What Height Should a Gaming Desk be?

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Do you ever feel that your gaming desk just doesn’t seem like the right height for you? You might wonder if it’s actually because of the improper height of the gaming desk or if it’s due to some other factors. Let’s find out.

The right height of the gaming desk for a specific user depends on several factors such as their height, position, monitor placement, and so on. The standard height of gaming desks varies from 28 to 30 inches for gamers with a height between 5’8 feet (172.72 cm) to 5’10 feet (177.8 cm)

However, there are also other gaming desks with a much shorter height than this range. We know what you’re thinking. You must be wondering that if the height of the gaming desk depends on so many factors, then how to find out what height should a gaming desk be for a particular gamer. Stay with us till the end of this article to get all your doubts cleared.

Average Height of Gaming Desks

The most commonly available gaming desks bear a height of 29 inches. Even though it is the most common gaming desk height, a desk with such height is actually ideal for 6 feet tall gamers or users. Anyone having a much different height than that will not feel comfortable on that desk. Maybe this is also the reason why you don’t feel comfortable at your gaming desk.

As said before, a gaming desk height commonly varies from 28 to 30 inches. Even though this is the average height range of gaming desks, there are several gaming desks that are available at a shorter height.

However, gaming desks that have heights taller than the given range, usually fall under the standing desk category. The average height of standing desks usually ranges from 45 to 50 inches. Though different medium-level standing desks ranging from 35 to 40 are also available.

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Ideal Gaming Desk Height for Different Height Ranges

The most important factor that is needed to be considered while selecting the right height of the gaming desk is the height of the user himself. The appropriate gaming desk height varies with the height of the user.

Besides, the ideal standing desk height is also variable as per the height of the user. If the desk is assigned to serve multiple users, then the average or standard gaming desk height would be the best option to go for.

However, if the gaming desk is supposed to be dedicated to a user solely or someone who is a heavy gamer, then the height of that person should be the first consideration while choosing the gaming desk.

And so, to make it easier for you, here goes a table with the ideal height for both sitting and standing desks for different height ranges. Take a look!

Your HeightSitting Desk HeightStanding Desk Height
5 feet 0 inches (152.4cm)23 inches (58.42cm)39 inches (99.06cm)
5 feet 1 inches (154.94cm)23 inches (58.42cm)39 inches (99.06cm)
5 feet 2 inches  (157.48cm)24 inches (60.96cm)40 inches (101.6cm)
5 feet 3 inches (160.02cm)24 inches (60.96cm)40 inches (101.6cm)
5 feet 4 inches (162.56cm)25 inches (63.5cm)42 inches (106.68cm)
5 feet 5 inches (165.1cm)25 inches (63.5cm)42 inches (106.68cm)
5 feet 6 inches (167.4cm)26 inches (66.04cm)43 inches (109.22cm)
5 feet 7 inches (170.18cm)26 inches (66.04cm)43 inches (109.22cm)
5 feet 8 inches (172.72cm)26 inches (66.04cm)44 inches (111.76cm)
5 feet 9 inches (175.26cm)27 inches (68.58cm)45 inches (114.3cm)
5 feet 10 inches (177.8cm)27 inches (68.58cm)45 inches (114.3cm)
5 feet 11 inches (180.34cm)28 inches (71.12cm)46 inches (116.84cm)
6 feet 0 inches (182.80cm)28 inches (71.12cm)47 inches (119.38cm)
6 feet 1 inches (185.42cm)29 inches (73.66cm)47 inches (119.38cm)
6 feet 2 inches (187.96cm)29 inches (73.66cm)48 inches (121.92cm)
6 feet 3 inches (190.5cm)29 inches (73.66cm)49 inches (124.46cm)
6 feet 4 inches (193.4cm)30 inches (76.2cm)50 inches (127cm)
Gaming Desk Height for Different Height Ranges

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Does it Matter if the Gaming Desk Height is not Ideal?

The gaming desk height might not seem to be a big issue initially. But gradually, it will start to create discomfort and posture issues in you while you’re regularly using it. The gaming desk height might not be a very important factor if you’re using it once or twice a week for a shorter period of time.

But if you’re a heavy gamer with an ambition to become a pro gamer, the gaming desk height is a very important factor to consider. The gaming desk height needs to be ergonomic for you to feel comfortable while using it for a long time.

The wrong size of gaming desk will not be comfortable to use for a long time or even a much shorter time and it will affect the sitting and gaming posture. And thus, the height of the gaming chair surely matters a lot for a gamer to focus on gaming conveniently.

Why is it Important to Get a Gaming Desk of the Right Height?

If you’re a heavy or pro gamer, the height of the gaming desk does not only influence your comfort, but also your gaming performance, concentration, and health. The wrong gaming desk size will make you sit in the wrong posture while gaming which will further turn out to be the cause of several physical issues such as back pain, neck pain, waist pain, partial paralysis, and so on.

Moreover, a regular gamer needs to spend a huge amount of his daily life on his gaming desk. If the gaming desk does not fit the height of the gamer, it might lead to permanent tissue damage within the gamer along with causing their performance to deteriorate as the day advances.

And so, if you’re spending a huge amount of time on your gaming desk every day, you must ensure it complements your height and other surrounding factors. You don’t want to risk your health and wellbeing with the wrong gaming desk height, do you?

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What Happens When the Desk is Taller Than the Preferred Height?

When you use a gaming desk that is taller than the preferred height, the shoulder that will be used to hold the mouse or the keyboard keys will have to be lifted higher than normal. In that case, it will have an uneven tilt compared to the other relaxed shoulder.

This tilt will cause your spine and back muscles to stretch and remaining in that position for a long time will cause harm to both your back muscles and your shoulders. Moreover, to hold something at a height that is taller than you, you will need support for your elbow, which will further affect the blood circulation in your hands as well.

And so, after playing for a long time at the wrong height, your hands and arms will feel numb. This doesn’t happen when you’re using the ideal desk height because your elbow and lower arm will not need support separately to hold the mouse. Also, you will be able to keep your shoulder perfectly aligned and relaxed while you’re gaming.

What Happens When the Desk is Shorter Than the Preferred Height?

When you’re using a desk shorter than the preferred height, you’re bending towards it while gaming, using your keyboard, or even while looking at the monitor. This creates an unnatural curvature of your shoulder and back.

Sitting with this curvature is one of the leading causes of hunchback problems and back and shoulder muscle pain. Using a shorter desk makes you bow down your head for which you are required to stretch down your neck. This also causes neck and shoulder pain.

Besides, your hands don’t remain at rest while using the mouse or keyboard. Because your arms move in an upright direction from the wrist rather than being straight. And this causes stress in the wrist and leads to severe wrist pain. You can avoid all these issues if you’re using a desk with a height that is ideal for you.

Factors Influencing the Ideal Size of a Gaming Desk

Factors Influencing the Ideal Height of a Gaming Desk

Even though the height of the user is the most important factor that plays role in determining the ideal height of the gaming chair, there are also some other mini-influencing factors that more or less have an impact on the ideal gaming desk height for a particular user. 

Here goes the list of other influencing factors behind the ideal height of a gaming desk.

Height of the Gaming Chair: The height of your gaming chair is as important as the height of the desk in terms of providing the ultimate long-lasting comfort while gaming. But along with that, the gaming chair height and feature need to complement the desk height as well for ensuring appropriate posture.

Armrest Position: A while ago, we were talking about the consequences of the gaming desk being too tall or too short than preferred. There, a crucial point was the level of hands and wrists while playing. The position of the armrest plays a huge role in that as well. If your armrest isn’t in the same alignment as the desk, it will still cause stress in your hands.

Eye-level and Viewing Angle: Many times, height might not be enough to judge your physical features. Such as, many people have a wider forehead. Their eye level won’t be the same as someone with a smaller forehead but the same height as them. So, the eye level in respect to the monitor should be considered separately while choosing the desk.

Size and Adjustment of the Monitor: As the eye level with respect to the monitor is an important factor, the size and placement of the monitor are also required to be noted here. Many monitors than are bigger-sized might require a shorter gaming desk than the average. Again, many monitors have a tilted front which is better placed on a taller desk.

Keyboard and Mouse Placement: Where do you prefer to place your keyboard and mouse also plays a significant role in determining the ideal gaming desk for you. Many gamers use separate keyboard trays for keeping the mouse and the keyboard aligned to the armrests. In that case, it is better to have slightly a taller gaming desk.

Legs and Arms Position: The position you prefer to keep your legs and arms also affects whether the gaming desk is right for you or not. Many people like gaming with one or both legs folding inside the seat. They might not feel as convenient on an ideal height as someone with a straight leg position would feel.

Benefits of the Right Gaming Desk Height

The right gaming desk is more than just comfort. Here are the advantages you get if you use a gaming desk with a height ideal for you.

Appropriate Sitting Posture: Both the gaming chair and desk together play a crucial role in maintaining your proper sitting posture while gaming. And this saves you from life-long posture issues that take place for sitting on a chair for a long time.

Comfortable Arms and Legs Position: The right gaming desk height ensures your arms and legs are in a comfortable and stress-free position. It ensures you don’t need to stretch any part of your body while gaming.

Reduced Back Pain: Appropriate gaming desk height supports that your back remains straight the entire time you’re gaming. When you’re using the gaming desk at the proper height, your back will not bend or stretch which reduces the tendency of getting back pain from continuous gaming.

Proper Viewing Angle: As said before, the gaming chair ensures you are maintaining proper viewing angle and eye level with the monitor. This causes more ease and helps you remain more concentrated in your game.

Better Gaming Experience: The most important thing for a gamer is the enhancement of the gaming experience which the right gaming desk height will do justice to. The gamer will be able to focus on the game more and have a stress-free gaming experience on a gaming desk with the ideal height for the user.

Here is a video that talks about how an ideal gaming desk can improve your gaming experience!

How Your Table and Chair Impacts Your Aiming When Gaming

What to Do if Your Desk Doesn’t Have the Right Height?

If you’re already using a gaming desk that you just realized to be not at an ideal height and it will be too hassle for you to change it now since you have all your gaming tools and hardware set with it, don’t worry. We have some solutions you can try that won’t require you to change the desk.

If your gaming desk is shorter than it should be, you can uplift it by using some solid stacks under the desk stands. Again, if your gaming desk is higher than it should be, you can have a separate thick base under your chair to lift the chair height. Moreover, you can also adjust the chair height if you’re using a height-adjustable gaming chair and use a separate footrest.


Is Height Adjustable Gaming Desk a Good Option?

Yes, definitely, as long as it has a good quality. You can always adjust the height as per your requirement. Moreover, if you invite someone else to play, you can adjust it as per their height as well.

Can You Have a Standing Desk for Gaming?

A standing desk is a great option and is much healthier than sitting chairs for gaming. However, if you’re not used to standing for a long time, gaming on a standing desk can be pretty painful initially and will affect your concentration while gaming.

Do You Need to Get a Wrist Rest?

If you’re using a gaming desk with a slightly shorter height than it is ideal for you, a wrist rest can help you minimize the stress on the wrist and arms compensating for the short height of the desk.

Is It Better to Have a Separate Keyboard Tray along with the Desk?

A separate keyboard tray is a really good option that cuts down the trouble you face to keep both the hands and the shoulder aligned while maintaining proper eye level during a game.

What is the Right Height for a Gaming Laptop?

The right height for a gaming laptop is quite similar to using the monitor without a separate keyboard tray. It should be elevated to your horizontal eye-line and should be kept on a desk that is aligned to the armrests.

Final Words

Now that you know what height should a gaming desk be and how to figure out the right height of a gaming desk, it’s time for you to choose wisely. Our job is done here.

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