Are Gaming Keyboards Ergonomic?

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Gaming Keyboards are basically mechanical keyboards, but not all gaming keyboards will give you comfort. You will probably expect to play games for many hours on your keyboard, and it is essential that your hand doesn’t suffer from pain. To ensure this, you need ergonomic keyboards.

Not only for gaming, even for regular usage, but you also need ergonomic keyboards. Besides the mouse, keyboards are by far the most significant computer gadget to pay attention to from an ergonomic perspective. Daily, if you’re using a PC or a Mac, your hands are in direct touch with your keyboard for hours.

When used correctly, a better ergonomic gaming keyboard can differentiate between winning and losing your favorite game. It can provide you comfort as well as performance.


Are Gaming Keyboards Ergonomic?

Well, I cannot answer this question directly. Most high-end gaming keyboards come with an ergonomic design to keep your hand pain-free while gaming for long hours, but there are a few cheap ones that are not designed to be ergonomic.

It is vital that you choose your gaming keyboard carefully, as not all gaming or mechanical keyboards come with an ergonomic design. If you are always stuck in pc for work or gaming, it is crucial that you go for an ergonomic gaming keyboard.

Heavy typists and gamers find gaming keyboards to be more comfortable than regular keyboards. Although both mechanical and standard membrane keyboards have ergonomic features like tenting, negative slopping, and split design, the keys of mechanical gaming keyboards make them more ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Consider pressing down on a mushy surface: it takes a lot of effort, and there’s no tactile input on whether or not a key has been effectively pushed. As a result, “blind” typing on a membrane keyboard is practically impossible, and you must click each key all the way down to the ground to be sure you’ve finished the operation.

But, with gaming keyboards, it becomes easier, as, with physical keys on the hand, your finger will require much less force to unlock the keys. They furthermore provide direct tactile feedback that allows you to type much faster without constantly searching your computer for typos.

So, due to a gaming keyboard’s design and features, you need much less energy to use the keyboard and hence reduces your hand and finger strains. This certainly makes gaming keyboards more ergonomic than standard membrane keyboards.

Moreover, so many nerves are connected with fingers and hands, you will be less likely to suffer from feared ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome are less likely. In short, gaming keyboards will ensure max comfort.


Difference between a gaming keyboard and a regular membrane keyboard

Membrane keyboards have the switches sitting on top of a double-layered membrane, with the two membrane surfaces pushing together to give a signal when you click or press a key in the keyboard.

On the other hand, gaming keyboards use mechanical keys under each keycap to give a signal when pressed. But the most crucial difference between these two keyboards is the feeling while typing. Each key click on a gaming keyboard provides a very tactile, clicky feel, which is immensely satisfying. While the feeling on a traditional membrane keyboard is often better characterized as mushy.

Typists and gamers prefer the mechanical gaming keyboard because each good key press provides direct physical feedback.


Why do gamers tilt their keyboard?

There are many reasons why gamers or pro gamers tilt their gaming keyboards. Here we will discuss three primary reasons behind tilting their keyboard.


Tilting your keyboard at a specific position can give you comfort as well as plays a significant role in ergonomics. Some gamers choose to tilt their keyboard so merely as it is more convenient for them. It may be for a variety of reasons that it is more relaxed, and your hands and wrist will be in a more comfortable position. Tilting a Gaming keyboard should make a gamer feel more at ease.

Easy access to keys

Yes, you read that right because sometimes, tilting the keyboard makes some keys much easier to reach. Check this for yourself when you use your gaming keyboard next time to see how much more you will be able to cover it once you have tilted your keyboard.


Other than comfort or ergonomics, space can be another reason for a gamer to tilt their keyboard. As we speak regarding space, we’re referring to the amount of space available on a gamer’s desk.

When a pro gamer is competing in a tournament or attending an exhibition, he or she doesn’t have much room to move about. However, you will rarely see a gamer tilting their keyboard that much as they have enough available space in their desk at home.


What are the types of Gaming keyboard tilt?

Gaming keyboards can be tilted in different ways. Depending on the ways you tilt your gaming keyboard, your hand comfort will differ.

Positive keyboard tilt

You can achieve positive gaming keyboard tilt by flipping your keyboard’s feet. To begin, you must understand that the primary purpose of keyboard feet is to improve button visibility for non-touch typists. This is because raising the feet up on a keyboard makes it easier to see the keys.

But positive keyboard tilt is very uncomfortable for your wrists, and if you are a touch typist, you do not need this. And for non-touch typists, if you still wish to use the keyboard in a positive tilt in an ergonomic manner. Then it would be best if you reclined back into your chair as in this way; when raised up, your forearms will naturally form a straight line.

Negative Keyboard tilt

Since it allows for the side’s full shape, a slight negative tilt is the best ergonomic choice. When you use a flat keyboard, the wrist will usually have a slight upward bend. This is due to the fact that your fingers need space to click the keyboard keys. Even with the slight upward curve in the wrist, unwanted strain is still placed on the tendons and carpal tunnel.

Sometimes, typing too much or gaming for long on a negative keyboard tilt position can cause pain to the wrist. Hence, you can go for a mild negative tilt position. To get a negative keyboard tilt, you should get a separate keyboard tray or a feet-stand and then lift the keyboard from the front.

Neutral Keyboard tilt

The most popular keyboard tilt among typists and gamers is the neutral keyboard tilt, which simply means holding the keyboard flat on the surface. Simply tucking your feet in will hold the keyboard in a neutral tilt.

One of the best ergonomic choices for keeping your wrists secure and tension-free is a neutral tilt. A wrist with a neutral tilt is similar to being at a neutral angle, allowing the tendons, carpal tunnel, and median nerve to pass in a straight line from the forearms to the wrists.


Should you tilt your keyboard for gaming?

Yes, a little tilt is necessary for ergonomics and reduction of wrist and forearm pain. The perfect keyboard tilt helps you hold your wrists at a balanced angle or in a straight line with your forearm.

But, it depends on you whether you want to or not, as I have already discussed the main reasons for gamers to tilt their keyboards. Tilting your gaming keyboard a bit can ensure enough comfort for your wrists and hands. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that you will become a pro gamer just by tilting your keyboard.

If you are talking of ergonomics and comfort, then tilting your gaming keyboard to a perfect level can ensure that. But, the level of tilt of the gaming keyboard can vary from gamer to gamer, so keep playing with position to find the perfect position for yourself.


Should I keep my keyboard flat for raised for gaming?

When we play games, our hands sometimes get swollen. You can easily avoid this by raising or lowering your keyboard to ensure that your wrists are straight. While gaming, never bends your hands too far up or down. It’s best if they’re as straight as possible. So, according to the height of your desk, you’ll need to lift or lower your keyboard to keep your wrist straight.


Can I use a gaming keyboard for regular use?

Gaming keyboards function in the same way as regular keyboards, which can be used for the same tasks. Gaming keyboards come with all of the standard features that you’d find on a regular membrane keyboard. Moreover, mechanical switches are often used in gaming keyboards, but they are not exclusive to those products.


Can I find ergonomic keyboards for office work?

Ergonomics keyboards aren’t made just for gaming but rather for everyday use. The devices are mainly targeted at office workers who spend the majority of their time there. Membrane and mechanical ergonomic keyboards are available, with custom keys that differ in size, shape, and tilt position.


What size keyboard best for gaming?

For a long time, full-size and TKL keyboards have been available. However, in recent years, the 60% mechanical keyboard has grown in popularity. The biggest distinction between it and the full-size model is that it has 40% fewer keys.

TKL keyboards are smaller. Hence they will ensure more ergonomics as you do not need to move your hand much while gaming for long.



Mechanical gaming keyboards are getting more and more popular every day because of their functionality and widen usage. You can use them both for gaming as well as for regular usage. But the main thing that concerns is probably the ergonomics and design.

Gaming or working for long hours on a keyboard can cause serious discomfort in your hand, but if you choose ergonomic gaming keyboards, then this can be solved. We have written everything that you need to know regarding ergonomic gaming keyboards.

Always take care of your hand, wrist, and finger comfort when you are gaming or working for long hours.

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