Are Wireless Gaming Keyboards Good for Gaming?

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All professional gamers can relate to the fact of how important a keyboard is for competitive gaming. As we all already might know, a good gaming keyboard is basically a good quality mechanical keyboard. Gaming keyboards can also be wired and wireless.

But, one question that always pops up on my head are wireless gaming keyboards good? Being a professional gamer for many years, I have always wondered whether I should use just a wired or a wireless keyboard to make my desktop set up clean looking. But then again, are they really good?

You’ll like the entire cable-free triumvirate if you’re looking for the whole minimal desktop aesthetic. For the most part, it’s not a question of efficiency or even usefulness, but cutting the cable will provide versatility for lounge gaming or simply help keep your desk clean.

Let us take a journey further deep down in this article how well does wireless gaming keyboard actually performs and can they compete with wired gaming keyboards.

Are wireless gaming keyboards good?

Wireless gaming keyboards can be a good choice if you want a hassle-free setup and is tired of wires. Wireless keyboard means no tangling of unwanted wires and they perform well if you a regular day to day or occasional gamer. They will provide you with a much cleaner-looking desktop setup. Furthermore, you will also get the freedom to work from a distance of up to 30 feet.

The best wireless gaming keyboard would have a fast answer time for gaming. We’re no longer living in the days of one-hour battery life, sluggish operation, and low reliability, thanks to the advancements of wireless keyboards. There’s almost no distinction between the best-wired gaming keyboards and the best wireless gaming keyboards these days. So, why would you want to take the trouble of managing the cables of a wired gaming keyboard?

While it costs a little more than some of the better mechanical keyboards, you get a lot of freedom in exchange. You won’t even have to give up the tactile experience of using your beloved mechanical switches. The best wireless gaming keyboards all use the same switches, but the more power-hungry optical switches are unlikely to be used in cable-free versions.

Are wireless keyboards bad for gaming?

Owing to the absence of a physical link and the use of signals that pass via air, wireless keyboards have some latency. Still, we have come so far with wireless technology that this latency is almost non-existent, and you won’t feel a significant difference during the gameplay.

Even though there is slight latency in wireless keyboards, which is very unnoticeable, and If you are not a professional gamer, you might not feel the lag, but it does happen.

Do Pros use wireless keyboards?

Delay and input lag are significant disadvantages for professional gamers. So, now the main question comes whether or not pros use wireless keyboards for gaming. Generally, professional gamers prefer to use a wired gaming keyboard for their day-to-day gaming. Even a millisecond of lag in gaming can cause them a serious fortune.

But, in case you are talking about occasional gamers or you want a keyboard for daily tasks and playing a bit of game, then a wireless gaming keyboard will be a good choice because the lag is significantly less in the newer models, which you cannot even notice the change.

How does the input lag affect gameplay?

Generally, an input lag is when a player presses a button, a pause occurs between the player’s movement and the action on the board. It makes the game less enjoyable to play at best since the player’s activity and movements aren’t fluid or sensitive. We expect the character to respond to our commands immediately, so the pause is annoying.

Moreover, in the worst-case scenario, it makes the game unplayable. In any case where accurate timing is needed, input lag makes it more complicated. It will make quick-time activities difficult since the trigger for the QTE has been expired by the moment the game detects the player’s key press. Everything to do with jumping over steps to take, engaging with something at a certain moment, or avoiding enemies is the middle of gameplay.

Do Pro Gamers use Wireless mouse with wireless gaming keyboards?

You will often see people using wireless keyboards use wireless mouse also; it isn’t really necessary to use a wireless mouse with a wireless keyboard. You use a wired mouse with a wireless gaming keyboard or vice versa.

Wireless mice are becoming increasingly popular with gamers. They are about as small as cable mice, thanks to current battery technology. The delay for the wireless mouse is also significantly less, which is between 14 and 16 milliseconds. Pro gamers are constantly using wireless mice in Esports, where every millisecond counts.

There are many reasons to use a wireless gaming house with a gaming keyboard, like it has a lower center of gravity because of the battery’s weight. Moreover, Micro-movements are unaffected. Players of first-person shooters, in particular, are aware of this: Since the cable gets trapped somewhere or an obstacle unwittingly blocks the cable, the crosshair unexpectedly jerks past the goal.

What is the best type of receiver to use for gaming with a wireless gaming keyboard?

Wireless gaming keyboards offer various types of connection options with your PC or Laptop, but as our primary goal is to use it for gaming, you should go for a wireless gaming keyboard that offers a 2.4 GHz RF connection that works via a proprietary USB receiver. 2.4GHz RF comes with a secure connection and, on occasions, a trivial amount of typing latency in modern keyboards, thanks to the advancement of technology.

When using a proprietary USB receiver with a wireless keyboard, the only way to get low latency is to link it via a proprietary USB receiver. Wireless latency over a receiver has increased to the point that most wireless game keyboards offer the same latency as wired ones.

How long does the battery life of wireless gaming keyboards last?

The battery life of a wireless keyboard varies from model to model and various other factors like how long you are using it for or for how long you are using the RGB backlight. Although some wireless keyboards do use removable batteries, the majority of them now have internal rechargeable batteries that can last up to 30 hours before having to be recharged.

The majority of today’s wireless keyboards rely on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. With the key backlighting on, most keyboards last 20 months of uninterrupted use on an internal battery. With changeable batteries, you can get more battery life than the internal battery option.

You find higher-end models from brands like Corsair, Logitech, Razer, which offer battery life for even 75-80 hours or even more. So, we cannot exactly say about the exact battery life of a wireless gaming board.

What causes input lag In the keyboard?

The most common cause of typing lag is a loss of memory. We can reduce this latency by adding more RAM to the memory slots. Even computers with sufficient memory, however, will suffer from poor keyboard efficiency. Short or repetitive keystrokes, which a user can view as latency, are ignored by “Filter Keys,” a setting in Windows’ “Accessibility Options.”

Are wireless gaming keyboards better than wired gaming keyboards?

Wired mechanical keyboards are the most common choice for professional gamers Since they have fewer input latency and higher polling speeds. However, Wireless keyboards aren’t far behind their wired counterparts, and they can also be excellent options if you’re not a serious player.

What is the main disadvantage of a wireless keyboard?

Wireless keyboards and your other wireless devices like a wireless mouse, the keyboard may sometimes cause interference. Faulty batteries or environmental causes mostly cause this. You may face interference when you place the wireless receiver within 12 inches of a telephone, power source, computer, or other electrical device or cord; interference may occur.

Furthermore, a metal computer case or a metal desk can also cause interference to your wireless keyboard. However, with the newer technologies and advancement of newer wireless gaming keyboard models, the issue of interference has lower down a huge amount.

What is the main advantage of a wireless gaming keyboard?

The wireless gaming keyboard has many advantages, but the main advantage that stands out from the rest is probably the flexibility it offers. As it does not have any cable, you have the freedom to move around with the keyboard and use it from a distance. Furthermore, your desktop setup will always be from any clogs and have a much cleaner look which can be quite pleasing for eyes.


Wired and wireless gaming keyboard both comes with their own advantage and disadvantages. There was a time when wireless gaming keyboards were not even regarded as a good choice for gaming. But, with more advancements in technologies and the implementation of new designs, wireless gaming keyboards have come a long way.

Wireless gaming keyboards no longer have huge latency and slower response time like they had a few years back. It can certainly compete for money with wired gaming keyboards. I believe that we have already got your answer to the question, are gaming keyboards good? I say they definitely are good, and you should definitely give a think about wireless gaming keyboards before buying a gaming keyboard.

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