Is 5ms Response Time Good for Gaming?

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You’ve undoubtedly seen adverts for specified response times when shopping for computer displays. As a gamer, you will often come across the question, is a 5ms monitor good for gaming? So, if you also think whether 5ms response time is essential for gaming, read on. This guide is for you.

5ms response time is very good for gaming. A monitor with a fast response time is required for a smooth gameplay experience. 5ms monitor is faster than human reflexes so you don’t have to worry about the response time while playing shooters or racing or RPG etc.

However, this response time isn’t as simple as it sounds, and we need deep analysis for this. So, make sure to read below to know more.

What is a Monitor Response Time

The response time of a monitor measures how long it takes for one pixel on the screen to change color from black to white. Graphic aberrations such as ghosting and smearing are typical on a monitor with a sluggish response time, which can be annoying and can cause dizziness.

Is 5ms Good for Gaming

A 5ms response time monitor is good for gaming since it quickly refreshes the pixels to avoid motion blur. In most circumstances, though, the ordinary gamer will struggle to detect the difference between 1ms and 5ms. Every time all pixels on display are rendered properly, it takes around five milliseconds.

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Is 1ms or 5ms Better

A response time of 1 millisecond is faster than a response time of 5 milliseconds. This implies the gamer will have to wait less time for the website to load, which will result in an improved gameplay experience. Although a 5ms response time is also still quick, it is slower than a 1ms response time.

Moreover, even if you’re a skilled gamer, it isn’t easy to see the distinction between 1ms and a 5ms display monitor. Manufacturers now have a competitive advantage, as the usage of TN screens is likely to ensure a faster response rate, and also, most gaming monitors have a response rate of 5ms or less.

Most average gamers, unlike skilled gamers, are unlikely to spot the difference between a 1ms and 5ms response time. If gaming is your primary priority, pay attention to things like refresh rate, viewing angle, display brightness, and color fidelity.

If you want a display for professional gaming and optimal efficiency, 1ms is the way to go; nevertheless, 5ms displays are also an excellent alternative if you want a very well overall performance.

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Is Input Lag Same as Refresh Rate

No, they are not the same. The time taken for a single pixel to change color is known as response time. Gaming monitors often have little input latency, but TVs have considerable input lag, making TVs less ideal for gamers.

Whereas the time it takes for a panel to show orders from your systems, such as a keyboard or mouse click, is known as input lag.

Is a 5ms Response Time Bad

No. A response time of 5ms is not terrible. But It’ll be tough for a regular player used to playing shooting games on a 1ms screen to shift to a 5ms standard gaming monitor.

The first thing to remember is that 5 milliseconds is not slow. The human eye would be unable to distinguish between 5ms and 1ms. And the response time is measured in the company, and each factory “sort of” does it uniquely.

In fact, if you’re only a recreational gamer, a 5ms response time will suffice for your easy shooting or racing games. The majority of individuals are unaware that a 5ms response time is quicker than your reactions.

On the other hand, professional esports players will require quicker monitors for greater game performance when it comes to professional competitive gamers, though every millisecond matters. Gamers frequently choose a display with a response time of less than 5ms in order to get the ideal gaming setup and gain an advantage.

is 5ms monitor good for console gaming

Is 5ms Good for Console Gaming?

Choosing the ideal monitor for console gaming might be challenging! When selecting a monitor, there are several important considerations, and it’s critical that you evaluate all of them until making a purchase.

Additionally, the response time on consoles isn’t all that important. The most crucial consideration for console gaming is input latency, so seek a display that syncs flawlessly to minimize lag.

Choosing a monitor with the shortest response time guarantees that pictures shown from the consoles aren’t ‘ghosted,’ resulting in clearer and higher-quality visuals.

When playing games on your gaming console, you’ll need a display that can handle all of the pixels delivered by the graphics processing unit. As a result, a 5ms response time monitor for console gaming is adequate and will suffice.

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Is 5ms Ping Good for Gaming?

A ping or latency of 50 milliseconds is acceptable for a gamer. So, if you’re still lost, consider the following. Compared to a display with a latency of over 100ms, a 5ms ping is excellent for seamless and fast gameplay. Furthermore, nothing is more aggravating than playing online with your pals and having your game lag due to excessive ping.

Pros and Cons of 5ms Gaming Monitor

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using a 5ms gaming monitor, which we will discuss below.


  • In comparison to 1ms, IPS and VA panels have a 5ms response time, which provides brilliant colors and excellent viewing angles.
  • Provides an overall balance between input lag and response time resulting in a smooth gameplay experience.
  • Monitors with a 5ms response time are commonly available and reasonably priced.
  • It can also assist boost productivity by allowing for more effective multitasking and lowering the total time spent on a job.
  • It enables speedier responses to environmental changes. This is especially useful in high-pressure or competitive circumstances when every millisecond counts.


  • The 5ms response time takes much longer to process the pixels in a frame, resulting in clear fuzzy visuals.
  • A 5ms response time might also result in higher power usage since the computer must work even harder to complete the demand on time.
  • Because the system must wait for the response while continuing to execute the request, it might cause additional latency. Other operations may be delayed, and overall play may suffer as a result.


Gaming and other hobbies that need a quick response time will benefit from a 5ms monitor. It not only gives a seamless gaming experience but also reduces eye strain. However, if you play games at a professional level, then you should look for a gaming monitor with a slower response time.

But if you are an occasional or semi-professional gamer, a 5ms gaming monitor is more than suitable for gaming.

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