The 8 Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs of 2024

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The search for the best gaming chair will lead you to many different brands and at some point, in your search, you must have come to DXRacer gaming chairs. Your intensive gaming sessions will be transformed into a lot of fun and excitement with a DXRacer chair. It will provide a great deal of flexibility and comfort. You can play for hours without becoming tired or harming your posture, but the question is which one to select.

They have so many options for you and the choice can be really tough to find the best one for you. But, we are here for you today we will review the 8 best DXRacer gaming chairs for you to make your gaming sessions lovelier.


What is DXRacer?

Let us first get introduced to the brand DXRacer. The firm was formed in 2001 and is a pioneer in the gaming chair industry. They were mainly interested in making seats for high-end automobiles at the time. Then they did some study on the gaming chair market and began producing gaming and office chairs. They were the first gaming chair companies to produce racing-style gaming seats with unique designs.

So, you can stay tact and confident about their product quality. They have a very high reputation hence they will never make low-quality gaming chairs that’s for sure.


Top 8 DXRacer Gaming Chair Reviewed

1. DXRacer Tank series office gaming chair

DXRacer Tank Series OH/TS29/NE Office Gaming Chair
  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and...
  • Patent race car seat breathable material : PU

Weight and dimension

The DXRacer Tank series comes at a dimension of ‎32 x 26 x 50 inches with a weight of 65 pounds


The size of this chair is quite big compared to most other chairs from DXRacer. It is designed to accommodate both smaller and taller individuals. It was designed for heavyweight persons and has a maximum weight capacity of 425 lbs. The DXRacer Tank series office gaming chair is well-designed and provides plenty of comfort. The backrest is exceptionally high and provides excellent back and neck support

Talking about features it has almost all the features you would expect in a good gaming chair. The chair has multi-directional 4D adjustable arms, a heavy-duty tilt mechanism, a robust aluminum base, high-quality mesh, and 3′′ PU casters, among other features. This chair is also suitable for workplace usage, relaxation, and entertainment.

What we liked the most is the It has an extra-large seating area as well as two gas cylinders that may be changed if necessary.


  • Made from a metal frame that is durable and sturdy
  • Comes with 4D armrests which is an excellent feature
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for tall and heavy people
  • Not so fancy hence can match with office environment


  • The Price is a bit expensive

Our Verdict

If you are searching for a large gaming chair that is not too fancy and can be used in the office, then the DXRacer Tank series will be a perfect choice for you. It offers some really good features. However, this chair won’t be perfect if you are not a heavy person.


2. DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Office Chair

DXRacer Formula Series OH/FH11/NC Gaming Office Chair
  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and...
  • Patent race car seat breathable material: strong Mesh...

Weight and dimension

The DXRacer formula series comes at a dimension of 27 x 21 x 50 inches with a weight of 49 pounds.


The elevated cold cure foam padding of the Formula Series makes these chairs pleasant for extended usage, especially for periods of 8 hours or more. The Formula Series provides excellent stability thanks to its tubular steel frame, nylon starbase, and supportive armrests.

It’s a great choice for short individuals since it protects the posture and head well. It has a maximum weight capacity of 180 pounds. The mesh coverings of the chair are breathable and durable. Furthermore, the armrests are movable, and the tilt mechanism is standard, allowing you to modify the chair’s posture to meet your needs.

What we like the most is the amount of comfort this chair has to offer. On this stylish chair, luxury meets comfort, and it will effortlessly blend in with the decor of any room. For optimal posture and spinal column support, there is a high backrest. As a result, sitting on this chair for hours is pleasurable.


  • The backrest can be inclined up to 135 degrees
  • Compact design hence can be placed in small space
  • Soft and comfortable padding
  • Elegantly designed, looks luxurious
  • Mesh fabric provides better air circulation


  • Not suitable for tall people

Our Verdict

Let’s say you are a gamer or someone who needs to sit in a chair for long extended hours continuously, then the Formula series from DXRacer is for you. You will not sweat despite sitting up to 8 hours and the durability along with tilt mechanism makes it a very suitable chair both for office and gamers. However, this chair is not suitable for taller people


3. DXRacer King Series

DXRacer King Series OH/ Big and Tall Gaming Chair
  • Backrest is high and straight for great head support,...
  • 360-degree swivel base with smooth 3" double caster...

Weight and dimension

The DXRacer King series has a dimension of ‎27 x 25 x 52 inches with a weight of 62 pounds


Another excellent gaming chair from DXRacer is intended for tall people. This chair is ideal for gaming and business desks because of its traditional characteristics and wide inclination angles with plenty of armrest modifications. If you believe it is just appropriate for tall individuals, you are mistaken. The chair may also be simply modified to accommodate shorter persons.

The armrests are thickly cushioned and may be adjusted to fit your needs. This chair is made to keep you comfortable for lengthy periods of time, such as 8 hours or more. Quality and Safety: All of the accessories have passed 72 quality checks. Hydraulic unit imported from Germany-the hydraulic unit is imported from Germany and meets SGS and other international requirements.

As the name suggests “King”, this chair is suitable for a king. What we like the most is that despite being designed for taller people, you can adjust this chair even for shorter people.


  • The full-size frame is appropriate for both tall and small persons.
  • Your head will be protected by lumbar and headrest cushions.
  • The three-inch caster wheels provide steady and smooth mobility.
  • Great Construction
  • Well-padded and comfortable


  • No Plush feel

Our Verdict

This chair from the King series is worth considering if you require luxury seats that make you feel well-supported in your office or for gaming, and you have significant money to spare. The structure will accommodate everyone, large and little, and you will all be able to sit comfortably on it. The swivel base can provide you with flexibility and comfort. Keep in mind that the raised sides can be uncomfortable


4. DXRacer Iron Series

DXRacer Iron Series OH/IS133/N Office Gaming Chair
  • Quality and Security All the accessories have passed 72...
  • Imported Hydraulic unit The hydraulic unit is imported...

Weight and dimension

The DXRacer Iron series comes at a dimension of 27 x 23 x 51 inches with a weight of 64 pounds


The Iron Series chairs are made to exact specifications. Although this chair was created to enhance the gaming experience, it will quickly become your go-to seat for working and resting. The DXRacer chair, unlike other office chairs on the market, features a higher backrest to support your whole spinal column, from the pelvis to the neck.

The mix of perforated vinyl and leather-style vinyl on the exteriors gives this chair an exquisite appearance. For those seeking a quality, no-fuss appearance, this is a definite winner. Vinyl, as you may well know, is rather resistant to symptoms of wear and tear. On this chair, wiping up spills and avoiding stains is also a breeze.

The chair is designed particularly for lengthy gaming sessions and claims to keep in good shape thereafter. The chair is roomy and can hold up to 130 kg of weight (approx. 285 pounds). The Iron Series gaming chair is available in 12 distinct color combinations from DXRacer. This gaming chair is really comfy


  • The hydraulic lift mechanism is reliable and long-lasting.
  • This chair feels sturdier and safer thanks to its wide metal base.
  • Elegant looking
  • Made from Vinyl which is very easy to clean
  • Made from a full metal frame


  • The armrests are small

Our Verdict

If you want an elegant, executive looking chair then the Iron series can be a good choice. This is a stylish gaming chair that may also serve as an outstanding office chair. If you are a dedicated gamer, this costly gaming chair is a long-term investment with plenty of quality-tested components. But the armrests seem smaller to us


5. DXRacer Sentinel Series

DXRacer Sentinel Series OH/SJ00/NO Office Gaming Chair
  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and comfortably,...
  • Wider seat, breathable material: PU

Weight and dimension

The DXRacer Sentinel series comes at a dimension of 27 x 25 x 52 inches with a weight of 66 pounds


This looks a lot like the Formula Series, but it’s built a little differently. PU fake leather and mesh are used to cover the chair’s upholstery. For gaming periods, this mesh fabric is considerably more breathable than PU leather.

This chair’s color scheme is based on the PU leather to mesh ratio, with the accent color being PU leather and the mesh being black. On the five-star wheelbase, this accent color is utilized on the tips of each prong, with a gradation to black closer to the chair’s gas lift.

The Sentinel Series mixes athletic aesthetics with comfort. Seats of the Sentinel Series are broader and deeper, with more padding. All Sentinel Series chairs have a luxury head pillow and lumbar cushion, and the Sentinel Series chair’s 5-point base is made of metal.

What we like the most is probably the sporty looks; this series has to offer. The design is sure to be a highlight in your room.


  • Sporty look
  • Made from PU leather which is easy to clean and maintain
  • Base made from aluminum which is strong and durable
  • The frame comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic design


  • Armrests are not padded

Our Verdict

If you are searching for a sporty-looking gaming chair from DXRacer then the sentinel series can be the one. The fake PU leather and the black mesh design are sure to impress anyone looking at this chair for the first time. However, the armrests are not padded


6. DXRacer G Series Module Ergonomic Office Executive, Video Game Chair

DXRacer G Series Module Ergonomic Office Executive, Video Game Chair | 4D Metal Armrest, Replaceable Seat Cushion, Standard, Black, and Red
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - The DXRacer chair is built with...
  • ADJUSTABLE BACKREST - Whether you're gaming, working,...

Weight and dimension

The DXRacer G series comes at a dimension of ‎27.5 x 27.5 x 53 inches with a weight of 56.2 pounds


The DXRacer Master G-Series is a somewhat simplified version of the DXRacer Master. It comes with a traditional lumbar pillow instead of an integrated one. The reclining range is likewise limited, at 90-135 degrees. This is one of the most expensive models in our list of best DXRacer gaming chairs.

This ergonomic seat cushion is composed of a high-density recyclable mesh that provides superior structural support and keeps its form even after repeated usage. The ultra-breathable mesh keeps you cool even while you’re sitting for long periods of time.

This chair is modular hence you can attach additional useful accessories with it. This lightweight and small cup holder compatible with the G series Chair is a wonderful addition that allows you to keep your favorite beverage easily in reach. It is designed to suit different-sized liquids. So you can concentrate on gameplay.

You can further add a multifunctional aluminum bracket to work easily. With this versatile bracket set, you can raise your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to a more comfortable height. It assists in elevating your electronic equipment to a more ergonomic working position, reducing strain on your eyes, neck, and back. It has a sleek design that is both portable and lightweight, and it is made of sturdy aluminum.

For us, the footrest is the most likable part of this gaming chair. The footrest is comfortable as well as retractable.


  • Option for adding an additional cup holder
  • You can add a multifunctional aluminum bracket for your laptop or smartphone
  • Racing style design
  • Retractable footrest
  • Replaceable and breathable mesh cushion


  • It is quite expensive

Our Verdict

If you have a very high budget and want a highly functional gaming chair from the DXRacer then the G series will stand out. This chair will surplus your expectation of a good gaming chair. However, this chair just has only 2 years of basic warranty you would expect more in such a high-priced chair.


7. DXRacer Racing series

DXRacer Gaming Chair Racing Series OH/RW106/N, Black
  • Ergonomic design-- more efficiently and comfortably,...
  • Patent race car seat breathable material: Strong Mesh...

Weight and dimension

The DXRacer Racing series comes at a dimension of 27 x 21 x 50 inches with a weight of 49 pounds


The Racing Series is unquestionably another of DXRacer’s offerings, owing to its ultra-comfortable racing car seat design, which allows gamers to sit comfortably for hours without feeling back discomfort or tiredness. This is another high-back chair that gives strong support for your spinal column and comes in a variety of color accents.

There are two cushions, one for the lumbar area and the other for the head, for maximum comfort and support. The lumbar cushion is useful for preventing lower back discomfort and promoting excellent posture. The headrest cushion complements the chair’s high back design, minimizing neck strain when used for long periods of time.

The form is reminiscent of a racing seat, which is a prevalent theme among DXRacer’s trademark style. For consistency, the red accent color is continued through to the wheelbase, and the cut-outs at the top of the chair’s backrest provide a unique design feature.

What we like the most are the rubberized wheels that it comes with. The wheels are very easy to move and they don’t leave any marks on the floor.


  • Looks like a racing car style seat
  • Can recline up to 135 degree
  • Comes with lumbar and neck cushions
  • Exteriors made of vinyl and PU leather combine practicality with the simplicity of upkeep.
  • These are chairs that are recognized for their durability.


  • We would like to see a bit more padding


If you love car seats and want a chair that exactly looks like a racing car seat, then the Racing series is meant for you. It comes with some really good features for gaming. Additionally, Shoulders and wrists will benefit from the armrests’ 90-degree adjustment and 4D fitment. But the Nylon wheelbase is not that strong


8. DXRacer P Series Gaming Chair

DXRacer P Series Gaming Chair, Premium PVC Leather Racing Style Office Computer Seat Recliner with Ergonomic Headrest and Lumbar Support, Black and Red
  • The Extraordinary Entry-Level Gaming Chair - Built with...
  • Stylish Racing-Seat Inspired Design - The gently curved...

Weight and dimension

The DXRacer P series comes at a dimension of ‎27.5 x 27.5 x 51.5 inches at a weight of 43 pounds


This is one of the cheapest models of a gaming chair from DXRacer, yet it has some impressive features to offer. Hence, it was a must include in our list of best DXRacer gaming chairs. Compact proportions, simple functionality, and a low price characterize this new line. As a result, it’s a good choice for students and young home-based workers alike.

This chair is built with premium leather for maximum ventilation and durability; the tough yet soft synthetic leather, along with careful stitching, results in the finest quality workmanship available. Additionally sewn details enhance the softly curved contours, which may perfectly complement the aesthetic of your setup. High-density mold shaping foam and full-metal frames provide the greatest levels of quality and comfort for gamers.

You can effortlessly switch your posture between gaming and resting anywhere you choose with to the tilt mechanism, class 3 gas lift, height-adjustable arms, 135-degree safety reclining backrest, and 2″ anti-scratch PU casters. PC Gamers Will Love This Gift. It can support people weighing up to 200 pounds and standing up to 5’9″ tall.


  • A true bang for the buck
  • Made from high-density mold shaping foam
  • Comes with 2 inches anti-scratch PU casters
  • Can accommodate people up to 5’9”


  • Build quality is not that durable


This chair is a true value for money if you are on a tight budget, it might not be like other gaming chairs which are filled with heavy features but what you are getting for the price point is a true bang for the buck. But the construction quality is not the best


Buying Guide for the Best DXRacer Gaming Chair

We are done with our reviews of the best DXRacer gaming chairs. But what makes them best in the market out of the huge lot? To find this answer you will need to follow this buying guide while making your choice for the best DXRacer gaming chair


With gaming chairs, comfort is the most important factor. You will be using a gaming chair for long periods of time. Hence, the whole chair must be comfortable. The seats and back should have enough padding, the armrests should be large enough to comfortably place your hands.

Fabric-lined seats, perforated vinyl, PU leather, vinyl, and other combinations are available in this collection. Heat retention and air circulation efficiency are two characteristics that differ depending on the material. Another important factor to consider is how easy it is to clean the chair. While fabric may be more susceptible to stains, PU leather may be a little simpler to clean.


The ergonomic design of a gaming chair is unquestionably the most essential aspect. The entire reason you’ll be looking for a gaming chair is to get rid of your old, uncomfortable task chair that wasn’t built for sitting at a computer and gaming.

Except for the Sentinel Series and the P series, which is a mix of PU leather and mesh, all DXRacer chairs are cushioned and upholstered in PU fake leather. However, all of the chairs have the same seat design and a backrest that is ergonomically designed to match your spine’s curvature.

You will also find a detachable headrest and lumbar support pillow which you can add if you need more comfort.

Size and dimension

The DXRacer gaming seats are distinguished by their dimensions. For persons of all sizes, there are model series such as Formula, Drifting, and King. You must select a chair that is appropriate for your body type. Even within the acceptable height and weight range, you may come across chairs of various sizes and weights. You may simply choose one that matches the available space in your house or workplace where the chair will be placed.

Another must-have option should be the adjustable height. The gaming chair should be adjustable in height; otherwise, it will cause you issues. The majority of the seats are extremely adaptable, so if you have a gaming companion, you may invite them to sit with you.

Frame Material

Always Consider the materials utilized in the construction of the gaming chair before making your choice. The frame material, as well as the amount to which it is used, differs from one chair to the next. Some chairs have metal frames that run the whole length of the chair. This improves your position’s safety and control. Strong nylon or metal might be used as the base material. This has an impact on the chair’s pricing and strength.

Looks and Aesthetics

Looks and choices vary from person to person. Some like fancy gaming chairs with flashy looks, some likes it simple. If you care a lot about how your gaming room appears, you’ll be glad to hear that this brand has a lot of options in the aesthetics department. In most of the series, there are color options, and some include interesting accents.

With all of these distinctions, it’s simple to choose a chair that matches the rest of the objects you’ve put in the gaming room. While there are numerous characteristics to consider when choosing a DXRacer chair, they all have a few things in common, such as a somewhat high backrest when compared to other models in the sector.

These were created with long-term gameplay in mind. They are also intended to alleviate cramps and muscular pain caused by prolonged sitting.

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Why should you buy a DXRacer gaming chair?

DXRacer is used to the design characteristics that make a chair stand out from the crowd, having started as a premium automobile seat maker. They’re also aware of the ergonomic design requirements that gamers would appreciate after hours of sitting on a sofa or dining chair.

They were the first in the market to begin the production of racing-style gaming chairs. This means they’re keeping a close watch on the design world for anything that will appeal to both gamers and office workers.



By now you probably know everything that you need to know about DXRacer gaming chairs. Additionally, we have reviewed the 8 best DXRacer gaming chairs that we believe stand out from the rest. In our review of these chairs, we tried to focus on our own experience and research rather than what the company markets about their products.

If you do not believe us, we urge you to do your own research, if you do your research carefully you will have to come back to our list because here we take our reviews very seriously.

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