Best RGB Gaming Chairs in 2024: Top 5 Reviewed

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The excitement of sitting and playing in a gaming chair can be thrilling. What makes a gaming chair livelier is the use of RGB lighting. If you are a gamer, then you must already be well known with RGB gaming chairs.

When thinking about RGB, the RGB lighting is visually appealing and adds a new dimension of deep moodiness to the game. RGB gaming chairs are ideal for gamers that are serious about their gaming and want their game room to look its best.

Today, we have picked the five best RGB gaming chairs for you. These chairs will be appealing to all the gamers, and we are pretty confident about that.

The 5 Best RGB Gaming Chair: An In-depth Review

1. Modern-Depo Gaming Chair with LED RGB Lights

Modern-Depo Gaming Chair with LED RGB Lights Ergonomic Office Computer Desk Chair
  • Height adjustable, 90-180 degree back recline;...
  • With bright RGB lighting around, simply plug the cable...

The Modern-Depo RGB gaming chair has a durable design that can be adjusted to fit practically any user’s demands. Furthermore, the brilliant RGB colors of this LED gaming chair may be customized with the included remote control.

Product Description

The Modern-Depo gaming chair has a dimension of 27.6 x 20.9 x 54.3 inches with a weight of 48.2 pounds. This chair has an excellent ergonomic design. In addition, this chair has a high back that makes it quite comfy.

Furthermore, the Modern-Depo chair has a height-adjustable butterfly mechanism that lifts the chair. As a result, the back reclines from 90 to 180 degrees. Its setup is simple, and the ergonomic body-hugging high back, large cushioned seat cushion, functioning armrest, detachable lumbar support, and headrest will leave you feeling calm and revitalized.

As a result, this 360-degree swivel chair is an excellent seat for working, studying, gaming, resting, and many other activities. In addition, the RGB lighting is rather intense. So all you have to do is insert the cord into a USB port to generate a chilly ambiance quickly.

Because this RGB gaming chair is also USB powered, you can either link it to your computer through the USB port or use a USB power bank and tuck it into the chair’s back.


  • It comes with Bright RGB
  • The seat is thickly padded for extreme comfort
  • 90-180 degree back recline
  • Ergonomic design


  • LED’s cannot be replaced

Final verdict

The Modern-Depo gaming chair has a well-made design that will serve you well for many hours of gaming and work. With the RGB, you have a wide spectrum of colors to choose from to match your themes and stand out.

2. Kasorix RGB Armchair Breathable Leather Gaming Chair

Kasorix RGB Armchair Breathable Leather Gaming Chair
  • 【High Quality Material】The smooth, breathable and...
  • 【Multi-Function】The armrest can be lifted up and...

The back of this Kasorix RGB Gaming Chair is fully extended, providing support for your back, head, and neck. This chair is handcrafted to perfection and intended to fit the natural contour of the human body. You will enjoy total comfort with its Furniture Quality PU leather.

Product Description

The Kasorix RGB gaming chair has a dimension of 49.41 x 25.59 x 26.77 inches. This gaming chair is one of the finest RGB gaming chairs available in the market out there.

This black and red leather gaming chair have a striking appearance. It has visible diamond stitching, which makes it one of the most appealing goods of its kind for a reasonable price.

The gaming chair is first and foremost designed to look attractive, with RGB lighting for a more immersive gaming experience. You may also use it as a power source by plugging in an external battery bank. Furthermore, the color lights are of excellent quality. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about their service life.

These lights will never overheat. To make it bright, simply plug the USB into a computer, power bank, or laptop. In addition, the voltage is minimal and hence safe to use.

The back reclines from 90° to 170° and is adjustable into a multi-angle locking configuration, allowing you to find your ideal resting or gaming posture. The armrests are adjustable, allowing you to choose the optimal height for you.

There’s also a retractable footrest, so your feet won’t get too tired, and you may unwind while napping in this RGB gaming chair.

The Kasorix RGB chair is incredibly simple to set up and will only take you around 20 minutes if you follow the directions to the letter. The chair comes with all of the necessary tools, hardware, and instructions. As a result, you won’t need to buy anything else to set up this chair.


  • Retractable footrest
  • Wide sitting position
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation


  • The gas shock is not of the best quality

Final Verdict

This Kasorix RGB gaming chair has a high-quality feel to it and is both comfy and robust. Furthermore, the armrests are pretty substantial, and the lighting is really nice. There are so many lights to select from, and they all match and sync flawlessly with the computer and keyboard lights.

3. GALACTIX Astro Dual RGB Lighting Gaming Chair

Dual RGB Lighting Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support Gaming Chair
  • SEIZE THE POWER OF COLOR! ASTRO Dual RGB Lighting is a...
  • DUAL RGB LED LIGHTING: The unique Astro RGB gaming...

The Galactix STRO Dynamic Dual RGB Lighting is a high-end racing-style gaming chair. It is an ideal gaming throne for individuals who wish to enjoy their games in total comfort while creating an ambiance with bright and lively lighting that allows you to be more creative, active, and effective while playing.

Product Description

To fit your gaming mood, this chair offers dual lighting features: RGB lighting that wraps around the frame and extra LED lighting at the rear of the chair near the headrest.

Furthermore, you will have entire control because you can choose from stunning options and modify the speed, brightness, and color choices. The build quality is also excellent. It has a Diamond Check Design pattern that looks and feels luxurious.

Additionally, the improved cushioned high back that is ergonomically designed and the soft thick cushion seat are both fully padded with high-quality foams and PU leather. Memory foam heads and lumbar cushions are offered for added comfort during long gaming sessions.

The heavy-duty full steel frame can hold a weight of 350 lbs. As a result, this chair is appropriate for both medium and big players. With height adjustment, the 360-degree swivel allows for movement in any direction.

The 3D column support may be locked in position and remain reclined at specified degrees for work and pleasure, with a reclining rocking motion ranging from 90° to 170°. It also has height adjustment and a tilt lock.

Furthermore, all the functioning is safe, dependable, and smooth. Your gaming sessions will be more pleasant, thanks to the adjustable retractable footrest. Additionally, the assembly is really simple and only takes around 15 minutes. The directions and tools are included in the package.


  • Dual RGB lighting system
  • Head and lumbar pillows with memory foam
  • Full control over the lighting system
  • Looks premium


  • The base can be better in terms of quality

Final Verdict

The Galactix RGB gaming chair is an innovative gaming chair that comes with dual RBG lighting. The adjustable head and lumbar pillow are also made from memory foam that is a great feature.

Hence, if you are looking for a good quality luxurious gaming chair, this is the perfect option.

4. YOUTHUP RGB Pink Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers RGB LED Lights
  • 【LED FLASHING LIGHTS】 - Designed with LED lights on...
  • 【AUDIO GAMING CHAIR】 - Built-in two Bluetooth...

The Youthup RGB gaming chair is loaded with amenities, including USB-powered RGB lights along the seat’s sides and back. Add two Bluetooth speakers that link to your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, and you’ve got a panoramic sound and real-time gaming experience.

Product Description

Two Bluetooth speakers are located at the back of this RGB gaming chair. The surround sound system enhances your entertainment experience. Solid bass and full audio create amazing and rich stereo effects.

Simply just connect your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the speaker to experience amazing theatre-like sound effects from games or movies.

This gaming chair builds on the benefits of the racing chair by employing a streamlined 3D sponge for comfort. In addition, the detachable headrest and lumbar pillow give exceptional cervical spine support and make you feel wonderful after a long day of gaming or working.

Furthermore, the build quality is excellent. The strong metal frame can support a maximum load of 330 pounds. The PU leather surface is simple to clean. Along with it, there are 5 quiet universal casters that will allow you to move about your workplace or house easily.

Additionally, each component may be customized to accommodate a wide range of desk heights and seating postures. The cushion is stuffed with 530 grams of high-setting cotton for an exceptionally elastic rebound.

Furthermore, because it is built to US standards, it is simple to assemble in 30 minutes, according to the user handbook. All of the pieces of the gaming chair are numbered, and thorough assembly instructions are included for your convenience so that you can quickly assemble them yourself.

You can use a remote control to match the RGB lights to your music playing, with 5 music dream patterns and 20 other non-music patterns.


  • The cushion is very comfortable for sitting
  • It comes with two inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
  • Very strong nylon base
  • Ergonomic design


  • Bad customer support

Final Verdict

If you are in search of a pink RGB gaming chair, then the YOUTHUP gaming chair is for you. This chair has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that syncs with the RGB lighting, making your gaming experience more enthralling.

5. X Rocker Emerald RGB 2.0 Wired X2 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair

X Rocker Emerald RGB 2.0 Wired X2 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair with LED Lights
  • BUILT IN SPEAKERS & BASE I Features speaker mounted...
  • MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY I Connects to all your...

The X Rocker Emerald will take your floor gaming chair to the next level with headrest-mounted speakers and a subwoofer that produces high-quality audio with a mixture of immersive lighting from the built-in RGB for an overall unique gaming experience.

Product Description

The X Rocker RGB gaming chair is a multifunctional gaming chair. Instead of a traditional gaming chair, it opts for a couch-style design. It is rated at 275 pounds in terms of load capacity. One of the most notable features is that it comes with 2.0 speakers.

The design of this folding chair is contemporary and simple. The sleek black design gives your workplace, living area, game room, bedroom, or dorm room a trendy appeal.

It is made of RGB LED technology and has over 30+ color and pattern possibilities that can be changed with the press of a button. In addition, the rocking design offers a reclining back with an inclination ranging from 90 to 180 degrees. It features armrests that swivel and recline for optimal playing positions even during the longest game sessions.


  • Very comfortable couch style chair
  • Has Bluetooth 2.0 front speaker
  • It can be folded when not in use
  • More than 30 RGB color and pattern possibilities


  • No wheels for movement

Final Verdict

If you are in search of a floor gaming chair for playing tv games or for watching movies, then the X Rocker Emerald RGB gaming chair is for you. This chair has a Bluetooth speaker that can sync with the RGB for a better gaming experience.

Buying Guide for the Best RGB gaming chair

If you are searching for the best RGB gaming chair, then this guide down below will help you make the best decision.


Budget is something that must be thought of before you begin looking for an RGB chair. Think about your budget. This will make it much easier to locate the best chair for your requirements. You’ll be able to eliminate several models and focus on the ones you can afford.

Our guide includes both low-cost and high-quality expensive RGB gaming chairs. We are certain that one of the models that we discussed above will meet your requirements and budget.

Ergonomic Design

Even though we are in search of the best RGB gaming chair, ergonomics is what matters the most.

Gaming chairs with neck and lumbar cushions are a solid indication that they are ergonomically constructed. This contributes significantly to your ability to play for extended periods of time without becoming exhausted.

An ergonomic chair will keep your back comfortable while you’re seated. This contributes significantly to gaming stability and safety. A chair’s ergonomics can also assist you in enhancing your posture.

Hence, always make sure to go for a chair that is ergonomically designed.


Comfort is important, and you must consider this while purchasing any type of gaming chair. If you do not do so, you will rapidly become dissatisfied with your purchase. You want to make an investment in a chair that will last for many years.

A comfy chair will guarantee that you utilize it frequently. However, it’s vital to remember that just because a chair looks nice doesn’t guarantee it’s comfortable. Take the time to investigate your possible new chair to see whether it suits the needs of the people who purchased it.

A comfortable chair will usually have PU leather, memory foam. Also, look for an adjustable head and lumbar pillow. Head and lumbar pillow will support your back during long gaming hours.

Weight Capacity

The majority of gaming seats on the market now can hold 300 pounds or more. Simply look at the chair’s weight capacity in its specs to discover if it is designed for your body type.

Based on your weight, you may need to ensure that the gaming chair you’re considering can support you for lengthy periods of time. It would help if you opted for a chair with a metal frame to guarantee it will give the necessary support.

RGB Controlling mechanism

A different RGB gaming chair comes with a different controlling mechanism. For example, some chair has a wireless remote control. On the other hand, some chair has a wired remote control RGB control system.

Wireless systems can be fun to use. However, not all chairs have wireless remote systems. Wired systems are the most common and useful because they all include a little back pocket where you can keep the remote when not in use.

Different RGB Modes

Some of the finest gaming chairs with LEDs prefer settings with several colors occasionally, although these are unusual. Simultaneously, the numerous illumination options can make or break your potential buy.

Typically, seven colors can function independently in a distinct lighting mode. RGB modes offer constant or alternate lighting, as well as brightness level cycling. RGB gaming chairs also include timers that may turn on the LEDs at predetermined intervals.


The primary goal of an RGB gaming chair is to look good and improve the appearance of your gaming room. Every RGB-lit gaming chair should look fantastic. We must confess that the majority of RGB gaming seats look good that we reviewed above.

Additionally, nothing devalues the looks of your gaming setup, like badly placed RGB lighting. This is why you should think seriously about how your gaming chair and other lighting solutions will appear in your gaming area or at your gaming space.


Today we reviewed the best RGB gaming chairs. All these chairs are well tested by our experts, and you can expect top-notch performance in the long run. RGB Gaming chairs are fun to play with.

Every day, you may change your lighting options to create a different ambiance. While these lights do not provide enough illumination to play in the dark, they certainly make your chair appear a lot fancier.

All of these chairs have essential specs and details described, as well as a thorough buying guide to assist you in selecting the correct one.

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