Do Gaming Chairs Improve Gameplay?

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Did you ever wonder why pro gamers spend so much money on expensive and premium quality gaming chairs? Is it because gaming chairs improve gameplay? Let’s find it out!

A gaming chair might not directly contribute to your gameplay. But indirectly a good gaming chair does improve the gameplay. It is designed to provide you with the ultimate comfort that helps you focus on your gameplay.

Now, you must be thinking, how do gaming chairs improve gameplay, and what is so special about a gaming chair that makes it different from other chairs and the ideal choice for a gamer. To answer all these curiosities you have, let’s dig deeper into this.

Do Gaming Chairs Improve Your Performance for Gaming?

Not all postures and positions of sitting are ideal for gaming. Maintaining the right posture while gaming will make the gameplay even better and help to focus more on the game. However, maintaining a strict posture for a long time can lead to body aches and back pain.

That is why it is really important to have proper support that complements one’s posture for gaming. And so, for maintaining the right posture of the body while gaming along with maximum comfort, the best choice for gamers tends to be a gaming chair.

Gaming chairs are exclusively designed to provide the ultimate comfort and support while gaming in one position for a long time which ensures a pain-free, flexible, and better gaming experience.

And thus, with better comfort, you can concentrate more on the game, rather than getting distracted by pain and discomfort, which ultimately improves your performance in the game.

How Do Gaming Chairs Improve Your Gameplay

How Do Gaming Chairs Improve Your Gameplay?

A gaming chair is way beyond just an ordinary chair that only provides you the service of sitting. Gaming chairs are dedicated to ensuring your comfort, ease, and support in every odd way you may sit on a chair while gaming. Here’s how they do it for you.

Improved and Effective Posture

Supporting your posture effectively while sitting on a chair for hours is much more important than you think it is. Because if you spend hours regularly on a chair that fails to support your posture properly, it might gradually lead you towards permanent physical damages like hunchback by tightening muscles in those positions.

A gaming chair that comes with a high padded back, bucket seat, and flexible armrests, will support the natural curve of your body along with spinal relief in every posture and position. It reduces the risk of physical damage and discomfort that might take place due to sitting on a chair for a longer period of time.

Enhanced Performance

One of the best features of a gaming chair that makes it the perfect option for gaming is that it is highly and easily adjustable. You can adjust your back support, your armrests, your footrests, and your lumbar support, all without any hassle. Moreover, it also adjusts many times by itself on the basis of your movement while gaming.

And so, for these reasons, you are able to concentrate more on your gaming instead of adjusting your chair in search of comfort. Therefore, it directly or directly enhances your gaming performance.

Consistent Comfort

One thing that you will always miss while gaming on a high-quality office chair is the inconsistent comfort. A good-quality office chair should be comfortable to sit on for a particular amount of time.

But if you’re a regular or pro gamer who is involved in gaming the maximum time of the day, an office chair will not be able to meet your demand of consistent comfort for hours. It is something you will only get from gaming chairs. And that’s why many non-gamers who spend more than half of their daily time on the chair, choose a gaming chair for their regular use over an office chair.

Excellent Back Support

A huge portion of the high-level comfort offered by a gaming chair comes from the back support. Because the backrest of gaming chairs is designed to complement and embrace the shape and curves of a human body perfectly with the loaded cushions and pads. It not only resists back pain and other physical issues, but it also helps to reduce back and shoulder pain.

Fewer Headaches

Gaming chairs are usually designed in such a way that while sitting on them, supporting your back on the backrest, your desktop screen will be straight to your eye level. And so, you will not have to put extra effort to maintain the eye level without getting a headache. So, the possibility of getting a headache is less while gaming if you are sitting on a gaming chair.

Reduced Tension in Neck and Shoulders

Alongside reducing the tendencies of headache and back pain, gaming chairs also reduce the possibility of getting neck and shoulder pain because of their perfect eye-level alignment with the computer screen.

As your computer screen is aligned to your eye level, you will not have to bow down to adjust your vision and focus while gaming. Moreover, gaming chairs, especially the premium ones, come with additional attachable neck rests that ensure more ease and support for your neck and shoulder area.

Reduced Lower Back Pain

Most good-quality gaming chairs offer lumbar support to separately support your spine and lower back. Since the lower back area of the human body has a very complex curve that is hard to complement with the structure of the chair, additional lumbar support is very useful for reducing lower back pain and improving function.

Higher Energy Levels

This might sound irrelevant at first, but once you think about it properly, you will find it relatable. When you are gaming on an ordinary chair instead of a gaming chair, different parts of your body including the back, the arms, the legs, the buttocks, the neck, and the shoulder go through a lot of stress due to constant search and adjustment for comfort.

This stress leads to the loss of a good amount of energy. The ultimate level of comfort and ergonomic support offered by a gaming chair ensures you are free of such physical stresses while gaming. 

And thus, there is a very small loss of energy that is caused due to the discomfort of hours of sitting on the chair, which further establishes higher energy levels while gaming.

Increased Lung Capacity

When you are sitting on a chair with poor back and shoulder support and your computer screen is not aligned to your eye level, you need to maintain a slouching posture to focus and compute. 

This slouching posture restricts the expansion of your ribcage limiting the lung capacity. This further causes lower oxygen intake and increased mental stress.

Improved Circulation

Improper and inadequate support while sitting on a chair for a long time causes a lack of blood circulation at different parts of the body. This further leads to numbness and sensitivity in those areas. 

Such as many times while gaming on an ordinary chair, you will feel like your shoulder, arms, feet, or other voluntary muscles get temporarily paralyzed.

This happens due to the lack of proper blood circulation in those areas. A gaming chair, because of providing extra support to all those areas that are prone to stress during gaming, ensures proper blood circulation, eliminating the tendency of numbness and partial paralysis while gaming.

Increased Self-esteem

The design of a gaming chair combinedly aims for reducing your mental and physical stress during gaming. And when you are gaming with less stress and more relief, your cognitive functions improve much more increasing your confidence, focus, and self-esteem.

Can Gaming Chair Help You Win a Game

Can the Right Gaming Chair Help You Win a Game?

Well, a gaming chair might not bear the ability to make you win a game directly, but indirectly, it definitely contributes to the enhanced performance that can further lead you towards success. To win a game, you need dedication and practice. The more you practice, the better the chances of winning.

However, to practice the game more and more, you need to sit on a chair and play for a significant amount of time. If you aren’t sitting on a comfortable and supportive chair, you will not be able to concentrate on your game for the entire duration and will get exhausted much sooner.

When you’re using the right gaming chair, you will not face fatigue or exhaustion too easily even after gaming on the chair for hours. A good gaming chair will make you fall in love with it. You will not feel like living it for the comfort it provides. And so, it will boost your confidence and will help you to perform better.

So, even though, a gaming chair does not have the tools or tricks that can help you win the game. But it still plays a significant role in a winner’s way.

gaming injuries that a gaming chair can prevent

Computer Gaming Injuries that a Good Gaming Chair Can Prevent

If you’re thinking that the only advantage of a gaming chair is providing support and comfort, you are not able to see the bigger picture. You have no idea how your gaming chair is saving you from fatal injuries that takes place within a gamer’s body if he plays for a large portion of time without proper support and correct posture.

Below is a list of gaming injuries that are possible to take place if you don’t use a good gaming chair while computer gaming.

Spinal Degradation

The spine is one of the most sensitive parts of the body that usually gets affected due to bad positioning of the body while sitting on a chair for a long time. And so, to support the spinal and hip area, most good-quality gaming chairs come with lumbar support. This reduces the risk of spinal degradation due to sitting on the chair for a long time due to gaming.

Nerves and Blood Vessel Damages

As said before, gaming on an ordinary chair that is not specialized for gaming causes stress in different parts of the body. This stress actually occurs due to the nerves getting stretched more than it is tolerable for a longer time.

This might gradually damage the nerves and the blood vessels causing semi-paralysis. A gaming chair designed for providing extra support to those areas reduces these risks to a great level.

Damaged Hip and Shoulder Muscles

After the spine, the hip and the shoulder are the two most highly stressed area of the body that gets easily affected by a wrong posture or inconvenient structure. And so, to protect the muscles of the hip and the shoulder, gaming chairs provide bucket seats and neck rests respectively. Both of these features complement the shape of the hip and shoulder reducing their muscle stress or discomfort.

Repetitive Strain Hand or Wrist Injuries

This is one of the most commonly ignored gaming injuries. It varies with slight to high severity among gamers. The minor form of this injury commonly takes place in all beginners at their entry-level of pro gaming. But it might get severe and lead to lifelong suffering if the hands or wrist are not provided with proper armrest support.

Since gaming chairs usually feature adjustable armrests, gamers get the option to adjust them as per their convenience and desk level. For which, the risk of severe wrist injuries reduces by using a gaming chair.

Nerve Impingements

Nerve impingements take place when a nerve of a particular area of the body or the tissues, muscles, bones, or cartilages around it is pressurized too much for a long time.

The areas of the body that often encounter nerve impingement for not maintaining a proper posture while gaming include the ulnar nerve of the elbow, the median nerve of the wrist, and the brachial plexus under the clavicle.


One of the greatest risks of gaming without using a gaming chair is getting hunchback. Gaming chairs are designed with an extra high backrest to support the entire back area including the skull during gaming, which other ordinary chairs don’t have.

And so, while gaming on an ordinary chair, a gamer naturally hunches to focus on the screen. Remaining in such a hunch position for a long time causes the deposition of extra muscles in the lower shoulder area, which gradually leads to hunchback.

features of a good gaming chair

Features of a Good Gaming Chair that Can Improve Your Gaming Experience

Here, for your better understanding of how a gaming chair works for improving a gamer’s gaming experience, we are listing out the features that distinguish gaming chairs from other ordinary chairs. Have a look.

Neck and Lumbar Support: Most high-quality gaming chairs feature neck and lumbar support. These are usually soft detachable cushions that are exclusively shaped to support the neck and lumbar area respectively.

Posture Support and Fitting Options: The design of the gaming chair highly focuses on supporting the proper posture of a gamer. However, besides that, there are several fitting and customizing options as well to adjust according to the position and comfort level.

Adjustment Options: There is a very small list of items in a gaming chair that can’t be adjusted. Otherwise, a gaming chair is manufactured fully in favor of all types of gamers and users. You have the option of adjusting the height, the backrest, the armrest, the headrest, neck rest, footrest, lumbar support, and many other additional features that differ from one gaming chair to another.

Sturdy Base and Rollers: When you are spending a huge amount of time on a chair, all you want in it is flexibility and movability. And gaming chair gets a full score in offering it. They provide rotatable sturdy base and rollers that are smooth and super durable.

Thick Seat Cushion: The thicker the seat cushion, the better the hip support. However, along with thickness, ensuring the right amount of hardness is also necessary. Just like a seat that is thick but too hard is uncomfortable, a seat that is thick but too soft also fails to provide comfort. Most high-quality gaming chairs are built with just the right proportion of thickness and hardness.

Padded Backrest: The most attractive feature of a gaming chair that inputs that extra level of comfort while sitting on it is the padded high backrest. The backrests of most good quality gaming chairs are padded from the top to the bottom providing ultimate comfort and a sense of relief.

Gaming Extensions and Accessories: The additional complementary features that you will hardly find in any other chair rather than a gaming chair are the extensions and accessories. You have the option to attach headphones, Bluetooth speakers, make a playlist, and many other attractive things offered by different gaming chair brands. In short, gaming chairs are a luxury.

High-Quality Materials: Gaming chairs are usually a bit costlier than other ordinary chairs. But that extra isn’t for nothing. The materials used in manufacturing a decent-quality gaming chair are all top-notch to provide the ultimate comfort and support you get. A good gaming chair usually contains high-quality fabric, mesh, and leather material.


So, what do you think now, do gaming chairs improve gameplay? The question is similar to asking, does a medical expert provide better medical advice? In both cases, the answer is, absolutely. The truth is, the level of gaming experience you will get from a gaming chair, you will never get the same from any other ordinary chair. So, for a gamer with ambition, it’s totally worth it.

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