How to Fix a Gaming Chair that Leans Forward or Back?

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One of the most irritating problems that you can face with a gaming chair is that it can lean forward or backward. You might have tried to solve this problem by yourself, but remarkably failed and decided to throw the chair and get a new one.

Stop, don’t throw your gaming chair yet. Gaming chairs are expensive, and you cannot buy a new one every now and then. So, how to fix a gaming chair that leans forward or back?

The solution is pretty simple, and today we are here to give you a complete guide on fixing your gaming chair that leans forward or back.

Why do Gaming Chairs Lean Forward or Back

Before we go and talk about the gaming chair fixing procedure, you need to understand why do gaming chairs lean forward or backward. The source of the chair leaning forward or backward might be the seat, backrest, wheels, or anything else.

Aside from that, you should check to see if the chair is damaged. Then you may need to purchase new parts in order for it to function correctly once more. Otherwise, some minor changes to the parts and double-checking that they are in good working order should suffice.

Additionally, it would help if you determined what may be the cause. Once you’ve figured it out, repairing the chair and restoring it to its previous state is simple.

Why Do You Need to Worry About Your Gaming Chair?

You may realize that leaning on your chair is more complicated than previously. It’s not quite as soothing as it used to be. You may simply dismiss it as unimportant. However, that is not acceptable. You spend the majority of your time in your gaming chair.

As a result, you’re putting pressure on the faulty parts of your body when you do this. You may get health problems as a result of this. No matter how costly an office chair is, it will eventually exhibit wear and tear signs.

how make a gaming chair more comfortable

How to Fix a Gaming Chair that Leans Back

We will first understand how you can fix your gaming chair when it leans backward. The majority of gaming chairs are adjustable and feature several elements to provide a comfortable sitting. There is a knob that controls how far the chair will tilt backward on the chair.

  • Sitting on the chair.

The first step in repairing your chair is to take a seat in it. You should stand with your feet flat on the ground. Then place your back on the backrest and relax. Also, try to maintain a 2-inch distance between your knees and the seat pan.

  • The Knob

Find the knob that we already talked about. You will find this knob beneath the office chair’s seat pan. To slide the seat pan forward, press it downwards. After then, carefully release the knob.

It guarantees that customers may adjust the seats to their personal tastes. Everyone’s physique is diverse in terms of shape and size. As a result, their ergonomics also differ from one another.

  • Adjusting the Knob

If you are uncomfortable sitting on the chair, they may move this knob to make it more comfortable. Moreover, this knob may become loose, and your chair may start to lean back if you use this chair for a long period. You can solve this by tightening the knobs.

How to Stop Gaming Chair from Moving

How to Fix a Gaming Chair that Leans Forward

  • Proper Sitting Position

As with fixing back-leaning gaming chairs, the first step remains the same, which is to sit in the gaming chair.

  • Loose Forward Tilt Knob

This is a simple problem to solve. Those who aren’t familiar with gaming chair modifications should be aware of this. To repair a loosened forward tilt knob, all you have to do is tighten it.

Because of the weight of your legs, if it’s loose, it’ll lean the office chair forward. The mechanism will hold the gaming chair in one place if it is tightened, regardless of the weight.

You must locate the knob that controls the forward tilt mechanism in order to tighten it. Turn it clockwise once you’ve found it. Before tightening, make sure your office chair has the proper forward tilt for you. Commonly gaming chairs offer tilt from 0 to 4 degrees. Furthermore, if you think you need more or less tilt, you may adjust it.

  • Stuck Forward Tilt Knob

Sometimes you will be stuck in a situation where you can’t use the knob because it is stuck. Your gaming chair will tilt forward since you can’t adjust it. What can you do in this situation?

The most common explanation of this problem is that knob’s mechanism is stuck due to either filthy or rusty or both. Hence, you need to clean this dirt. Because you need access to the mechanism’s housing, some disassembly is required.

Remove the seat first, then the housing beneath it. This method may necessitate the use of a screwdriver. You’ll see all the knob and lever connections within the enclosure once it’s opened.

Find the one that links to the forward tilt knob and use grease oil to remove all of the dirt off of it. The forward tilt knob will be able to turn easily once the dirt, oil, and corrosion have been removed.

  • Broken Forward Tilt Knob

You might ask how to understand that your forward tilt knob is broken. It is very easy; if you keep tightening your forward knob but the chair still leans forward, then the knob can be broken.

Make sure to open up the housing to repair this. Remove the seat, pry open any coverings if there are any, and locate the forward tilt knob’s mechanism, as in previous procedures.

It will be easier to locate because it has a dislodged or broken pin. You may reposition it yourself if it becomes dislodged. All you have to do now is insert the pin into the appropriate area.

You may use a clamp or adhesive to keep it from moving around. However, if the pin is damaged, it must be replaced. You can get a replacement pin directly from the manufacturer.

How to Fix a Gaming Chair that Leans on One Side

How to Fix a Gaming Chair that Leans on One Side

A gaming chair can also lean on one side, and it can harm your posture, eventually leading to physical problems. So, far we have learned how to fix a gaming chair that leans forward or back. Now we will learn how to fix a gaming chair leaning on one side.

It will take some time and effort to resolve this issue. So, let us see how it can be done in the easiest way.

The most typical reasons for a gaming chair tilting to one side are a bent seat plate or a broken caster. You must turn the chair over to observe what has to be corrected in order to diagnose the issue.

  •  Damaged Casters

Assuming you already have a gaming chair, which we assume you have. The wheels on your chair are casters, so you’re familiar with them. If one of the casters becomes twisted or distorted, the chair will tilt in that direction.

You need to keep your chair upright and check to see if any casters protrude slightly over the floor. Then, turn your chair over to discover which casters are broken and need to be replaced.

Casters might flex due to uneven weight distribution. This issue can also be caused by manufacturing flaws. Moreover, due to uneven floor, some of the casters may not even be able to contact it. As a result, your chair will tilt to one side.

  • Remove the Broken Caster

You can occasionally remove the casters from gaming chairs by hand. Flip your chair over so that it is lying on its side and slowly pull out until you see the casters spring out

However, if this doesn’t work, you need to remove the damaged caster from the chair socket using a screwdriver. Grasp the head of the screwdriver and insert it into the spot where the chair and the caster connect. There should be a small space between them.

As if it were a liver, use the screwdriver. Lift on the caster wheel alone without a screwdriver once you see it is slowly detaching. If there are any screws on the casters, loosen them using a screwdriver.

  • Use Lubrication Spray

Please do not throw the casters instantly without having a look at them. You can try to fix it, by spraying some silicone lubrication gel into the caster’s components. Your casters may just be clogged with dirt and filth and will resume normal operation after these issues are removed.

If you see that the casters still don’t work even after spraying the casters with silicone spray, replace it with a new caster that is the same size as the rest of the chair’s casters.

  • Insert New Casters

Using a rubber mallet, tap the new caster into place over the socket. Lightly tap the caster until the stem is completely inserted into the socket. You should also tighten any fasteners that may be required for the installation of the new caster.

  • Inspect Your chair

You may now restore your chair to its original position after installing the replacement caster and also sit in the chair and direct someone’s attention to the casters. Your chair should no longer lean if the caster was the issue.

  • Fix the Seat Plate

If your chair tilting problem hasn’t been resolved, the issue might be with the seat plate. Your chair’s seat plate may become loose after a lot of use. Here’s a brief rundown on how to properly secure the seat plate.

  • Find the Seat plate

Overturn your chair and place it on its side. The seat plate, which is generally black and comprises a thin steel frame beneath the chair cushions, is usually black.

  • Tighten the Seat Plate

Seat plates are normally secured with four screws. Examine each one to see if any of the screws are loose or missing entirely. Tighten them with a screwdriver, and if any are missing, you should receive replacements.

  • Time to Test

You may now re-inflate the chair and test it. Check to determine whether your seat plate is damaged if your chair continues to tilt. If it is bent or distorted, it must be replaced with a new one.

  • Replace the Seat

Flip the chair on one side if you simply want to replace the seat plate. You’ll now see a cylindrical column attached to the seat plate. So, separate the seat plate from your gaming chair. You should just tap the cylindrical column to the plate using a rubber mallet.

Remove all of the seat plate screws now. Attach the freshly purchased seat plate on the cylindrical column using screws. You may also use a little bit of lubrication here. Insert the upper piece of the chair into the cylindrical column’s socket.

Your gaming chair should now be fixed and ready to use like before.


We don’t take our gaming chair for granted. However, it has the potential to be harmful and cause physical damage in our body. We may improve our gaming performance and protect our bodies simply by properly fixing our gaming chairs.

Hence, if your gaming chair is leaning forward or back, you should not avoid this problem and try to fix it. However, fixing without proper instructions can be a bit hard. Hence, today we wrote this guide to give you an idea of how to fix a gaming chair that leans forward or back.

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