Is 32 Inch Monitor Too Big for Gaming?

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What is the ideal monitor size for gaming? This is one of the most challenging questions to answer. The perfect size of the monitor depends on the users’ requirements and for what they will be primarily using the monitor for. When it comes to gaming, we often hear the question is a 32-inch monitor too big for gaming?

32-inch monitors are too big among most users when it comes to gaming, but they are ideal for some sorts of office work, multimedia consumption, and everyday tasks. When choosing a display size, you should always take the screen resolution in mind.

So if you are confused about whether or not you should get a 32-inch monitor, This quick guide will get right to the point with the information you need to decide whether this monitor size is good for you.

Is a 32-inch monitor too big for gaming?

The perfect gaming monitor size is highly dependent on the type of games you play. Different types of games have different recommendations.

A 32-inch display is obviously too big for you if you want to play shooters like CS:GO, MOBAs, DOTA, Valorant, and other games like this, even if you prefer racing games like Forza or Dirt Rally.

However, suppose you’re the type of gamer who prefers to play slower-paced games like Civilization VI or Minecraft or want the most immersive experience imaginable. In that case, a 32-inch display is the way to go.

The enormous screen will provide you with a panoramic perspective of the field and allow you to take in a significant amount of information at once, which is ideal if you want to engross yourself in a different virtual world.

Ideal gaming monitor size

Now ideal gaming monitor size can be based on a gamer’s perception. But according to, most professional gamers prefer a gaming monitor of 25 inches or even smaller in some cases.

With so much going on in your field of vision, it’s difficult to keep the tight attention necessary for high-level games like DOTA 2, an issue that only becomes worse as your display gets bigger.

A larger monitor like 32 inches or more not only displays additional data at once but also increases the distances your eyes must go to take it in. Not only will you have to move your eyes around more, but you’ll also have to turn your head and angle your neck if you want to view the edges of the screen.

Smaller displays, in addition to removing interruptions, aid elite gamers in reacting faster, avoiding repetitive stress injuries, and preventing eyestrain.

A large, attractive monitor may rapidly become a health threat and a genuine pain for avid gamers. While staring at a screen does not injure your eyes directly, it can induce eye strain, especially if the task at hand demands big eye movements.

But, a smaller display allows you to maintain all of the essential data in the center of your view, making it simpler to play through extended periods without becoming dizzy or injuring your neck.

gaming setup with big monitor

How big is too big for a gaming monitor?

Larger displays are now the standard, although smaller monitors have their advantages and are preferred for some applications. 24 and 25-inch monitors provide ample screen area for gaming, making it simpler to view everything in your range of view, such as landscapes. 

These displays are ideal for fast-paced FPS games but not so much for games that require deeper immersion, such as exploration or role-playing games.

A smaller screen also has a higher pixel density than a bigger screen with the exact resolution, resulting in improved text clarity. A 27-inch monitor is a good option for those who want a good mix of performance, size, and resolution. These displays provide a variety of resolutions and refresh rates to appeal to both PC and console gamers.

So, anything above 27 inches is too big for a gaming monitor.

What makes a gaming monitor too big?

This section will help you understand which monitors are too big and whether or not they are suitable for gaming. At first, we need to realize that only size doesn’t matter; pixels also matter.

When pixels are packed closer together, they provide sharper, more detailed pictures, screens with the highest pixel density will provide you with a great visual pleasure compared to monitors with less pixel density. So, a 25-inch screen or lower will give sharper images.

Irrespective of size, monitors with native 1080p resolution have the same amount of pixels. That implies that a 25-inch display and a 32-inch monitor both have the same amount of pixels, but the pixels on the 32-inch panel are stretched out across a wider area.

If you decide on a 32-inch monitor, be sure it has a high native resolution; otherwise, you’ll be disappointed when your game looks far worse on your new display than it would on your old one.

Also, you need to set a specific distance away from your monitor to see everything correctly and receive the full effect of the visuals it shows. Plus, it’s gentler on your eyes, and the proper viewing distance grows as your monitor grows larger.

Furthermore, a 32-inch monitor will require a rather deep desk to hold it; otherwise, you’ll have to pick between being an unpleasant viewing and one from many paces away.

pc gaming setup

32-inch vs. 27-inch monitor: which one should you choose?

Many people use 27-inch displays for gaming. However, professional gamers don’t really prefer this monitor size for gaming. 32-inch displays are usually too big for gaming. A 25-inch monitor is advised for a monitor with lower resolution or suited for a standard desktop area, but a 27-inch monitor is recommended for a wide and improved high-resolution experience.

The fact that the 25-inch 1080p monitor is the standard size utilized in tournament play for many games is one of the key reasons why most pro gamers use them. As a result, a standard display size, resolution, and refresh rate are employed. As a result, gamers are forced to train on this sort of display.

Is a 32-inch monitor too big for entertainment?

Unlike gaming, a 32-inch monitor is a perfect choice for entertainment purposes like watching movies or streaming YouTube videos online.

A 32-inch monitor won’t offer a similar cinema experience as a 100-inch TV with stereo speakers, but it’ll be enough for watching your favorite shows, movies, and streams.

It should come as no surprise that many people like to watch movies and television shows on large displays.

A 32-inch monitor with a good resolution, preferably 1440p, will provide you with a fairly large, comprehensive view that you can see well from across the room, making it ideal for watching TV in bed or converting your room into the coziest home movie theater in the neighborhood.

home office setup

Is a 32-inch monitor too big for office work?

Office workers, graphics designer even photo editors, like to work on a bigger monitor as this mean they will have more space on the screen to settle their work.

For the same reason, many businesses have many monitor workstations; it’s convenient to be able to examine papers side by side or switch between numerous active apps without having to alt-tab between them every several seconds.

It’s also worth noting that firms wouldn’t invest in more monitors unless they believed the extra screen area increased staff productivity, so you can guarantee that a more prominent display will help you get more done in less time.

Imagine how useful it would be for individuals working on art endeavors to be able to view numerous windows at once, just as it is for individuals working on paperwork and statistics.

When designing or editing photos, a large screen also allows you to see the entire picture. When you need to zoom out and view it all at once to get a better viewpoint or observe how one piece interacts with another, a large screen allows you to do so while still seeing more minor details.

So, if you are looking for a monitor for all your office work, a 32-inch monitor can help you increase your productivity.


As a gamer, it can be confusing to find the perfect gaming monitor size, and you can often end up asking yourself, is a 32-inch gaming monitor too big? The answer is yes in most cases, and it’s too big.

However, there are few games like Minecraft that can get profound benefits from a large monitor size. But, in general, you should try to get 25 inches or smaller monitor for gaming and make sure the resolution is at least 1080p, if not more.

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