How to Spot Fake DXRacer Gaming Chairs?

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There are a lot of fakes or knockoffs of DXRacer racing chairs out there. DXRacer is a premium gaming chair brand. Its name comes to mind whenever we think of gaming chairs. The bigger the brand name, the more reason for people to come out with knockoffs. The market for knockoffs happens to cater to the people who desire to own a high-end gaming chair but cannot afford the real deal.

But if you want the real deal and are willing to pay the price for an original DXRacer chair then you need to make sure you are buying an original. A DXRacer gaming chair is no cheap thing and you pay a heavy price for the outstanding quality, durability, and eye-catching design of the chair. So how to not get totally ripped off?

First off, you can avoid the risk of getting a fake by buying from an official reseller. You can easily check who they are for your country by visiting the official DXRacer page. You can also buy from their website directly.

But if you have already made the purchase and are unsure if the chair you have bought is authentic or not, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

You can tell if a chair is an original DXRacer by checking the box it came in for brand labels, model no, and serial number for the chair. You can check the labels on the chair itself and the neck and lumbar cushions. If you can’t find any manufacturer’s authentication information, then in all likelihood you may have a DXRacer replica at your hand.

Let’s discuss what you need to check in more detail, by the end of which you’ll have a clear idea of how to tell if your DXRacer chair is a fake.

What to look for when buying an Original DXRacer Chair:

DXRacer Shipping Box

The box that the product comes in should have a lot of product information written on it. The box is an extension of their product branding. An original is unlikely to be left unbranded and blank.

DXRacer takes great care in packaging its products well. The product is packed with a large amount of foam securing the product so it doesn’t get damaged during shipping. The packet is sealed with a special tape that says the brand name. Already if these are missing that could mean the product is fake or it is second-hand and being resold to you.

You should be able to spot the serial number and the model number written on the box.

Serial Number

DXRacer places a serial number or PIA number which is unique to the chair under the seat of that chair. It always starts with PI and is long.

The serial number under the seat should match the serial number on the packaging box. The serial number is usually engraved under the seat but in some cases may be written on a sticker. The important thing is that it matches the one on the box and that it is written under the seat.

If you can’t find it under the seat, you can disassemble the seat to make sure it is not there. If it isn’t then the chair is a fake. As all DXRacers are supposed to have a serial number written under the seat.

The PIA number always has the year it was manufactured as its first number. So if your chair’s serial number goes PI202033787 that means it was manufactured in 2020. If your seller is advertising the chair as manufactured later than that then they are providing you with the wrong information.

Model Number

The model numbers of DXRacer have a specific format. Let me break one down for you. OH/RV001/NV is a model number for one of the models in the Racer series.

OH stands for office home and all model numbers start with these two letters. The R specifies the series it is a part of. Here R starts for Racer. You should check if the model number on the box corresponds to the series you ordered.

Other series abbreviations are listed below:

K: King Series

R: Racing Series

C: Classic Series

V: Valkyrie Series

T: Tank Series

D: Drifting Series

B: Boss Series

I: Iron Series

S: Sentinel Series

W: Work Series

E: Elite Series

F: Formula Series

V001 specifies the model. You can check the specific features of this model on the official DXRacer website and see if everything adds up correctly with the chair you have. With that, you can be sure that it is the chair you ordered.

The last two letters specify the colors. Here is the list of the abbreviations for the colors.

V: Violet

E: Green

N: Null (Black)

G: Grey

B: Blue

Y: Yellow

O: Orange

P: Pink

W: White

R: Red

If the color of the chair you have matches the color that is written on the model number, that is a good thing and everything adds up.

Branding And Labelling

DXRacer chairs usually have their brand name written in multiple places on the chair. The top front of the chair has the brand name etched onto it for most DXRacer models. Check if there are any misspelled words. If the brand name is misspelled you can be pretty sure it’s a dupe.

If the design of the logo is different than the DXRacer logo then that is also a pretty good sign that your chair is fake. Now they do have alternate logos but they’re very similar to each other with just slight color differences. They use the colors red, black and white. But if the logo on your chair has different typography than the original DXRacer logo that chair is not made by DXRacer.

You can look up the model number you ordered on the official DXRacer website. The website has a picture with a 360-degree view of every model. You can compare the picture with your chair.

DXRacer Tag

DXRacer chairs usually have a tag on them designating the series the chair belongs to. The tags can have the following writings on them:

King Series

Racing Series

Classic Series

Valkyrie Series

Tank Series

Drifting Series

Boss Series

Iron Series

Sentinel Series

Work Series

Elite Series

Formula Series

Medium Series

The tag is placed on either the left or right side of the seat. If you can’t find it, look a bit more closely. Sometimes the tags aren’t easy to spot. But if there is absolutely no tag on the chair, it is still fine. Not all DXRacer chairs have such tags. Some models don’t come with them. In that case, you should be able to find the model number written on the chair somewhere.

Neck And Lumbar Cushions

Most DXRacer chairs come with two cushions. These cushions are always going to be high-quality. The stitches should be lined as close to perfect as can be. The material should be sturdy and able to support you. They can be adjusted onto the seat or removed.

The cushions have the DXRacer brand name on them. The neck cushion, as well as the lumbar cushion, typically has the name of the brand on them. But in some models, the lumbar cushion can have the name of the series written on it. The cushions are not supposed to be blank in any case.

Except for the boss, classic, and master series, there are always two cushions that come with the DXRacer gaming chair. So if your chair is from any of these series don’t be phased by the lack of the two cushions I mentioned.

The Quality Of The Chair And Its Build

DXRacer chairs are known for their quality. The chairs are supposed to last for years even after extensive use every day. They give you support and improve your performance. All of this can’t be expected from a fake DXRacer chair.

A DXRacer chair is expensive and the money you spent should show on the chair. If the chair in front of you doesn’t scream quality at just the first look then it is most likely a fake.

DXRacer chairs are quite heavy and tall. The chair is made of a metal frame and padded with high-density foam. The armrests on the DXRacer chairs are sturdy and support your arms fully. The base of the chair is usually either nylon or aluminum. Moreover, for extra support, some chairs have metal slabs on the bottom of the seat to hold your weight and not come off over the years. So, if you don’t feel a substantial weight when you lift the chair then that is an indication that the chair might be a fake.

You can check the DXRacer official website for the specific weight, height, and width of the model you ordered. Measure them and if they more or less match then you most likely have the real deal at your hands.

DXRacer also puts a special focus on their design as you’d expect from a premium gaming chair brand. So if there is a mismatch between the color of the seat and the cushions then that is a red flag. Sure, it could be some sort of mix-up, but the chances of that happening is pretty slim.

If anything I’ve mentioned thus far, doesn’t line up with your chair then you best contact the seller you bought the chair from. There’s a high chance it’s a fake DXRacer chair and you should clear out any doubts you have about the manufacturers of the chair.

But if you haven’t made a purchase yet and are reading this to avoid buying a fake or because you have some doubt about the seller here’s my two pennies about how you can avoid getting scammed or ending up with a product you weren’t intending to buy.

How To Avoid Buying A Fake DXRacer Chair?

As I had mentioned earlier, the best way to avoid getting a fake chair or a knockoff is to buy from the official website for your country and if that is unavailable you can check the global seller list on the DXRacer website.

These sellers are officially selling DXRacer chairs and DXRacer themselves deem these sellers fit enough to associate with them.

Now Amazon is one of their global sellers. But you should still be careful while buying from Amazon as anyone can sell on Amazon. Check that the seller is genuine, not someone who has bought some factory defect chairs and reselling them. You can check the reviews and see what people are saying about the product. Now if you are interested in buying such pieces that is fine but you shouldn’t be paying full price for them.

The price is also a good way to tell whether the product is genuine. If you are buying from eBay or the likes and think you’ve come across an amazing offer, check the price of that model on the official website or other reliable sources.

Maybe it is genuinely an incredible offer that you came across. Yet, you should be skeptical about that and read the reviews and see if the seller seems reputable.


A gaming chair is an investment you are making for your performance during long gaming sessions and also for your health. You want your money’s worth from this product.

The high-density foam padding and the ergonometric design of the chair will give your arm, back, and neck the support they need. It is designed to keep your body from being slouched into an awkward position that will result in frequent back pain.

If you have decided to buy a top-notch gaming chair, do the research before you decide which model to go for and where to buy the chair from. This chair should last you for years, so make an informed decision about this.

In my opinion, the chairs from DXRacer are high-quality and do deliver high value to its users. A knockoff in no way compares to that. So, be informed and spend your money on a chair that is worth spending on.

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