Can You Sleep in a Gaming Chair?

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If you are a gamer, a gaming chair is a must. Gaming chairs are designed to be ergonomic and help you enjoy your gaming sessions more without causing any physical health problems. But, can you sleep in a gaming chair?

You can definitely sleep on gaming chairs, and they can be quite comfortable. You’ll need a chair that allows you to lean back comfortably and has a broad, robust leg rest as well as a head pillow. Not all gaming seats, however, are suited for sleeping.

Gamers often get tired of long gaming sessions and like to take quick naps in their gaming chair. Down below, we will look at everything you need to know about sleeping in a gaming chair.

Can You Sleep Comfortably in a Gaming Chair?

The main purpose of a gaming chair initially is to provide gamers with the utmost comfort during gaming. Hence, gaming chairs are very comfortable to sleep on.

Gamers who spend at least six hours per day gaming, according to statistics, require a gaming chair. You might wonder why that is. Gaming chairs give a comfortable sitting experience and neck and shoulder support.

Your lower and upper back, shoulders, neck, and hips will all benefit from an ergonomically designed chair, as well as a pleasant sleeping environment.

Gamers understand the value of a decent gaming chair. When you sit in your chair for 12 hours a day, you want to make sure it is comfortable and that you can nap in it if you are weary.

Often when you are tired, you will find a way to sleep. After a long gaming session, you may take a brief sleep if you like, but the comfort level will be dictated by the comfort and quality of your gaming chair.

How to Sleep in a Gaming Chair: Sleeping Position

If you are not a fidgety person, gaming seats are one of the most pleasant places to sleep. These chairs were initially designed to be used as gaming seats, but most of them can be used for sleeping.

When it comes to sleeping in a gaming chair, you can follow these standard positions.

Normal Position

The normal position is one of the most common positions for sleeping in a gaming chair. If you want to sleep for an extended period, this is the most comfortable sleeping position. All you have to do is lie your back down a little. The remainder would be taken care of by your own body.

Furthermore, it would be best if you kept a good posture; hence make sure to add a pillow on your back for support to avoid any types of muscle cramps.

However, if you suffer from any types of back pain or problems, make sure not to sleep in this position. This position is not meant for you.

Supine Position

A body lying on its back is referred to as “supine.”  Sleeping on your back maintains a natural position for your spine, neck, and head. Unfortunately, laying on your back increases your chances of snoring, yet it is the ideal position for your back.

Moreover, you may also make it more comfortable by placing a small pillow beneath your knees. This also assures that you keep your primary position.

Starfish Position

We are pretty sure you have heard about the starfish position before. This is also called a lazy position, which means completely losing your body.

This sleeping position is very common in bed, and a gaming chair may also be used to sleep in this posture. People sleep in the starfish position on their backs with their arms outstretched over their heads.

Your back should be very low, and your hands should be placed over it. You must let go of your body with your legs. However, if you have back problems, this position may be difficult for you.

Sitting Up Position

Make sure to get a neck pillow for support before you decide to follow the sitting up position.

In this position, gamers typically take brief naps. Sleeping while sitting up is not for everyone, and it is unlikely to be your favorite sleeping position. However, sleeping upright might be advantageous at times.

Side Sleeping

Sleeping on one’s side is the most common sleeping position. The lateral sleeping posture is what scientists call it.

In case you have a snoring issue, this posture may be helpful. On the other hand, sleeping on your side may cause pain if you have certain forms of arthritis.

How Long Can You Sleep in a Gaming Chair?

Some people have the misconception about gaming chairs as a replacement for a regular bed. Gaming chairs are mostly intended for taking quick naps. If you want to take a quick nap of 1 to 2 hours, you can sleep in the chair following proper sleeping position. You should not sleep for long in a gaming chair

You’ve undoubtedly heard that sleeping for long periods of time on a chair is harmful to your health since you’re more likely to wake up with neck and back discomfort.

If you’re tired after a long gaming session, you might need a quick nap. It’s crucial since it will provide your brain and eyes with some much-needed rest.

Tips for Sleeping in a Gaming Chair

If you fall asleep on a frequent basis on your gaming chair, make sure to follow all these listed tips for better results.

  • Lower your chair and extend your legs to the fullest for a better sleeping experience. Doing this will improve your blood circulation throughout the body, which is important for good sleep.
  • The ideal way to sleep in your gaming chair is to adjust it to your specific comfort level as much as possible.
  • Lean back in your chair and rest your arms on the armrests.
  • Put the neck support cushions around the contours of your neck.

Why You Should Not Sleep in a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are nice for quick naps, but you should avoid them for a long time sleeping as it can be pretty dangerous to sleep on gaming chairs regularly.

However, sleeping on a gaming chair is risky. In terms of aesthetics, your posture is really significant. Furthermore, sleeping on a gaming chair might cause back problems.

Your back and nerves are inextricably linked. A faulty backbone can cause many nerve issues. Furthermore, this can have a significant impact on cognitive performance. Gaming seats can cause serious back discomfort and sleeping issues. As a result, we advise you to avoid sleeping on these seats for long.

Is Sleeping in a Gaming Chair Bad for Your Posture?

Gaming chairs are suitable for the back in general and maintaining a perfect back position while sitting. They are beneficial to your back, particularly when compared to less expensive office or task chairs.

High backrests and neck pillows are standard design features in gaming seats, and they all contribute to giving optimum back support while encouraging proper posture.

However, when it comes to sleeping on a regular basis, the results are a bit different. If you’re comfortable and can lean back somewhat, sleeping on a gaming chair poses little to no risk.

They’re ideal for brief naps in the middle of a gaming session but not for long hours of sleep. It shouldn’t be an issue as long as you don’t make it a habit and appropriately adjust your body.

Gaming posture refers to the way you hold your body when playing video games. Gamers must unwind at some time throughout their gaming sessions. Because gamers spend so much time sitting, maintaining proper gaming posture is crucial. Thankfully, today’s gamers are conscious of their posture.


Can you sleep in gaming chairs? Yes, you indeed can. But, keep in mind not to make it a regular habit. Even though gaming chairs are really comfortable and you can take quick naps, they are not meant to sleep regularly.

Sleeping regularly for 5-6 hours or more can cause some back problems. You can also suffer from bad posture. Also, how peaceful your nap will be in the gaming chair depends on the quality of your gaming chair too.

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