Why Do Gamers Wear Two Headsets?

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Headphones, earphones or headsets, or by whatever name you call them by are pretty necessary for gamers. Professional gamers take their headsets very seriously. If you cannot hear the sound well in a game, there is a high chance of you losing the game.

If you regularly watch professional gaming tournaments. You’ve most likely previously seen that players are regularly wearing both earbuds and earphones simultaneously. You will also often see them wear a second headset around their neck, and why is that so. If you also had a question like this in your head, why do gamers wear two headsets?

Then you are in the right place because we were also confused by the fact of gamers wearing two headsets. But, we found the answer, and we will be more than delighted to clear your confusion and talk about everything related to wearing two headsets in gaming.

So, make sure to read this whole article to clear your confusion before wandering around somewhere else.

Why do gamers wear two headsets?

You need two headsets to hear every slight sound and noise that occurs throughout the game, and this strategy of hearing all player actions allows them to advance quickly. Second, there is a mic piece through which you must interact with the players and pass feedback and other tactics to them in order to play the game properly.

The in-game sounds are played through the earbuds, while the headphones/headset they’re wearing is a noise-canceling pair that normally often transmits white noise. Pro gamers are also seen sometimes wearing the third headset. But wearing a third headset isn’t even necessary as the third headset is mostly for sponsoring purposes. They sometimes use the mic of this additional headset for interaction.

It’s pointless to listen to the in-game sounds with both Earpieces on. The headphones they use are excellent Gaming Earphones that offer 7.1 surround sound, enabling you to hear in-game sounds like strides, clock, C4, and many more.

And the headphones they use are noise-canceling headphones with top-notch pads. They sometimes use these headphones as mic also. This is done to ensure that no external sounds enter the players, which comes primarily due to commentators and audiences during a competition. Moreover, this ensures that the player doesn’t pick up any critical info from either the casters or the audience and to provides a relatively distraction-free playing atmosphere.

Is a Third headset necessary?

No, it isn’t necessary at all to have a third headset. Players will occasionally wear a third customer headset around their neck. This is typically done to encourage the squad gear sponsor to promote their items, or when the primary noise-canceling headphones lack a microphone, the microphone on these third headphones can be used by players to communicate with their teammates, but other than that, the third headset is otherwise useless.

Why do gamers wear two headphones?

There are several reasons for gamers to wear headphones. All these reasons are necessary to have your desired outcome during gaming. You’ll need a decent gaming headset if you’re talking with your mates online or listening intently to your enemies’ footsteps. A good headset can produce a simple, balanced sound and be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

An Important reason can be a disturbance, yes when you play games for a long hour at home, the sounds and noises produced from the game are pretty loud and can be disturbing to all other people in your house. So, wearing a headphone will spare other people from this disturbance.

Obstructing outside clamors, you surely do not want to hear outside noises in the middle of intense gameplay and lose your concentration and eventually lose the war. A gaming headset will help you with this. Most gaming headsets have a noise-cancellation function that uses tiny microphones to pick up on ambient noise. Microchips in the gaming headset detect the sounds and generate a counter-signal that nullifies out the noise.

Communication with the team, as gaming headsets come with a built-in high-quality mic, you’ll be able to communicate with your teammates at all times, helping you to make key decisions and execute plans that can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Excellent sound quality over conventional speakers, a gaming headset provides superior, clean, and direct sound, which is critical for being at the top of your game. They produce precise highs and low, rich bass. The present games require exact and accurate developments, large numbers of which depend on sound lines all through the game.

A gaming headset allows you to respond more quickly to your opponents. Your enemies will never know what hit them because of your lightning-fast responses to sound cues like footsteps and gunshots. Several gaming headsets provide surround sound in addition to stereo sound. This results in a hyper-realistic sensory environment in which you can hear sounds from a variety of perspectives.

Do gaming headsets make a difference? Are they worth it?

If you think of choosing speakers for gaming, then you will never have the real enthrallment of playing the game that you get by using a gaming headset. Although speakers produce excellent performance audio for gaming, since sound is not transmitted to your ears as it is with headphones, you will not have a completely immersive gaming experience.

When comparing sound filtering between speakers and headsets, headsets perform significantly better. Furthermore, with speakers, you will not only hear sounds from your game, but you will also hear interference from other sources.

It’s almost impossible to keep track of where your enemies are coming from as a result of using speakers for gaming. Whereas if you have a headset, you will have a clear, crisp in-game sound without any interference due to the fact that most headphones now have noise-canceling and noise-isolation capabilities.

Speakers are also unable to have sound clarity, such as in real-world or multiplayer online games where footstep noise is crucial. Another benefit of headphones over speakers is that they can be used for other purposes, such as having conversations with your teammates when playing sports.

Now you can decide for yourself whether or not a gaming headset is worth it or not. If you ask our opinion, our answer will be yes, a gaming headset is always worth it if you are taking your gameplay seriously and on a professional level.

Can I use normal headphones for gaming?

Generally, saying no, a normal headphone can never match the performance of a gaming headphone. Standard headphones may have some things in common with gaming headphones, but that does not make them good for gaming. As gaming headsets are specifically made for gaming, they have features that are better suited to gamers.

Can I use a gaming headset to listen to music? 

Yes, you can use a gaming headset to listen to music, but our recommendation is that you should not use a gaming headset to listen to music. There are various reasons behind this.

Listening to music is the primary purpose of standard or consumer headphones. As a consequence, the drivers have to produce a full-bodied mid-range tone, with balanced treble and finely adjustable bass. This all adds up to a pleasant musical experience.

Whereas in gaming headsets, the bass is emphasized heavily. Still, if you want to listen to music while wearing your gaming headset, the sound it produces can be too much for you. It can even detract from your overall experience by creating a mushy musical tone.

Moreover, Gaming headphones usually do not have the ability to change the treble because they are made specifically for gaming. As a consequence, the sound of the musical instruments you’re listening to will be muffled or ambiguous.

Are gaming earbuds worth it?

Even though most pro gamers prefer over-ear gaming headphones, some prefer in-ear gaming headphones, also known as gaming earbuds. Now the main question comes, are they worth it. Let us see below to discover more.

They’re usually much smaller, and they’re worn in the player’s ear, as the name implies. Like any accessory, they have advantages and disadvantages, and not all earbuds are produced equally. It’s important to match your earbuds to your particular requirements.

But to summarize, even though gaming earbuds cannot match over earbuds’ performance, they can be pretty helpful as they are easy to carry around, and you can expect very good performance from them regarding gaming.

Is bass important for gaming headsets?

One of the key reasons to get a gaming headset is for the bass it offers. The bass level on the gaming headset is crucial, and it can mean the difference between a good and a poor buy, or even life and death in multiplayer games. It is important that your gaming headset comes with a base adjustment slider so that you can customize the bass according to the game you are playing.

Is wearing a gaming headset bad for you?

Technically yes, wearing a gaming headset for too long can be quite harmful to you. Gaming headsets can produce a huge amount of base and sound, so your ears will be in direct contact with these loud noises and sounds. Hence, wearing them too long can cause your hearing problems.

However, you can easily get away from this. It would be best if you controlled your headset sound level to the point, which is enough for you to enjoy the gaming; you do not need to increase the volume to the max. Another way to get away from hearing problems is to give your ears a break and do not sit around wearing a gaming headset for the whole day.


As a new gamer, you can always stay confused, thinking why do gamers wear two headsets, and our primitive goal of today’s article was just to answer this question for you.

We tried to discuss everything you might need to know about gaming headsets and how gaming headsets affect your gameplay and performance. If you want to enjoy gaming fully, then a gaming headset is a must to have. If you wish to take your gaming to the professional level for competitive gaming, then you must carry two headsets.

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