How High Should Your Chair Be When Gaming?

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Given the number of times gamers spend seated, good gaming posture is crucial. Thankfully, gaming posture is a scorching issue in the community. And one of the essential factors for good posture is the height of the gaming chair. So, how high should your chair be when gaming?

Your feet should be able to rest flat on the floor without putting any additional pressure on your legs because of the chair height. If your shoes are too high, your feet may dangle freely. Your thighs will not rest flat on the seat if you sit too low.

There are a few other factors related to the height of your chair, and today we will discuss it all.

What is The Ideal Height for a Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair’s purpose is to maintain your spine in good alignment as you sit for lengthy periods of time. To do so, you must first determine the ideal gaming chair height.

Because each chair and each user are unique, there is no widely agreed optimal height for a gaming chair. As a result, you should seek the appropriate height for your body type. The height of the gaming chair should be set so that you are at eye level with your desktop screen or tv, according to experts. Have a look at the below table to determine the ideal height for your gaming chair!

Your HeightChair Height
5’0“ (152.4cm)16” (40.64cm)
5’2“  (157.48cm)16” (40.64cm)
5’4“ (162.56cm)17” (43.18cm)
5’6“ (167.4cm)17” (43.18cm)
5’8“ (172.72cm)18” (45.72cm)
5’10“ (177.8cm)18” (45.72cm)
6’0“ (182.80cm)18” (45.72cm)
6’2“ (187.96cm)19” (48.26cm)
6’4“ (193.4cm)20” (50.8cm)
6’6” (198.12cm)20” (50.8cm)

Furthermore, you want to minimize the number of neck rotations required to view what is displayed on the screen. Your optimal seat height is measured from the floor to just below your kneecap. Feet should be flat on the floor, knees bent at a 90-degree angle, hips above knees, and feet shoulder-width apart while sitting.

ideal height for gaming chair

Benefits of Finding the Ideal Height of a Gaming Chair

There are many benefits of having a gaming chair at the ideal height. It is vital if you wish to game for long hours without any physical problems.

Better comfort

Comfort is one of the most critical factors for any gaming chair, and you won’t get it unless you have properly adjusted your chair. The main reason behind this philosophy is your body will no longer have to reach the mouse, grasp the gaming keyboard or stretch to view the display.

Additionally, USB ports or hubs enable connecting to other devices to be simple. Even if the chair is correctly set, you should take a 30-minute break to stretch and move about the house. We also advocate taking a significant break from the chair every several hours.

Better Posture

If you don’t adjust your chair appropriately, your posture may deteriorate. Gaming chairs are constructed with ergonomics in mind, following the natural curve of your spine and supporting body mobility.

Additionally, if your chair is set to the correct height, you should notice a difference in your posture over time since you won’t be straining to view your display.

Improvement of Precision

There’s a reason why professional gamers utilize specialized gaming seats. Improved immersion and accuracy while games are two of the most essential benefits of sitting in a correctly adjusted gaming chair. Your brain can focus on the game once your body is performing with minimum discomfort.

gaming chair sitting posture

How Correct Sitting Posture Can Help You Game for Longer?

Muscle efficiency, respiration, mobility, and injury avoidance all benefit from good sitting posture. When we have bad posture, our muscles have to work harder to keep our body upright, we breathe more laboriously, our general mobility is harmed, and we are more susceptible to musculoskeletal ailments.

Gaming is a sedentary, prolonged activity that puts our executive functions to the test in a virtual setting. Small, repetitive motions of the hands, wrists, and shoulders are examples of endurance.

Sitting tall with an open chest and a neutral spine permits us to function at our best physical capability. With excellent gaming posture, our muscles operate most effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, the stamina bar takes longer to drain when we have proper posture.

However, when we have bad posture, it requires more stamina each mouse click, resulting in a faster depletion of the stamina bar. It puts tension on the muscle and makes it uncomfortable when it runs out. If our attention is diverted from the game, we will not be able to perform at our best.

Therefore, if you’ve been erratic over a long period of gaming, then  It’s possible that you’re not merely drained of energy. However, your coordination may be slightly hampered. The solution is simple you need a good sitting posture.

As a result, one of the reasons why posture is crucial is that it helps gamers to lessen the amount of work these postural muscles have to do throughout their gaming session, lowering the chance of injury. So eventually, you’ll be able to play for extended periods of time without using up any muscular energy.


It is important that you have a proper sitting posture while gaming. It has multiple benefits, and one of the key ways is to adjust the gaming chair to the ideal height.

So, you might think about how high should your chair be when gaming. To clear this confusion, we wrote everything that you should know about good sitting posture and the ideal height of gaming chairs during gaming.

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