How to Connect a Wireless Gaming Chair to Xbox One

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In this world of console gaming, every small component of accessories matters. There was a time when console gaming just required a tv and the console itself. But with advanced and newer technologies, we have seen massive advancement in the world of console gaming also.

It no longer depends only on TV and a Console. Now you need many things like a gaming chair, speakers, VR sets, and many more to make your gaming experience livelier.

One such thing is gaming chairs. Xbox one is a very popular choice for console gamers and it can be always confusing and you might wonder how to connect a wireless gaming chair to Xbox one. Today our article will be a guide for all of you which will help you to connect your Xbox One with a wireless gaming chair.

What is a wireless gaming chair?

Before we go down describing the steps that you need to follow to connect a wireless gaming chair to your Xbox One. We need to understand what exactly is a wireless gaming chair.

Wireless gaming chairs are often referred to as Bluetooth gaming chair but if you wish to connect it to your console using Bluetooth connectivity depends on the console itself. The gaming chairs with Bluetooth connectivity cannot be directly connected with Xbox one. We will discuss later how can you connect that with your Xbox one. A wireless gaming chair can have two or four headrest speakers, and several will also have an AFM-enabled bass subwoofer. As a result, the wirelessly wired sound is stereo and more realistic.

With wireless chairs, you needn’t bother with any sound links that connect from the seat to TV, game frameworks, and so on What’s more, these aides save you from muddled links when playing computer or console games. In fact, a wireless gaming chair isn’t completely wireless. The term “wireless” simply refers to the chair’s built-in wireless transmitter and receiver, which allows it to wirelessly absorb sound waves and play audio from the seat.

A wireless gaming chair is the same as a Bluetooth gaming chair. It is just two names for the same thing. The term “Bluetooth gaming chairs” is also used to describe wireless gaming chairs. They will connect wirelessly to TVs and certain gaming systems thanks to their built-in Bluetooth features.

How to connect a wireless gaming chair to Xbox one?

We can connect a wireless chair to Xbox one using 4 different methods. Down below we will discuss all 4 methods one by one.

Switching on the chair

You have to switch on the chair for all the methods that will be discussed below, to switch on your wireless gaming chair; It is important that you follow all the directions that have been given to you. The power cable can now be plugged into the port near the control panel. After that, link the other end of the power cord to the power source.

Take the control panels out of the chair and turn them on. Turn the sound on and see if the chair is on. From the chair, you will notice power lights. As a result, the chair is now powered. Now is the time to add the gaming chair to the Xbox.

Method 1: Wireless connection

Every wireless gaming chair comes with a wireless transmitter. Hence, you can wirelessly connect your gaming chair with Xbox one. The majority of wireless gaming chairs are built to link to a television, and the linking diagram is as follows: gaming chair to television, television to Xbox One. You can communicate wirelessly with wireless functionality.

To connect it wirelessly, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Connecting the Xbox one to the TV

The first step is not that hard, you have to connect your Xbox one to Tv and most of you should already know how to do it. Link your Xbox One to your TV using the HDMI cable that came with it. Often, check to see if the console has a power supply. Change the TV’s input source to the one that the Xbox One is using.

Step 2: Connect the wireless transmitter to the tv

Now it is time to connect the wireless transmitter. The portable gaming chair you purchased comes with a shorter 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cord with green tips. Through this audio cable, connect the transmitter to the TV by plugging the green male end into the transmitter’s input jack and the opposite end into the TV’s audio output.

There are several other types of outputs that you can also use like the analog audio output, headphone jack, and optical audio output. However, if you wish to use the optical audio output then you have to buy a separate optical-to-cable adapter or optical to RCA coaxial adapter.

Step 3: Set up the band by turning on the transmitter and the chair.

At first, check if the wireless transmitter has batteries and connect the wireless gaming chair with power supplies. Then, using the control keys on the chair and the transmitter switches it on. To bind the chair to the TV properly, make sure the chair and the wireless transmitter are all on the same band frequency. Since there are just 1-2-3 bands, it’s very simple to pair them correctly.

Now, that you are done, just transmit a few songs or music and check if your connections are okay. It is now time for you to enjoy the game.

Method 2: Connect wireless gaming chair to Xbox one using an aux cord

This is probably the easiest way to connect your Xbox One to your wireless gaming chair. An Aux cord can be used to link the wireless gaming chair to the Xbox One console. Follow the steps down below to properly connect your wireless gaming chair to Xbox one console.

Step 1: Connect the console to the TV

Just like the first method, the first step is to connect the Xbox console to the TV.

Step 2: Linking the controller to the gaming chair with the Aux cable.

The first thing to do is check whether the wireless gaming chair has a power supply or not; make sure it got a power supply. After that connect the aux cable; One end of the Aux cord should be plugged into the Aux input on the chair’s side control panel, and the other end should be plugged into the Xbox one console.

Method 3: Connection of wireless gaming chair Xbox one using an HDMI converter

An HDMI adapter can also be used to link a wireless gaming chair to an Xbox One gaming console. For this, you would need to get 2 HMDI cables. Make sure to get good HDMI cables; as cheap cables often tend to lose connections and break down in mid of gameplay

Step 1: Connection of HDMI converter to the TV

Link the adapter to your TV with an HDMI cord. The HDMI converter’s input port should be inserted into one end of the cable, while the other end should be inserted into the TV’s HDMI port.

Step 2: Connection of chair with converter

Link the wireless gaming chair to the converter using the red and white RCA audio cables that came with it. Now, you will start to get stereo surround sound from your wireless gaming chair.

Method 4: Using RAC Audio Cables to connect a wireless gaming chair to an Xbox One.

To attach the wireless gaming chair to the Xbox One, use the RAC audio cables that come with the kit. Find the two B3 barrel adapters, the shorter 3.5mm to RAC cable, and the longer 3.5mm to RAC cable first.

Follow the steps below to properly connect your wireless gaming chair to Xbox one console.

Step 1: Connect your TV to Xbox one console

At first, you need to connect your tv to Xbox one console. Just follow the first step of method 1 do it.

Step 2: Time to set up the RAC audio cables

The very first move is to connect the RAC audio cables together. Link the two RAC audio cables like this red to red and white to white using the two B3 barrel adapters

Step 3: Connect the TV to the wireless gaming chair using the RAC audio cables that have already been set up

Attach the TV to the wireless gaming chair using the RAC audio cables that have already been set up. To do so, follow these steps: Link the green portion of the cables to the TV’s audio output and the opposite end with a white and red connector to the audio jacks on the wireless gaming chair’s control panel.

Ascertain that the chair is still wired to a power source. Turn on the chair, adjust the voice volume as required, and you’re ready to start gaming.

How to connect a Bluetooth gaming chair to Xbox one?

NO, Unfortunately, the gaming chair’s Bluetooth mode cannot be used to link it to the Xbox One. Since the Xbox One lacks Bluetooth capability.

If the wireless gaming chair has a Bluetooth option, you can use Bluetooth to link the chair to your mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. You can get around this by using a Bluetooth transmitter that you can connect directly to your TV with a headphone socket if you have one. Bluetooth can be incorporated into certain gaming systems, but it is just for the system’s hardware. As a result, you won’t be able to use it to bind to the chair.

We have discussed so far 4 methods that you can use to connect your wireless gaming chair to Xbox one. But, in case you are determined to connect the Xbox one via Bluetooth, then down below we will discuss what you need to know. Do keep in mind that the process is a bit hard as the Xbox one doesn’t have its Bluetooth connection.

This is the case and this can be avoided by actually plugging a Bluetooth transmitter into your television. You have to purchase this additional Bluetooth device to connect your wireless gaming chair with Xbox one via Bluetooth. Bear in mind that you must attach the Bluetooth to the TC through the headphone socket when purchasing one. But, before you go out and buy a Bluetooth transmitter, double-check your headphone socket.

You can conveniently attach the wireless gaming chair via Bluetooth to the Xbox One if you have the right Bluetooth transmitter.


As the Xbox one doesn’t come with its Bluetooth connection, it can be quite tough to connect a wireless gaming chair to the console. However, there are several options for connecting your Xbox One to a Bluetooth gaming chair. It depends on the characteristics of the gaming chair you want to purchase.

We discussed four methods including an additional Bluetooth connectivity method that you can follow to connect the wireless gaming chair to your Xbox one console. Read this guide carefully and. Follow the steps properly to connect your wireless gaming chair in the right way with the Xbox one console.

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