Why are Gaming Mouse Pads So Big?

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When you use a gaming mouse, it’s only natural that you feel the need to use a gaming mouse pad. These two products are inseparable.

Some people feel that gaming mousepads are unnecessary, and they don’t have any function except looking flashy. One of the standout visual points of gaming mouse pads is that they are pretty big. Generally, they are larger than the average regular mouse pad.

So, it’s natural to ask why gaming mousepads are so big? Does the size actually have a purpose, or is it another excuse for the high price? Well, you’ll be glad to know that gaming mousepads aren’t just flashy products with no use. Every design point has a purpose behind it. If you want to find out, read ahead!


Why Are Gaming Mouse Pads So Big? 

Gaming mousepads are bigger in size because they are built for gaming convivence and comfort. When you are gaming, you need to switch between the DPI (Dots Per Inch) frequently. Gaming mouses have great DPI range and are highly sensitive, so the pads need to suit their functions.

With low DPI, you need a lot of arm space for precision. A big gaming mouse pad allows that surface for you to be comfortable. When you use higher DPI, you need to be careful not to lose focus. In this instance, the mouse pad allows you to move freely without restricting the mouse too much.


What is Gaming Mouse Pad? 

The mouse pad is the surface that tracks the computer mouse movement. It is also known as mouse surface. Modern mousepads are quite different from the previous models. Regular mousepads are quite soft, while gaming mouse pads have a hard coating for easy movement.

The point of mouse pads is that it provides a surface for smooth mouse movement. Gaming mouse pads offer an excellent experience in this instance. If you use mousepads over glass or wood surfaces, you can easily understand the difference in stability.

You can buy various types of gaming mousepads. They differ in shapes and designs. Generally, mousepads are rectangular, but you can get circles or customized forms.

Gaming mousepads come in four sizes, small, medium, large, and extended. These surfaces are larger than regular mouse pads. Manufacture wise the size, and thickness also differ. Razer’s extended size is 940 x 410 x 4 mm, while Aorus’s extended size is 1000 x 400 x 3mm.

The larger size of gaming mouse pads helps to move around quickly. Since gaming requires fast-moving and accuracy, the extra space to move your mouse helps tremendously. Moreover, graphic designers and CAD designers also use large gaming mouse pads.


Do I Need A Big Gaming Mouse Pad? 

Getting a large gaming mouse pad depends on your personal choices. Most people opt for bigger mouse pads that can cover the mouse and keyboard. This way, the entire setup surface feels more comfortable. If you have the space for a bug gaming mouse pad on your desk, then you should consider it.

When we use regular mousepads, we often run out of movement space, and the mouse ends up outside of the pad. Gaming mousepads are more comfortable for long-term use as the hand feels relaxed on the texture. Plus, extended mouse surfaces are made of materials that absorb the vibration you produce when you type.

Gaming mousepads are designed for gaming mouses. Meaning they were designed for devices that have high sensitivity cursor movement. Your gaming mouse’s DPI range is a huge factor when considering your gaming mouse pad’s size.

If you play games that require precision and accurate shots, then you need to use low DPI. Games like Overwatch and Call of Duty require a lower range (400-1000 DPI). For this range, you need a lot of arm space to move around your mouse. Thus, an extended mouse pad can help you move your cursor quickly without running out of the surface.

For games that require higher DPI, such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and other MOBA and MMO games, you need the cursor to move across the screen quickly. Games that need higher DPI (more than 1000) focus more on speed. You can use medium-sized gaming mouse pads, but an extended size is better since the cursor needs to move fast.


Are Small Gaming Mouse Pads Not Usable? 

As we said above, the main factor behind getting a larger gaming mouse pad falls on personal needs. You need to consider your desk size above all. Measure your table and the surface you want to put the mouse pad on. Then look up the length of gaming mouse pads online to find the one that can fit.

If you have a small desk that can’t keep a big gaming mouse pad, don’t use it. The mouse pad will take over most of the surface, and your desk will look clustered with no free space for other tasks. For tight workspaces, small or medium size pads work much better.

Another essential factor you need to consider is workstyle. If you travel a lot and need to bring your devices, bigger mousepads are not the best choice. Big gaming mouse surfaces aren’t travel-friendly as they are harder to carry and may get damaged. Smaller mousepads are more portable.

Bigger gaming mousepads are more expensive as well. If they don’t fall within your budget, you can always buy a small or medium size. While you may not get much arm space, if a smaller mouse surface is more convenient for you, you should use the smaller one.



Hopefully, now you know what the reason behind gaming mouse pads being so large is. Big gaming mouse pads help you to move easier with a lot of arm space.

When it comes to tech accessories, there is always a purpose behind every design decision.

More extensive mouse surfaces are more comfortable and easier to game on. It improves the mouse movement, which in turn alleviates the cursor. However, there are other sizes available as well. If you feel more contented with a smaller size, don’t buy a bigger size and ruin your desk space.

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