How to Turn off Gaming Mouse Light?

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Gaming mouse lights have become one of the crazes of the gaming community. Almost every gamer and even non-gamer owns mice with LED lights. In fact, for many, the light pattern and the design is a huge factor when buying a gaming mouse.

But, if you are reading this article, then you’ve probably faced a big issue with your precious mouse. As beautiful as they are, the gaming mouse lights do not turn off after the computer or device has been turned off.

It is not a glitch or fault in your device. Optical gaming mouses are designed to act like that. So, what can you do to turn off the gaming mouse LED lights? Read ahead to find out the different methods!

How to Turn off Gaming Mouse Light?

You can turn off the mouse light by enabling the ERP feature, which will turn off power to all USB external hard drives. You can also turn off the led light of an RGB mouse by long-clicking on the DPI button. If these methods don’t work, you can turn it off manually by covering the light with electric tape.

While many prefer the bright LED lighting of a gaming mouse, they can be distracting for some. Especially since they don’t turn off at night. Most first-timers are caught off guard by this feature. They choose bright patterned lights and realise that they remain on 24/7 after using the mouse.

Razer mouse led light blinking

Step-by-Step Process to Turn off Gaming Mouse Light

1. First, turn on your computer and go to the Boot Menu page. The boot menu button differs in different systems. Then, Enter Power Management and look for ERP at the end of the page.

2. The factory version of every device has ERP set in “disabled” mode. To turn off the gaming mouse light, you need to change this model. Click on the “disabled” button and set it to “enabled”. Remember to save before exiting.

3. Lastly, your computer will ask, “save the configuration and reset?” and you need to click on the “yes” option. Your computer will restart.

4. When you “enable” your ERP, every USB port or external hard drive will no longer be powered through your computer when it is turned off. At first, the mouse light will stay on for a few seconds before turning off.

How to Turn off The Mouse Light Manually?

If you don’t want to change your computer’s settings or mess with USB powering, you can use some manual tricks to turn off your gaming mouse light. Sometimes, the mouse software isn’t connected, and you can’t use the above-mentioned process.

You can use a thin strip of electrical tape over the led light. It will stop the light from peeping. However, some gaming mouses have intricate designs when it comes to light and putting on a tape might hinder movement. You should consider your mouse light design.

If the tape doesn’t work for you, using nail enamel colours of black shades can work as well. You can use other darker colours as well and even matte or glossy for different effects. If the light is too bright, add a thicker coating.

Moreover, you can open the mouse and cover up your LED lights. If that doesn’t work, you can also take off the LED lights.

Why Does My Gaming Mouse Light Not Turn Off? 

You may be thinking, why your gaming mouse light stays on even though the computer is turned off. Many new users are baffled by this. It is an important feature to consider when buying a gaming mouse because while bright lighting may look tempting, it will glow all day long. Even at the times, you’re not using it.

The LED lights stay on because your computer provides power to USB ports when it is turned off. Many computers have this feature because the “power” button on keyboards is used to turn it on.

So, the gaming mouse is still being powered by your computer throughout the day. The colour of the LED lights of your gaming mouse does not change after the computer is turned off. Blue lights will remain blue, and red LED lights will remain red.

Are Gaming Mouse Lights Beneficial? 

When it comes to gaming mouse LED lights, the reason is purely aesthetical. It looks visually appealing to most people, and the mouse looks fancy as well. Some even choose the colour and design based on their entire computer setup style.

LED lights aren’t just limited to mice. Nowadays, most people have lights on their keyboards and computer cases. Sometimes, people match their keyboard and gaming mouse light patterns and colours for a more personal touch.

However, from a functional point of view, gaming mouse lights serve no purpose. They don’t help you in gaming or make your computer run smoother. It has no practical benefit.

Should I Turn Off My Gaming Mouse Lights?

Following the last point, since gaming mouse lights have no purpose other than visuals, it is totally fine to turn them off if you want to. Most people are blindsided because these bright lights remain on even after they have turned off the computer.

When choosing a gaming mouse, we tend to go for what suits our taste. The brighter colours make the whole setup feel cosier. But you must think about how it will look in a dark room. Because when you’re trying to sleep, you don’t want to be distracted by bright neon lights. If the lights distract you too much, you should turn them off. It will not harm your computer or mouse.


In conclusion, there are several ways to turn off your gaming mouse lights. If you know your way around a computer and feel confident enough to change its configuration, you can turn off the mouse light through its software.

However, you can also use electrical tape or enamel colours to block the light. The method is totally up to you. Just don’t worry about complications since gaming mouse lights are only for visual effects. Hopefully, you can change your setup to your liking!

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  1. to add my own experience:
    often you can also turn off/on the led light of an rgb mouse by long click on the dpi button.
    Give it a try if other methods are not working


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