The 9 Best Flight Simulator Seats & Cockpits 2024

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Have you ever thought about flying in the sky? Well, who doesn’t want the thrill to fly? Even though everyone wants to fly an airplane, technically, it’s not possible for everyone to do that.

However, no need to get disheartened as there are numerous flight simulator games and simulation software that can give you the experience of flying a real airplane. The most important device for this is the flight simulator seats.

Hence, today we will help you find the best flight simulator seats on the market. Now in the world of flight simulator chairs, often known as flight simulators.

These items are created to fulfill your desires and present you with a near-lifelike experience that is akin to flying a real jet. So, without wasting much time, let’s get straight into the reviews of top-flight simulator seats.

What is a Flight Simulator?

Flight simulators are virtual reality devices that allow you to feel the sense of flight firsthand, fulfilling your passion for flying excursions. Simulator games have vastly improved over time as a result of technological advancements.

For those who are unfamiliar, a flight simulator is a virtual reality system capable of mimicking the environment of a flying machine for a pilot. Pilot instruction, as well as enjoyment and games, are frequent uses for flight simulator seats.

Pilot instruction, recreation, and gaming are all common uses for flight simulators. Aside from that, the greatest flight simulators are used to research aircraft features, real-world model flights, and build and create new planes.

Best Flight Simulator Seats & Cockpits 2024

Below, we will review the nine best flight simulator seats, including their features, pros, and cons, making your decision-making much easier.

1. Playseat Air Force Flight Simulator

Playseat Air Force
  • Used by professional pilots and sim flight...
  • Durable black coated fully adjustable framework

The Playseat Air Force flight simulator seat will take you to new heights. Built-in collaboration with both professional pilots and flight simulator fans. Your sim-flying experience will be enhanced like never before with the Air Force flight simulator seat.

Playseat Air Force is incredibly well-built with a leatherette finish, assuring longevity and beauty. It’s tough and can withstand hundreds of hours of play. The seat has a dimension of 23.23 x 19.53 x 15.59 inches and can accommodate persons weighing up to 270 pounds.

Its compatibility with the majority of electronic flight sticks, throttles, and yoke sets on the market makes it reliable and adds to its value. The steering wheel plate is entirely changeable in thickness and is balanced.

The fingertip-controlled reclining mechanism that allows the back seat to be changed to the optimum driving posture is one of the best features of this flight simulator seat. This is a unique feature that elevates the Playseat Flight Seat to a higher level of quality and adds to its comfort and support.

Playseat Flight Seat is also supported with Play Station 2,3, 4 & 5, Xbox, Xbox 360, PCs, Wii, and WiiU game consoles, and has a fighter jet cockpit design. The lack of lumbar support, on the other hand, means that the seat isn’t ideal for long gaming sessions.


  • Excellent design
  • Can be folded
  • Premium build quality
  • Fully compatible with almost all gaming consoles
  • Adjustable structure with a lasting black coating


  • Doesn’t have a lumbar support

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a professional flight simulator seat that’s used by professional pilots and you’re a big guy, this is the seat for you. It can accommodate anyone with a waist circumference of up to 42 inches.

The powder-coated tubular steel reclining seat structure, which is very sturdy yet lightweight, is what makes this flight simulator great from various viewpoints.

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2. GTR Simulator – CRJ Model Flight Simulator with Adjustable Leatherette Seat

There are several reasons why the GTR CRJ Flight Simulator has outsold all of its competitors combined. Sure, the performance and payload are amazing.

Seat convenience, stability, dependability, and value are all factors to consider. But it’s also about the peace of mind that every CRJ Flight Simulator provides. Coming at 54 x 22 x 52 inches in dimension and 70 Pounds in weight, this flight simulator can easily support up to 300 lbs of weight.

At 30,000 feet, they say, all you can see is freedom. GTR, as a flight simulator company, understands this and has created a reasonably priced flight simulator that anybody can use. The pilot’s body is pressed on the cockpit seat, which causes it to move. The brain then turns those messages into real physical motions by firing those muscles.

The powder-coated steel frame is smoothed out to eliminate any harsh edges. Logitech controllers are supported via predrilled mounts. Though drilling more controls to enable additional hardware is simple,

Most yoke and throttle sets on the market are compatible with the CRJ Model Flight Simulator. However, Saitek Controls are the most effective. The monitor stand can hold up to three 24-inch monitors or one 40-inch display.

However, the predrilled holes only support Logitech. But, you add additional holes for other brands.


  • Three 24-inch monitors can be held in a monitor mount.
  • Easy installation of software
  • It comes with 6 mounted speakers
  • A 2DoF mobility platform structure and seat are included.


  • Predrilled holes only support Logitech

Final verdict

If you already have a computer and flight simulator, all you need now is a good cockpit to complete the experience. And the GTR Simulator – GTM Motion Flight Simulator Cockpit is one of the best choices for that.

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3. Stempilot Pilot Pro 3 Triple Screens + Flight Simulator

Stempilot Pilot Pro 3 Triple Screens + Flight Simulator
  • 90 inch Panoramic Outside/Forward View displayed on 3...
  • Eleven custom Simulator Missions (verbally and visually...

The Stempilot Pilot Pro 3 Triple Screens + Flight Simulator is as close to an all-in-one solution as you can get. The set is constructed of a forged steel structure with an adjustable captain’s seat. A trio of 32-inch HD monitors is included in the setup.

Your instruments will be shown on a 22-inch instrumental cockpit display. This model is meant for serious simulation specialists and amateurs, according to the maker. While it may not appear to be the most professional flight simulator seat on the market, it does have some impressive features.

The Kit includes a yoke, throttle quad, and rudder pedals. Each is installed on the rig of the Stempilot Pilot Pro 3. The arrangement is so complete that it even has a six-speaker stereo sound system. Also, the seat comes at a dimension of 67 x 80 x 59 inches that can easily support very heavyweight up to 300 lbs.

Furthermore, the simulator comes with and works on an Intel Core i5 Windows 7/10 PC with a 4GB DDR5 video card, so you won’t need to verify your specifications. Stempilot is now a strong contender for the greatest flight simulation system available.

The squad is ready to fly on an Intel Core i5 Windows 7/10 PC with eleven bespoke simulation missions. It’s long-lasting, comfy, and fully adjustable, which, once again, adds to its versatility. Despite all of its excellent features, this flight simulator kit is quite huge, and you will need to put the whole Kit together as it is fixed.


  • Comes with 3 32 inches screens
  • Six stereo speakers are included
  • The frame is very durable
  • 11 custom simulator missions are included
  • Fully adjustable seat


  • The Kit is quite expensive

Final verdict

Coming with 90-inch surround-view television with three 32-inch HD panels and a 22-inch cockpit monitor. You can fly in one of more than 60 different airplanes. So, if you really want a comprehensive flight simulation and don’t mind spending a lot of money, this Kit is for you.

4. Volair Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis with Triple Monitor Mounts

Volair Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis with Triple Monitor Mounts
  • Durable steel frame with a fully-adjustable genuine...
  • Monitor mounts for single display (up to 50") or triple...

The seat is sturdy and supportive. It’s well-made and has a refined appearance. According to the manufacturer, the seat can support persons weighing up to 260 pounds and standing between 48 and 80 inches tall, and it measures 41 x 25 x 25 inches.

The robust steel frame with a fully-adjustable authentic racing seat with optional armrests is our favorite feature; unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase it separately. You’ll also be able to install a single monitor up to 50 inches and three 32-inch displays.

The pedals are ideally positioned, and the flight simulation system is entirely customizable with a variety of add-ons.

According to what he mentioned, you can play Xbox and PlayStation games on it as well! Flight and racing simulation games and applications may be played using the Volair Sim Universal simulation system.

Almost every yoke and throttle on the market is compatible with the chair. The left and right gearshift attachments have indeed been pre-drilled for Saitek throttling quadrants, HOTAS Warthog, Logitech, and Thrustmaster Shifters, while the universal work-table has been pre-drilled for Saitek Pro Flight yoke and avionics.

This arrangement is simple to install and is ergonomic, sturdy, and completely adaptable. But, all additional parts are sold separately.


  • Predrilled holes run the length of the board to accommodate all of your aircraft accessories.
  • It is engineered to support three 32-inch screens or one 50-inch screen.
  • The structure is made of sturdy steel.
  • The keyboard and mouse tray are both movable and flexible.
  • Predrilled center stick mount for H.O.T.A.S. control.


  • Armrests need to be bought additionally

Final Verdict

The Volair Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis effort to deliver your personal flight sim system; if you already have your PC, displays, and equipment covered, this is the perfect choice for you. Additionally, it provides a wide range of control manufacturer compatibility.

5. DOF Reality Full Motion Simulator Platform H2 Flight, Racing car Plane Cockpit

DOF Reality Full Motion Simulator Platform H2 (2 Movements Axis) Flight, Racing car Plane Cockpit
  • 2 dimensional movements (Pitch + Roll) upgradeable to 3...
  • Unlike competition not only the seat moves, but full...

Pitch + Roll motions are delivered via the DOF Reality H2 Motion simulator platform. The H2 model is meant to move not just the seat but also the steering wheel, joystick, pedals, throttles, and other simulator controls.

Every move when you make It’s really peaceful, and there’s no need for a separate room or garage. It comes at a dimension of 39.37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches with a weight of 220 pounds that can support up to 240 lbs.

This model immerses you in the flying or racing experience while being extremely silent and small, obviating the need for a dedicated room or garage. DOF reality is compatible with PCs and consoles, as well as over 100 PC and console games.

It may also be compatible with virtual reality games. This is the system you need for a superior flight simulation experience, but at a rather hefty price.

In comparison to other actuator-based platforms, it is also quiet. It was meant to take up the least amount of room possible, be simple to put together, and fit through most doorways. It’s little, but it packs a punch. The DOF Reality’s longevity is exceptional for its price, and its maintenance requirements are modest.


  • Comes with two-dimensional movements
  • The whole simulator is very quite
  • It has an affordable price tag
  • Compatible with both PCs and consoles
  • Has a one-year warranty on defective parts that must be returned to the manufacturer.


  • All additional parts are sold separately

Final Verdict

The DOF Reality Full Motion Simulator Platform H2 is an easy decision if you want the complete cockpit feel, just like in a pilot cabin. It is a smart, stylish, modern system with a wealth of technology and features that set the standard higher than others.

6. Stempilot Pilot Pro 2

Stempilot Pilot Pro 2 - Dual Screen Flight Simulator - STEM Flight Simulator
  • 32in Outside/Forward View display, 22in...
  • Eleven custom Simulator Missions (verbally and visually...

The Stempilot pro 2 is the older version of the Pro 3 model and comes at a cheaper price tag than the latest model. It has virtually all of the same amazing features that make the Pro 3 so great, except instead of three monitor mounts, it just has one. The rig is still made out of a sturdy welded steel frame and a fully moveable seat.

STEM laboratories, Flying Aviation Clubs, After-School Programs, Science/Physics Classrooms, or as an adjunct to a Jr. R.O.T.C. curriculum would all benefit from this simulation. It comes at a dimension of 67 x 37.5 x 60 inches that can support up to 340 lbs.

It has the capacity to teach the fundamentals of flight using STEM subjects such as geometry, algebra, trigonometry, physics, meteorology, geography, and topography when used in conjunction with the accompanying Curriculum.

When used properly, this software engages kids in an exciting fashion that resembles a video game.

Simultaneously, Project Based Learning applications in aviation demonstrate the true utility of STEM. However, one thing that we do not like about this is that it doesn’t have a built-in motion.


  • Has a free delivery choice
  • Comes as a whole kit
  • Students will have access to the STEMPilot program.
  • All necessary software is included


  • Doesn’t have a built-in motion.

Final Verdict

Because it includes a training guide and exercises for new pilots, Stempilot is both entertaining and informative. There are task lessons available, as well as answer keys. In addition, using a fully licensed copy of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D software, 11 bespoke simulator missions are visually and audibly guided.

7. DOF Reality Motion Simulator Platform H3

DOF Reality Motion Simulator Platform H3 (3 Movements Axis) Flight, Racing car Plane Cockpit
  • 3 dimensional movements (Pitch + Roll +rear traction...
  • Unlike competition not only the seat moves, but full...

With the exception of previous home flight simulators, the P3 moves more than simply the seat. Instead, it has incredible 3-dimensional motions such as pitch, roll, yaw, and drifting sensations. Everything moves when you move. That means you and your gear will all be twisting and turning in the cockpit at the same time.

The DOF H3 is quite durable. SimTools Pro is provided as well. Before it reaches your door, the Product goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance process and comes with a one-year warranty.

The assembly is as simple as IKEA furniture, and they include all hardware and tools. As a result, you may always construct your flight simulator on your own without the assistance of others.

Apart from the price, there is nothing that compares to the characteristics of this model and the H2. The DOF Reality H3 flight simulator includes three-dimensional movements such as pitch, roll, and rear traction loss that will give you goosebumps, much like being in an airplane cabin.

You may practically hear no sound yet be fully immersed in the complete motion experience, from the steering wheel to the joystick and pedals. Keep in mind, however, that it is rather costly.


  • Fully compatible with all VR
  • Offers 3D movements
  • It literally makes no sound
  • Works with all consoles


  • Bit expensive

Final Verdict

The DOF Reality Motion Simulator Platform P3 is perhaps the closest thing you can get for your house to a professional flight simulator. The P3 is high-end yet compact enough to fit into the allocated area for your house. It was designed for commercial use in places like arcades and VR centers.

8. Playseat Evolution Black

Another excellent flight simulator seat from Playseat. The playseat Evolution black comes at a dimension of ‎23.2 x 19.7 x 15 inches which can support up to 220 lbs of weight.

The Play seat Evolution offers dynamic gaming and racing capabilities, as well as unparalleled luxury and aesthetics. The reinforced steel tube structure prevents unwanted vibration and enables easy adjustment by sliding the framework.

Furthermore, most steering wheel/pedal sets currently on the market are completely compliant, including crucial next-gen sets like Logitech’s G27 and Xbox360’s Wireless Wheelset.

The Play Seat Evolution also has Play Seat’s innovative fold-down technology for convenient and quick storage, as well as additional pre-drilled mounting point locations and a wider foot pedal support plate to fit newer 3rd party wheel/pedal combos like the Fanatic CSR Club sport and Thrust master.

It can also be adjusted at three points to accommodate players of various heights and sizes. For extended wear and tear, the seat is covered in a high-quality, durable faux leather fabric. However, even though it’s an excellent flight simulator seat, it doesn’t come with any additional accessories.


  • High-quality construction, stability, and comfort
  • Due to its revolutionary folding form, it is simple to construct and store.
  • Fully adjustable structure with a durable black coating
  • Made of high-quality black vinyl with a leather-like appearance.


  • All accessories need to be bought separately

Final Verdict

The Evolution includes a strengthened steel tube framework that removes unnecessary wobbling and enables quick framework modification. It was developed in collaboration with expert flight trainers. It’s an excellent alternative for individuals who already have all of their flight simulation accessories and are looking for a high-quality, long-lasting seat to complete their flying experience.

9. Next Level Racing Foldable Flight Simulator Cockpit

Next Level Racing Foldable Flight Simulator Cockpit
  • Compact foldable flight cockpit for easy storage and...
  • Compatible with flight electronics such as yokes,...

It’s time to take it to the skies. The Next Level Racing Flying Simulator Lite is the world’s first foldable flight cockpit. The Flight Simulator Lite is the ideal cockpit for those with little room but who still want a rigorous and intense flight experience.

The Aviation Simulator Lite is compatible with yokes, joysticks, throttles, and rudders, making it suitable for both commercial and combat flight enthusiasts. The seat comes at a dimension of 47.24 x 37.4 x 68.9 inches that can easily withstand 340 lbs of weight.

Furthermore, it is compatible with all major racing and flying electronics. The Next Level Racing Hubs are unique in that they provide stiffness while allowing for rapid setup and storage.

The Next Level Racing Hubs have been designed and engineered for over two years to provide maximum durability and stiffness, with each hub able to bear 150kg of force for a stable flying position.

The innovative design of this flight simulator folds to pack away even with electronics attached, allowing the user to quickly store their cockpit while not in use, making it ideal for users with limited room.

You will also be able to take it to other locations to enjoy flying simulations. However, the seat could be more comfortable.


  • Can be folded and stored when not in use
  • Has revolutionary adjustment hubs
  • Compatible with even racing games
  • It has a wide range of accessories compatibility


  • The seat could be more comfortable

Final Verdict

The Flying Simulator Lite is compatible with all major racing and aviation electronics, making it ideal for both commercial and combat flight fans. It has a simple folding mechanism for storage. So, if you’re short on room and want something portable, the Next Level Racing Foldable Flight Simulator Cockpit is an excellent option.

girl gamer on a flight simulator

Buying Guide For Flight Simulator Seats & Cockpits

So far, we have seen the 9 best flight simulator seats out there. Now we will take a look at the buying guide, which will help you make your choice much easier.

With hundreds of brands and thousands of goods to choose from, finding the ideal one for you is a difficult task. While it isn’t rocket science, you must consider a few factors before making your ultimate selection.


When looking for the finest flight simulator for your needs, keep in mind that pricing is a major consideration. More significantly, you should think about all of the different pricing points and providers available.

Some of these flight simulators might cost as much as $4000 or more. These chairs come with technology and a built-in system. Some of them are even accompanied by exhibits. Solitary chairs with pre-drilled attachments for add-ons of your choosing are a less expensive option.

There are chairs that simulate genuine planes if you’re searching for something more professional. These adhere to the regulations, the controllers, and even the inside of certain planes. Unsurprisingly, these are quite expensive.

The usage of the flight simulator seat is the first thing you should think about. You don’t have to go wild if you’re getting it for relaxation and games. You can get by with a conventional mid-tier or even a low-tier seat. Even if the price point isn’t always within these parameters, it’s critical to understand the sort of flight simulator you’re contemplating.


Compatibility is another important factor when choosing the perfect flight simulator seats. You will need to consider whether or not your seat is compatible with all the additional accessories you will be using with it.

To guarantee ease and compatibility with Flight Simulator games, seats must include pre-drilled attachments and armrests.


The final result must contain the traits that you desire. If the simulator’s features meet your needs, it will provide you with convenience and improved performance.

The essential thing to remember is to select the greatest features that will improve the overall performance of the flight simulator system you intend to purchase.

You may, for example, select a flight simulator from a reliable manufacturer recognized for manufacturing high-quality items. However, the following are the specifications that you should concentrate on:

  • Level of playing

If you are new to flight simulation, make sure to purchase a flight simulator with easy controls that can appropriately lead you through the scenario. If you need a flight simulator to pass a certain test, make sure it’s challenging and familiar to you and your needs.

  • Ease of Playing

This is also crucial, especially whether you want the greatest flight simulator or simply a fun gaming gadget. If all you want to do is play games, you’ll want a system that’s simple to use. This should be at the top of your priority list if you are a beginner who is just starting started with flight simulation.

  • Compliance and Graphics

You must determine if the Product complies with the regulations and specifications. Also, check out how detailed the flying simulation is and how intricate the visuals are.


Comfort is another key factor that you must look at while buying the best flight simulator seat. You will be sitting in the seat for hours, and you would want the seat to be as comfortable as it can get.

Ergonomics design and soft seating material will help you to sit in the seat for hours without having any back pain or un-comfort of any type.


Flight simulators are a terrific place to start if you want to learn to fly or just want to take an aircraft for a spin in an all-virtual environment. As a result, we’ve put together a list of the 9 best flight simulator seats.

Seats and cockpits for flight simulators unquestionably improve your flight experience. They offer authenticity that you won’t get from sitting in an office chair. So, if you have the budget, you should purchase one as quickly as feasible.

There are two types of flight simulator seats: those that come with no equipment and must be purchased separately and those that arrive with everything already installed. It is your responsibility to compare costs and weigh features before making a purchase.

When it comes to improving your experience, having your chair move like an airplane can’t harm you.

The nice part about these items is that you can use them all as racing simulators as well. So, without further ado, book a flight simulator seat and elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

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