My LG Monitor Not Turning On – How I Fixed The Issue

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I recently discovered that my LG monitor isn’t turning on. At first, I tried the most obvious solution; making sure the monitor was actually turned on. 

Once this point was out of the way, I dived into more reasons that could cause the issue. After looking around for a while and experimenting, I discovered how to solve the problem easily. Let me tell you about them.

There can be several reasons why the LG monitor remains off even when you turn on the PC. For example, wiring issues, connectivity problems, incompatible display resolution, and many more. Fortunately, all these issues are easily solvable. 

In this article, I will discuss how I fixed my LG monitor at home and how you can do it too. So, read until the end before taking the device to a professional.

The Possible Reasons for the LG Monitor Problem and Solutions

Before jumping into a detailed discussion, take a quick look at all the reasons and solutions below.

Faulty cable connectionConnect the cables properly
Wrong input settingsAdjust the right input option
Wrong display resolutionSet the right display resolution
Corrupted programsFactory reset the monitor
Damaged input/output portsReplace the problematic input/output ports
Backdated GPU driver and BIOSUpdate the GPU driver and BIOS
Dislocated display cableConnect the display cable to the graphics card
Loosely connected RAM sticksInsert the RAM sticks properly
Faulty CMOS battery Reset the CMOS battery
Faulty circuit boardReplace the circuit board
Damaged display panelReplace the display panel

Still confused? No worries. You will find the elaboration of all these reasons and their practical solutions in the next part of the article. If you follow these simple steps, you will have no problem getting a display on your LG monitor again. 

1. You Might Have a Connection Cable Loose

The most common reason why people find their monitor not turning on is loosely connected cables. Multiple wires go in and out of your computer’s display device. All are needed for the exchange of essential display signals. If even one of these wires is improperly connected, the signals won’t go through all the way. As a result, the monitor won’t turn on.

Solution to the problem

It’s simple. Just check each cable and ensure they are securely connected to their respective ports. Then, push all the wires in the port a bit to double-check. Usually, the HDMI and the power cables are the culprits here. 

Lastly, ensure that both ends of the cables are correctly inserted into the devices. This will fix your monitor problem in a jiffy.

2. The cables are either damaged or are the wrong ones

A loosely connected cable is as good as no cables at all. The same goes for the damaged ones. If your LG monitor cables are damaged or torn in any part, the display signals will get interrupted. As a result, there won’t be any pictures on the monitor. 

A similar thing can happen if you are using an incompatible wire.

How You Should Solve the Problem

As the damaged cables are causing the issue, you can only replace the wires with new ones. Therefore, ensure the new cable model is identical to the original one. 

In this case, purchasing the cables from the LG store would be wise. 

3. Most Likely the Monitor Input Setting is Wrong

Your PC hardware will work according to what you set up in its system. However, if the command you give is wrong, the PC won’t recognize the devices you are using. 

For example, if you set the monitor input to HDMI but use a VGA cable, there will be problems. This is because the monitor will look for an HDMI cable, and when it fails to find one, it will only show a blank display.

How One Should Troubleshoot the Issue

There are different types of display cables apart from HDMI and VGA, such as DVI and DP (display port). 

First, hook up your monitor using different wires and see which one suits your computer. Then, once the PC turns on, check what type of wire you use with your monitor. 

Then go to the input option on the monitor. There’s supposed to be an input button on the monitor itself. It can either be at the monitor frame’s side, front, or bottom. 

From this setting, adjust the input option to the cables you want. Once the setting is adjusted according to the suitable cable, put the wires back in, and everything should work again. 

4. The Display Resolution Isn’t Proper

The display resolution of your computer must be compatible with your PC’s GPU. For example, your LG monitor won’t be able to handle the signals if the graphic card’s display resolution is more than the monitor’s capacity. 

And just so you know, fixing the display resolution from computer settings won’t fix the problem as the issue is directly related to the GPU.

Steps to Solve the Issue

This issue can be solved within minutes, but you must go deeper into the computer’s system.

For this, you have to go to safe mode first. Then, keep the Shift key pressed while clicking on the Restart option from the Shutdown menu. 

From here, select the Troubleshoot option. Then go to Advanced options. Here you will find Startup Settings. Select Restart from here. Once the computer restarts, select the on-screen instruction to enter the ‘Safe Mode’.

After getting into safe mode, go to the resolution setting and select a lower display resolution. Your PC may reboot. Wait for 30 seconds and then check the monitor.

Check the monitor manual if you don’t know the ideal resolution for your specific LG monitor. 

Don’t you have the LG monitor manual with you? Look for your monitor model under the Computer Products section and set the resolution accordingly.  

5. Your Computer Probably Has some Hazardous Software Installed 

Sometimes, problematic software can cause display issues. It creates a problem for the computer to get proper signals. In addition, some programs don’t let the graphic drivers work the way they should. As a result, you end up with a blank monitor.

The Solution is Easy

It’s actually quite problematic to locate the faulty program and destroy them one by one. The easy solution would be to reset the LG monitor altogether. Unfortunately, this will delete all the programs and their settings. Consequently, you will have a new device (technically speaking).

But how to reset the LG monitor? Here’s a simple way:

  • Go to Menu on the monitor
  • Scroll down to the Factory Reset option and click on it
  • Select Yes from this option

Once your PC restarts, it will be free from all the corrupted programs. In other words, your monitor will normally work again.

6. The Display Panel Might be Damaged

Your monitor will turn on, but you won’t get any pictures if the display panel is damaged. Well, this scenario is as worse as having a broken monitor.

The display panel is responsible for putting up all the signals in the form of pictures in front of you. So, you can guess what is likely to happen if this panel breaks.

How You Should Solve the Problem

Replacing the display panel is the only solution here. Unless you are an expert yourself, take your device to a professional. Though it may cost a bit, your monitor will become good as new if everything goes well. 

7. The GPU drivers and the BIOS Are Not Updated

The graphics driver and BIOS work together to get your monitor working. If either of them is outdated, the whole system falls. An incompatible GPU driver and BIOS create a problem for the visual signals to work correctly.

Troubleshooting the Issue

As you probably already guessed, you need to update your PC’s GPU driver and BIOS. In case you don’t know how to update the device driver, check below:

  • Go to the device manager. 
  • Go to the Display adapters option and click on it.
  • Select Update driver. 

Now, wait for your computer to update the driver. However, if the OS fails to locate any new driver, you will be given a set of instructions. Follow them and download the driver from LG’s website.

But what if it’s the BIOS that is outdated? Then you have to take the following approach,

  • Download the BIOS file for your LG monitor model (you can find the file here).
  • Unzip the file and copy it to a blank USB flash drive.
  • Restart your PC and put the flash drive into the computer.
  • Follow the instructions on the menu and update the BIOS. The monitor should have pictures once the BIOS and the GPU driver are updated.

8. The Display Cable Is Not Inserted into the Correct Port

Your desktop has a built-in graphics unit. Its port is on the back of your computer. Check it out. If you find this arrangement on your LG monitor without any picture, the problem is with the display cable.

It is more or less certain that the display cable of your monitor is inserted into your computer’s motherboard. Unfortunately, this is a common reason why many LG monitors simply don’t turn on.

The Solution is Easy!

All you have to do is locate the graphics card port and attach the display cable there. This will get you rid of the problem and put the display back on your monitor. 

9. The RAM Sticks Aren’t Properly Inserted 

The RAM sticks need to be seamlessly connected to their port. Clogged dirt or a broken piece can be the reason why the RAM is not set correctly. Or it is also possible that you didn’t notice the RAM stick isn’t correctly placed. 

If the RAM doesn’t make a proper connection, you will get zero signal on your display. Unfortunately, the new PC builders face this problem very often.

Solving the Problem

To state the obvious, you have to reinsert the RAM stick in its position. This time, make sure to do it properly.

Turn off your computer first, then make sure no wire is connected to the device. Now you can take the liberty to remove the RAM sticks one by one. After removing the sticks, use a brush to carefully clean the ports.

Once the RAM stick ports are clean, put the RAM stick back in and restart your PC.

10. The CMOS Battery isn’t Working Properly

In case you don’t know what CMOS is, it’s the battery that power up the BIOS. In other words, it helps the BIOS to keep your computer running. 

Sometimes the CMOS doesn’t work correctly. For example, clogged dirt or excessive heat can cause the problem. 

How You Can Solve the Problem

Yes, you can replace the CMOS battery. That would be the most effective solution. However, reinstalling the same CMOS battery will work perfectly fine. 

Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off your computer and make sure there isn’t any power supply connected to the device.
  • Locate the motherboard and look for the CMOS battery there (it’s a round silver battery).
  • Give the battery a light push to remove it from its place.
  • Press the power button now to drain out all the extra power from the system.
  • Wait for a minute or two.
  • Reinstall that same CMOS battery in the exact position it was.
  • Reboot your computer.

If this CMOS battery was the culprit, your PC should be perfectly fine now. 

11. The Circuit Board is Probably Damaged 

The circuit board is the life force of the LG monitor. Therefore, when none of the above-mentioned points is the issue, you can conclude that the circuit board is the culprit. 

The circuit board can be damaged for a few reasons. Maybe some liquid got it, or probably something melted due to overheating. Whatever it may be, a monitor can’t work without an excellent circuit board. 

How You Should Solve the Problem

If something happens to the circuit board of your monitor, the device is probably beyond repair. 

But you can try taking it to a repair shop. They will change the circuit board. Then, if you are lucky, the monitor may start to work again. 

12. The Input/Output Port of the Related Devices is Probably Damaged

As you already know, your monitor must receive display signals to work correctly. This signal comes through the wires and enters the system through the ports. A damaged port will surely fail to process the signals. 

And when it comes to ports, there are two devices involved. First, the device where the signal is coming from (the CPU). Secondly, the port of the monitor itself. There won’t be any display on the monitor if either of these ports is damaged.

The Solution to Your Problem

This problem can be fixed by replacing the damaged ports with a new one. It’s a delicate procedure. So, it will be better if you take the device with the damaged port to a professional.

My Last Few Words

My monitor wasn’t turning on because of the driver issues. Of course, the same can happen to you. Or something else is probably why you are facing problems with your device. Whatever it may be, fixing the issue shouldn’t be a problem for you. 

Now that you know everything about the reasons and solutions to a blank-screen LG monitor, you can be your own savior. So, pay attention to your devices, determine the problem, and solve it immediately.

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