Why Most Gaming Keyboards are Wired?

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The Gaming keyboard can play an essential role in your gaming performance. When it comes to gaming keyboards, they are many different choices. Mechanical keyboards are mainly devoted to gaming. But Not only that, gaming keyboards can both be wired and wireless.

But, most gaming keyboards you will find are wired, and why is that? You might have this question in your mind while buying a gaming keyboard. Why are gaming keyboards wired? No need to rush because today, we will answer this question for you as well as everything else that you need to know regarding this issue.

Both Wireless and wired gaming keyboards come with the same types of switches, sizes, and flashy features like RGB, but the main question that remains is how they will perform for gaming? We will look at this further down our article today.

Why are Gaming Keyboards wired?

As the wired keyboards have less input lag and higher polling speeds, many of the top-performing gaming keyboards available on the market are wired mechanical keyboards. If you do not wish to deal with latency, interruption, or battery life, a wired keyboard is a way to go.

The most popular gaming keyboards are wired, and they provide unmatched responsiveness that any gamer can rely on. A wired keyboard is more secure, does not require charging, and is usually less expensive.

A wired gaming keyboard is used by the large majority of gamers who aren’t concerned with cables in their setup. Milliseconds can make all the difference in a 1 v 1 match for pro gamers at the top of their respective titles, so the sensitivity of a wired model can, in principle, still come out ahead.

Whereas Wireless gaming keyboards are easier to keep and takes less space. The main reasons for getting a wireless keyboard are simplicity and keeping your setup tidy. The results of a fully wireless system are always stunning, and the lack of clutter is something we can all appreciate.

Wireless gaming keyboards used to be slower and less sensitive, rendering them much too unstable for professional gamers. Withstanding this, a wireless keyboard may be very useful for a regular player, as response time and accuracy are less significant.

Are Wired Gaming Keyboards faster than wireless gaming keyboards?

Wireless keyboards can be used up to 30 feet (9 meters) away from the transmitter, but you risk experiencing lag and interference from barriers at this distance. So, a wired gaming keyboard will be much faster than wireless gaming keyboards.

If you don’t want to contend with latency, interruption, or battery life, a wired keyboard is a way to go. On the other hand, wireless keyboards are the best option if you’d like to get out of wires and use your keyboard from a long distance.

What are the differences between a wireless and a wired gaming keyboard?

If you onto the market to find the best keyboard, you will find a variety of keyboard models between wired and wireless keyboards. There are several benefits of using a wired keyboard. Signal interference cannot affect their output since they are directly related to your PC. Furthermore, you won’t have to think about the input lag that wireless keyboards have. Finally, with wired keyboards, you won’t have to think about the battery capacity.

On the other hand, while talking about wireless keyboards, The most obvious advantage is that wireless keyboards do not need a physical connection to your device, while wired keyboards do. Hence, As a result, wireless keyboards are easier to manage and set it up on your desktop with much less hassle compared to wired keyboards.

You can moreover use wireless keyboards at least 30 feet away from your desktop or laptop. So, it gives you ease over the regular 6 feet cable that most wired keyboards come with.

Are wireless Gaming Keyboards bad for gaming?

A gaming keyboard is a mechanical keyboard with very low input latency, minimal key ghosting, and other features. Given the lack of a physical link, including the use of vibrations that pass via air, wireless keyboards have some latency. However, we have already come to a distance with wireless technology in this modern tech world that that latency is practically non-existent, and you won’t even notice a significant difference during gameplay.

Should I use a wireless keyboard with a gaming PC?

In case you are using a gamic pc whose sole purpose is only for a high level of gaming, and if you want to be able to quickly move your keyboard to a suitable angle or just take it off the table and store it somewhere else, a wireless gaming keyboard is a way to go.

But, If cables aren’t a problem for you, I’d recommend going for wired gaming keyboards because they have a physical link and are less expensive. Wireless keyboards come at a higher price than wired keyboards. Moreover, generally, you should look for a wired keyboard for gaming with your gaming pc for the best performance without any lag.

Do wired Keyboards have input lag? 

Input lag is basically how long it would take for the keyboard’s inputs to appear on the computer screen, and it becomes a very key factor while gaming. As a regular gamer, you might not be affected by input lag. But, for professional gamers, input lag can make the fine line of difference between winning and losing a competition.

Suppose we compare latency of wireless and wired Keyboards. Wired gaming keyboards have the lowest latency. The keyboards with the shortest latency are almost always gaming keyboards as they are attached directly to the monitor, so all types of wired keyboards generally have the lowest latency.

Does gaming keyboard effects gaming performance?

Actually, it does; having a good gaming keyboard will affect your gaming performance, especially during a gaming competition. Ghost keys, which are made specifically for gaming purposes, are commonly included with gaming keyboards, but you may be confused with the question of that function does ghost keys serve?

The answer is pretty simple to understand; ghost keys enable you to click a large number of keys at once, something that a regular keyboard cannot do. Standard keyboards allow you to press just 3–4 keys at a time, while a ghost keyboard allows you to press up to 22–23 keys at once.

Why do most gamers prefer mechanical keyboards?

Most players prefer mechanical keyboards because they are more tactile, robust, and faster. At the same time, some gamers prefer membrane keyboards because of their smaller size, portability, and lower price. Others want a combination that combines the best of all worlds.

What’s the point of a wireless keyboard?

A wireless keyboard can be very useful for typists and regular computer users. A wireless keyboard provides greater convenience and reduces strain for the user. People who must sit still in front of a screen for an extended amount of time will adjust their positions as needed without having to think about the wires’ thickness.

Are wireless keyboards worth it?

Wireless keyboards are almost as fine as their wired equivalent for non-professional gamers these days, so buy one if you like it. The simplicity is worth it, and the disparity in price is insignificant.

Which keyboard should I buy, wired or wireless?

Wired keyboards are your best bet if you plan on doing a lot of work each day or if you plan on doing a lot of high-stakes gaming and need something really sensitive. With one, the output will be completely consistent, and since you won’t have to think about the charger, you’ll be able to use it forever.

However, you’ll be better off with a wireless keyboard if you dislike playing with wires, want to use your keyboard further away from your PC, or need to be able to pick up your keyboard and go easily. You’ll get a lot of mobility for it, and the lack of a wire will make the setup process much easier and less time-consuming.

To sum up, it is always recommended that you go for a wired keyboard over a wireless keyboard for the best gaming performances. But, if you aren’t a serious gamer and prefer portability for work and irregular gaming, then wireless can also be a good choice.


Our aim in writing this article was to let you know why gaming keyboards are wired, and by now, we can hope that you must have an answer to your question. We tried to cover what you need regarding a wired gaming keyboard and the main reasons behind it.

To sum up, wired gaming keyboards can play a superior role over wireless gaming keyboards due to their faster response and less latency and input lag. If you are a professional gamer, a wired gaming keyboard will give you better performance than a wireless gaming keyboard.

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