How to Connect a Gaming Chair to Nintendo Switch

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As a gamer, you always might not like to play games on PC or TV gaming consoles. So, what can you do? You can always use a Nintendo Switch to play games. It is a great gaming device in a compact size.

But, after you get a Nintendo Switch, you might wonder How to connect a gaming chair to a Nintendo switch. To connect your gaming chairs to your Nintendo Switch, just follow a few simple steps.

Hence, down below, we will discuss all the steps that you need to follow to connect your Nintendo Switch with your gaming chair.

Can You Connect a Gaming Chair to Nintendo Switch

You can connect your gaming chair to Nintendo Switch. There are two methods to do it. The first is wireless, and the second is wired. A cabled connection is recommended if you want a sharper, crisper sound.

On the other hand, if having wires scattered across the floor bothers you, you’ll want to learn how to set up a wireless network. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of mishaps and ripped audio connections in your gaming setup.

nintendo switch and gaming chair wired connection

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Your Gaming Chair Using Wired Connections

If you don’t want to connect wirelessly, you may connect your Nintendo switch to your gaming chair using the cableway. When employing this approach, make careful to properly manage your cables, as too much Wi-Fi can detract from the appearance of your setup and even cause wire damage.

  • Connection of audio cord to the headphone jack of Nintendo Switch

The first step is to plug an audio wire into the 3.5mm connector on the upper side of your Nintendo Switch. This is normally found on the console’s top. Remember that the port is either on the console or on the screen’s top.

As a result, you’ll need an audio cable long enough to reach your device from your gaming chair. You may, however, hold the entire gadget in your palm while it’s linked to the gaming chair.

  • Connection to the gaming chair

The next face of this audio cord cable should be placed into your gaming chair’s audio socket. This may be found on your gaming chair’s control panel.

Typically, your gaming chair panel will have a headphone indication that will make it easy to locate, and it will be color-coded with either white, black, or green.

Make sure you point at the correct cord since there will be a few more. The initial ports you’ll see are most likely red and white in hue. This is what you use to connect to the audio output of a television.

  • Checking the connection

Switch on your Nintendo Switch. Verify to see whether it’s connected properly; if it isn’t, check the socket into which you’ll be inserting them. You’ve put them in the wrong one, as is customary.

On the other hand, if the connection is complete, the sounds from the device should begin to play via your gaming chair.

connect nintendo switch to gaming chair wirelessly

How to Connect Your Gaming Chair and Nintendo Switch Wirelessly

The Nintendo Switch System Update has now been released, allowing users to connect their Nintendo Switch to any wireless Bluetooth audio device. If you have an earlier version of the Nintendo Switch, you will require a Bluetooth transmitter.

  • Without any additional Bluetooth transmitter

This method is applicable if your Nintendo Switch has a 13.0.0 system update. To begin, switch on your Bluetooth Gaming chair speaker and link it with your phone.

After that, visit Nintendo Switch System Settings and then the Bluetooth audio devices section from the Nintendo Switch home screen. Then, click Pair in the Bluetooth Audio section to look for your Bluetooth audio devices.

Your gaming chair Bluetooth device will appear on the list.

It will couple with the speakers on your gaming chair when you click it.

  • Using Bluetooth transmitter

This method is applicable if your Nintendo Switch is operating on a lower version than the 13.0.0, and for this, you will need a Bluetooth transmitter.

Wireless headphones and speakers will not operate with older Nintendo Switches’ Bluetooth technology. You’ll need a third-party item, such as a Bluetooth audio transmitter, to make this work.

This is usually plugged into the audio port and sends signals to a linked device, such as a wireless headset, speaker, or gaming chair.

Make sure your gaming chair’s Bluetooth is turned on now. In the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio area, you’ll find your gaming chair Bluetooth. Simply click OK after selecting your gaming chair. Your gaming chair will be connected to your Nintendo Switch.

  • Connection with older gaming chairs

Some gaming chairs like the older models are not that advanced yet to connect to any Bluetooth device without the use of any additional accessory. Such chairs require a Bluetooth audio receiver to connect your Nintendo Switch to your gaming chair.

It can have a USB or audio jack on one end and a tiny box on the other containing the receiver. After that, plug it into the appropriate port, pair it with your Nintendo, and put it to the test.

Can you Connect X Rocker Gaming Chair to Nintendo Switch

Is X Rocker Gaming Chair Compatible with Nintendo Switch?

X Rocker is one of the most popular gaming chairs out there, and they are more than adaptable with Nintendo Switch.

Follow the steps above to connect the X Rocker gaming chair to your Nintendo Switch. Many devices, including the XBOX, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and most other major gaming consoles, may be linked to X Rocker gaming chairs.

Furthermore, you have the option of connecting via both wireless and wired means. You won’t need to acquire an extra device to link your X Rocker chairs because they include Bluetooth connectivity. They can be connected wirelessly by first turning on Bluetooth on the Nintendo Switch, then turning on the X Rocker chair,

Additionally, cables may be used to connect your X Rocker gaming chair to a Nintendo Switch. The speakers of the X Rocker are strong and generate high-quality sound.


Gaming chairs are specifically designed for playing games, and gaming chairs with speakers are fantastic in general. So, you might wonder how to connect your gaming chair with a Nintendo Switch. 

Learning how to connect a gaming chair to a Nintendo Switch will ensure that you have the best enjoyment possible regardless of the device you’re using. You can now link your Nintendo Switch to them to get even more enjoyment from your gameplay. Now you can enjoy your game with a cleaner sound with deeper bass.

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