How to Fix a Double Clicking Mechanical Keyboard?

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We already know the benefits of using mechanical keyboards for gaming and work. Because of their dependability, agility, and signature clicking sound, mechanical keyboards are popular among computer users for both commercial and leisure purposes.

But, on the contrary, mechanical keyboards do face a few problems than regular keyboards. One such issue is double-clicking. Hence, today we will see how to fix a double clicking mechanical keyboard.

You do not need a massive amount of technical knowledge to fix a double clicking keyboard. You need to know a few basics, and we will teach you everything today.

What is Double Clicking on a Mechanical Keyboard?

Double Clicking is also known as keyboard chattering. But, what is it exactly? A typical mechanical keyboard issue is that it clicks twice when you click once. Some mechanical keyboards have an issue where the key repeats if pressed.

When you use a double clicking keyboard, it registers several inputs when you touch the key once, which may be inconvenient for gaming and typing.

If you have a problem with repeated keystrokes, the keyboard may allow you to press a key down and then immediately bounce right back up, but it may not entirely settle before hitting it again.

A mechanical keyboard double clicking can occur in an older keyboard, indicating that the keyboard is growing older. Nevertheless, this can even happen with the newer keyboards in certain situations.

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What Are the Reasons for Double Clicking

Double-clicking is most commonly encountered on keyboards that employ Cherry MX clones switches or cheaper alternatives of Chinese key switches. You should note that keyboard double clicking can occur with branded keyboards and key switches.

The most common reasons for double typing are debris in the keyboard, software difficulties, or broken switches. So, let us check the reasons for double clicking on the mechanical keyboard.

  • Software Issues

A faulty keyboard driver might result in duplicate typing. To repair a defective keyboard driver, uninstall it; make sure that the keyboard is still plugged in.  

After deleting the driver, reconnect the keyboard to the computer. At that moment, the system will automatically install a new keyboard driver. This procedure would fix the problem if a faulty driver were causing your keyboard to double type.

  • Dust

The dust has been identified as one of the primary contributors to keyboard double clicking. Dust can cause the switches to fail, resulting in keyboard duplicate typing or keyboard noise.

  • Fault in settings

Keyboard responsiveness settings may result in duplicate typing. The repeat delay settings specify how long an operating system waits before repeating a keystroke when it is held down. As a result, users who experience minimal duplicate typing are more likely to benefit from increasing their repetition latency settings.

  • Problems with switches

One of the most prevalent causes of keyboard double clicking is a faulty mechanical keyboard switch. It could be a manufacturing flaw, or the key switch could have developed problems after use. In most cases, malfunctioning switches force the keyboard to type letters twice.

  • Improper Usage

Suppose you have a habit of typing quickly when gaming or typing; you may wind up injuring the key switches or other fragile parts of the keyboard. This may also result in mechanical keyboard chattering.

  • Very High Temperature

Excessively hot or humid environments may cause problems with a mechanical switch. Although it is not the primary cause of keyboard buzzing, it is one of the causes.

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A Guide to Fix a Double Clicking Mechanical Keyboard

Double Clicking can occur due to a wide variety of factors, but the most common solution is to wipe the interior of your keyboard using a q-tip and isopropyl alcohol.

The use of compressed air cans is the least intrusive technique to cure duplicate typing. Canned air, which is accessible at any office supply store, is a low-cost and practical technique to eliminate double-clicking.

1. Clean the keys

To clean the dust, you can use canned or compressed air. If dust is one of the causes of the problem, compressed or canned air can assist you in dismantling the dust and restoring regular operation. Make sure to repeat the method a few times to assist you in expelling any dust.

Please keep in mind that there is no assurance that this activity will address the problem. However, if the double clicking is caused by dust, the problem will be rectified.

If you need to dig a little deeper, you can use rubbing alcohol or a cleanser. It is critical not to have too much water because liquid can become trapped between the layers.

2. Check the Keyboard cable

You also need to check the cable of the keyboard. This is usually done by extracting some screws and inspecting the wires for any twists or damages that may be causing the button to not accept enough pressure before going on to the next one.

If you discover a twist or damage in your keyboard cable, it is time to buy some new cables, and there are many alternatives on the market for keyboards with removable cords that are simple to switch when one is damaged.

3. Switch Replacement

If you notice that only one of the two keys is malfunctioning, it might be due to a defective switch. The issue can be rectified by replacing the malfunctioning switch. Replacing the key switches on a hot-swappable keyboard should not be a problem.

Eventually, the switches may need to be desoldered and re-solder. If you’ve chosen to replace the switches, it’s a good idea to think about getting them from reputable providers. Choosing Cherry MX switches is a better choice because they are recognized to offer excellent outcomes.

4. Replace Broken Keycap

A broken keycap can be one of the key reasons for your mechanical keyboard making a double clicking noise. Only come to this step if the first three steps didn’t work for you even after trying.

The first step in changing your keycap is to find the perfect replacement keycap first. It is important o get a keycap that is compatible with your switches and the mechanical keyboard.

Once you get the compatible keycap, you can simply pop out the old keycap and replace it with the new one.

5. Adjust the Key Rate

If your key is repeated too frequently, you may be able to resolve the problem without making any physical changes. Change the pace at which your operating system recognizes repetitive inputs.

You may control this in Windows by going to the OS-wide keyboard settings menu. Double-click the Keyboard icon in the Control Panel. You will find a similar setting in the system preference menu for macOS.

Examine the “Repeat delay” option on the Speed tab. This is the amount of time the OS waits after pressing a key before activating it again. To avoid a repeated key at longer intervals, move the value closer to “long.” If your problem is mild, this should solve it. To activate the setting, click OK.

6. Repair Loose connections on PCB board

Over time, the solder connections on the PCB board might fail or come loose, resulting in typing mistakes. If your keyboard is still under warranty and you cannot repair it yourself, contact customer care for guidance on returning it for repair or replacement without invalidating any guarantees.

However, if the warranty period is over, you can re-solder the loose connections to the PCB board by yourself. You must have proper knowledge of soldering before doing this procedure.

7. Update the Keyboard driver

The mechanical keyboard driver might need an update or be damaged, causing miscommunications between the keyboard and the PC. To resolve the issue, you should upgrade the driver: To upgrade, follow the steps below.

  • Right-click the Start button and choose Device Manager.
  • Expand the Keyboard menu’s options.
  • Select Update driver from the context menu when you right-click the driver

If this doesn’t work, look up the manufacturer and model number of your keyboard and search for drivers on the company’s official website.

Both are normally found on a sticker on the keyboard itself. If upgrading does not cure the problem, reinstall the driver, which will solve the double-clicking problem if it was due to software issues.

How To Fix Mech Keyboard Double Typing/Chattering!


Double clicking or keyboard chattering on mechanical keyboards can be pretty irritating, especially during a moment of high intense gaming. Thus it is essential to solve this issue.

So, if you were wondering how to fix a double clicking mechanical keyboard, you are in the correct place because we tried to solve this issue. We are sure if you have read this guide correctly and tried the steps we discussed above, your double clicking issue should have been solved by now.

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