening in films is that people jump forcefully on chairs or use them for experimental purposes.

Such erroneous use of gaming and office desk chairs can result in not only chair damage but also injury to those who are in close proximity to the seats.

How Gas Pressure Works in a Gaming chair?

To understand better how a gaming chair explodes, you need to know how gas pressure works in a gaming chair.

A gas-pressured suspension mechanism is used in several current gaming chairs. This allows you to simply adjust the chair’s height to your preferred gaming position. A gas cylinder positioned beneath the seat of the chair allows you to move up and down by pressing the lever on the side of the chair.

The pneumatic system is made up of a succession of springs that are coiled up using compressed nitrogen gas. The pressure generates sufficient force to elevate the chair. Lubrication is also required for these devices to guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

Step-by-Step walkthrough of a gas spring system

  • The pneumatic cylinder is filled with nitrogen gas. The spring coils are activated when the adjustable lever is pressed. As a result, when you press down on the lever to raise or lower the height, a piston, or a plug-like item, is driven into the gas cylinder, allowing it to compress.
  • The piston’s complete movement creates a highly pressurized region. This highly pressurized air or friction generates force and allows the chair to rise higher or lower.
  • They add lubricant to protect it from overheating since this distribution of energy causes a lot of heat via friction.

How to Avoid Gaming Chairs From Exploding

So, far we have discussed exploding gaming chairs. You surely do not want your gaming chair to explode. Hence, it is essential to know how we can avoid gaming chairs from exploding.

This section will exactly see how we avoid the problem of exploding gaming chairs.

Change the seat

You could already be using a gaming chair and haven’t given the gas cylinder seat adjustment mechanism a second consideration. Because good gaming and desk chairs don’t need users to deal with the build’s internals, this is the case.

However, if there is an issue or problem with the gas cylinder and the height adjustment is not working, you should replace the gas cylinder or the complete chair. This will help you to relax and enjoy your time in the chair.

Proper Usage of the chair

It is important to use your gaming chair properly. These chairs are meant for sitting and not doing crazy experiments like jumping on a fully raised chair or even dropping heavy items when the chair is at maximum height level.

To keep yourself and your equipment safe is utilize the chair properly, without attempting to use it in any unusual or unconventional manner.

Getting The chair from Renowned Brand

Buying a gaming chair from a respected company is the most significant approach to address all of your worries. This is because the chair’s quality and the chair’s safety rules and construction will be meticulously checked for user convenience.

Simultaneously, there will be no cutting shortcuts or skipping out on high-quality construction materials in order to reduce manufacturing costs and increase revenues. Buying from a respected gaming chair manufacturer is the best way to keep your worries at bay and acquire a fantastic chair.

Focus on the comfort

Gaming chairs are all about comfort and ergonomics. The thing about gaming seats is that they’re designed to allow you to sit for hours on end without feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

This is only feasible if you get a gaming chair that is perfectly ergonomic and comfy to sit on. Hence, when you buy a gaming chair for yourself, make sure that it is cozy, that the material is attractive, and that the overall quality is excellent.

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Should You Worry About Your Gaming Chair Exploding

Now, let’s talk about the big question; do you really need to be concerned about exploding gaming chairs?

No, there is no need to be worried or concerned about your gaming chair exploding. Exploding chair cases are one in a billion, and they all occurred as a result of particular corporations’ low-cost, low-quality adjusting techniques.

Desk chairs, exceptionally high-quality gaming chairs, are created from the ground up with such safety precautions that there are no chances of any anomalies in them, thanks to tight rules and quality assurances. As a result, there’s no need to be scared about your gaming chair exploding.


Gaming chairs are a must for any gamer. They provide the utmost comfort and provide a smooth gaming experience. But, can gaming chairs explode is a very common question that might twist around your head.

Gaming chairs can explode caused by gas cylinder explosions. However, this is rare, and you do not need to be concerned about it. To be extra safe, make sure to always go for chairs from renowned brands and never opt for cheaper gaming chairs.

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