Is 1ms Response Time Good For Gaming?

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Gamers are always searching for more advanced gaming monitors with faster refresh rates and a quicker response time. Response time for gamers is very important. So, the quickest response time we can get in the monitor now is 1ms. So, is a 1ms monitor good for gaming?

Yes, 1ms response time is considered the finest and highest requirement for gaming displays. The faster the response, the merrier your gaming experience will be. When gaming on display with a response time of 1ms, you’ll notice a significant change compared to others with a slower response time.

So, if you are a gamer looking for the fastest gaming monitor, we are here to help you. Today in this guide, we will help you understand everything in detail about the 1ms gaming monitor and whether it is better for gaming or not

Is 1ms Monitor Good for Gaming?

When it comes to seamless gaming, 1ms is the best response time you can aim for. A 1ms gaming monitor is more “potential,” but it is more costly. Playing on a display with a response time of 1ms makes a significant impact. 

You will benefit from quicker processing and color transition. These displays have faster control and responses, making them ideal for FPS games in general. Displays with 1ms response times need only one millisecond for pixels to render on every frame, making them unavoidably quick and accurate.

gaming monitor response time

How important is your Monitor response time?

The response time of your monitor can make a significant visual impact, mainly whenever there is a lot of motion or activity on the screen. It ensures that the pixel value shows itself in the greatest possible way.

Furthermore, response time is a measure of how rapidly a pixel may switch between several colors.

For example, you may have a more vivid picture or feel of any other color on your display by using more shades of gray and a filter. If the grayscale is darker, less light may pass through the specific color filter.

On the other hand, powerful applications and games would undoubtedly demand more from your monitor. Poor game response times may cause unnecessary distractions and visual abnormalities across your screen. Even a 1ms delay monitor with a poor response time will cause this.

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1ms Vs. 4ms Response time

A display with a response time of 1ms will be faster than one with a response time of 4ms. However, the change during gameplay will be slight and difficult for a novice or casual gamers to notice. On the other hand, professional gamers will undoubtedly notice the difference throughout games.

In general, the longer the response time, the longer it takes for the display to respond to instruction and the longer the transition from one color to the other.

A gaming monitor with a response time of 5ms or less is ideal for casual gamers, while pro gamers would benefit from a gaming monitor with a response time of 2ms or less.

gaming monitor with rgb setup

Is 1ms or 0.5ms better?

Theoretically, the difference between 0.5ms and 1.0ms is 1 pixel for each and every 2000 pixels/sec.

Nevertheless, in the real world, real GtG (100%) may differ significantly from all this — even so, 0.5ms GtG panels will generally have a nicer looking “GtG heatmap” than 1ms or 2ms GtG screens.

For example, achieving ghosting free 4ms GtG (without overdrive) on a 0.5ms GtG panel is often simpler than on a 1.0ms GtG panel.

With a response time of 0.5ms, you will noticeably improve behavior at mid-frame rates. There will be far less ghosting at lower overdrive levels, and at faster refresh rates, there’ll be less flash interference.

But, there is no 0.5ms monitor yet and the fastest response time available on the monitor is 1ms.

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Is 144Hz 1ms good for gaming?

A 144Hz gaming display is well worth the investment if you are a professional esports player. It not only gives you more fun and reactive gameplay experience, but it also gives you an advantage over your competitors who use standard 60Hz screens.

Although a faster refresh rate provides greater motion lucidity. If pixels cannot shift colors coordinated with those refresh rates, noticeable trailing and motion blur occurs.

As a result, gamers choose gaming displays with a 1ms GtG response time or quicker. Thus, 144Hz gaming with 1ms is unquestionably fantastic for gaming.

gaming setup with monitor and rgb mouse keyboard

Is 1ms vs. 5ms noticeable?

One of the most crucial things for gamers is quicker response time. Your display gets this information from your PC or device and must refresh the picture you see.

This activity will be executed 5 times slower on a 5ms display than on a 1ms monitor. Of all, this all occurs in milliseconds, so you probably wouldn’t notice much of a change.

What does response time affect?

Because it dictates how quickly a pixel may change color, response time dramatically impacts the clarity and precision with which a moving object is presented. It primarily influences two things, as stated.

  • Ghosting

Simply described, ghosting on display is a picture artifact left in the wake of moving objects. These pixel trails, or “ghosts,” are clearly seen in fast-paced scenes in fps games.

You will observe a darkening of some sections of the monitor when the monitor ghosts. A faster response time decreases image blurring or ghosting and contributes to enhanced image quality.

  • Motion Blur

If there is motion blur, pixels may not have enough time to switch colors, leading to a blurry image. This might be especially problematic for persons who are sensitive to motion sickness.

A high response time causes motion blur with fast-moving images and black blurring in dark settings when overrun occurs.


Gamers need fast and responsive gaming monitors; thus, the question comes Is A 1ms Monitor Good for Gaming? Yes, it is the best responsive time you can get out of a gaming monitor.

Responsive time plays an important factor when playing competitive games. Thus, today in this guide, we discussed everything that you need to know for 1ms response time and how it affects gameplay. 

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