Why Do Gaming Mice Have High DPI?

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Gaming mice are the most popular gaming devices right now. They are versatile and offer more grip support. Overall, they are much better devices than standard mice—one of the most significant differences in the DPI range. Gaming mice have a higher degree of DPI than regular mice. You can also adjust the DPI to your liking.

Why do gaming mice have high DPI? Because gaming mice are designed for a better gaming experience. Every feature added in those mice is for gamers to play better in a more comfortable way. Higher DPI adds to that comfort.

Some might be confused about what DPI actually is and how it provides a more effortless gaming experience. Read ahead to find out!


Why Do Gaming Mice Have High DPI?

Gaming mice have high DPI because high DPI helps move the cursor quickly, which helps with gaming. High DPI (Dots Per Inch) means higher mouse sensitivity. The cursor moves as you move the mouse. This is a helpful feature for gaming and makes the experience more interactive. It helps the shots to be more precise.

Higher DPI only helps you to move the cursor along with the mouse. It is a valuable characteristic of gaming mice. We all had experiences with a regular mouse that does not carry the cursor as we wish. Higher DPI also means that you can move swiftly without tiring yourself. Gaming mice have this feature because gamers play for an extended period, and they need to perform without lagging.

Since competitive gaming is quite popular these days, having even the slightest advantage can work in your favor. Even if you aren’t a good shooter, having a good DPI gaming mouse can help you aim better. Moreover, high DPI helps to do more accurate graphic design strokes, CAD designing, and intense programming.

However, this does not guarantee that skills will improve. We all want the best products with the best features while gaming. High-end gaming mice provide a high range of DPI for playing different types of games. But this does not mean that if you have an expensive product, you will play better.


What is DPI? 

DPI means Dots Per Inch. DPI is basically the sensitivity measurement of a mouse. The higher the DPI, the higher the sensitivity. DPI can be best understood through the cursor and mouse relationship.

What does it mean to have a higher sensitivity or higher DPI? It means that your cursor will move accordingly with your mouse. Even the slightest mouse movement will change the cursor. This is a popular feature for gaming mice for this reason.

Regular mice have lesser DPI. We all have faced a situation where we want to move our cursor, but it does not comply with the mouse and moves elsewhere. It can be frustrating. However, the higher DPI of the gaming mouse ensures that this issue does not take place.

That does not mean that higher DPI is the best and low DPI is not good. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. With a better DPI, you can move your cursor quickly, especially while playing games. The detection and response movement are much more accessible.

However, the more the DPI is, the more sensitive the cursor is. Since the slightest movement can set it off, it might not be the best mode for some games. The cursor moving constantly can be off-putting for some. For this reason, most gaming mice have a switch button that helps to adjust the DPI level when you are playing a game.


How Does DPI Work in Gaming Mouse? 

Now that you know DPI is essentially a scale for mouse sensitivity, you can understand how it works and its importance. To understand DPI better, let’s use an example. If you set your gaming mouse at 1000 DPI, the cursor will move 1000 pixels across the screen for every inch you move the mouse. If you increase the DPI, it will cover the pixels you have set it to.

Every regular and gaming mouse has DPI. It is a must for mice. However, the DPI of gaming devices is adjustable. Some gaming mice come with a switch button. Through this feature, you can change the DPI whenever you need to. Some mice have universal apps rather than buttons. Windows and Mac devices have setting installed for you to adjust the sensitivity.

The DPI rate depends heavily on the mice type and price. Regular mice generally cost under 20 dollars and have a DPI of 400-1600. The more expensive gaming mice have a more extensive range than that. Some mice even reach 6000. But most computer tasks can be performed adequately under 800 DPI. The maximum settings are best for gamers, graphic designers, programmers, and those who use large screens.

You can estimate your DPI count need based on your screen size and its resolution. Since screens with higher resolutions have more pixels, they need higher DPI to function correctly. If you are using a pretty large screen with high resolution, some suggest that gaming mice with 10000 DPI are an excellent choice.

The truth is, there is no standard DPI setting. There’s not a specific number or range that is perfect. It depends on the task you’re performing. Even some jobs and games require you to use low DPI for better precision. Continuously changing the DPI within a few moments can make the cursor shakier and less precise. So, try to stick with a specific DPI for a while.


Does High DPI Help in Gaming? 

This is a hotly debated topic in the gaming community. While everyone is aware that high DPI means higher sensitivity and resolution, some are skeptical about its necessity in gaming.

As stated above, higher DPI means higher sensitivity which translates to swifter cursor movement. Most gaming mice these days have switch DPI buttons for different types of games.

Some gamers suggest using low DPI when you start a game, and then as you progress, you should play in the higher range. For example, if you start ‘Overwatch,’ you need to get headshots first, which requires a low DPI. While Overwatch League requires higher sensitivity and accuracy. In fast-paced and action games, you need to move on instinct. You can’t play these games without high DPI settings.

For games that require you to move the cursor fast across the screen, you need to have a high level of sensitivity. Most gaming mice have 800-5000 DPI. You can play these games at 1500. Use high DPI in games where cursor speed is vital.

When you play with low DPI, you need to remember that the cursor won’t always move the way you want it. This issue is eliminated with the more sensitive high DPI. It is better to start with a mid-range like 800 DPI and then change it according to your need and comfort.

Here’s the thing. Higher DPI does not mean you will become a pro at accuracy or precision. It helps to do better in firing shots, flicks, and swift movements. But it does not mean that it will alleviate your skills overnight.

Managing DPI requires practice as well. Since the cursor moves with the mouse’s slightest touch, you need to be in control of how you move that mouse. Moving it accidentally will damage your shots. Plus, unless you play in competitive gaming, having a high DPI isn’t that necessary. It gives you more of an edge when you’re competing.


Can I Use Gaming Mouse at Low DPI? 

Since gaming mouses come with a wide range of DPI and switch buttons, you can change your DPI settings whenever you wish. Higher DPI helps with gaming and designing. It helps with simple tasks as well. But the constant cursor moving can be difficult for some to control.

Using your gaming mouse at low DPI is an option as well. It has its benefits too. Firstly, the cursor won’t move with the slightest movement. If you’re playing a game that requires absolute accuracy and precision, having a lower DPI can actually help. The cursor won’t move with the most minor touch.

This helps in games where you have to shoot with rifles and designs that require a refined touch. Games that require tracking and precise aiming are better played with a lower DPI. Some pro gamers play with only 400 DPI. If you turn off mouse acceleration and have a polling rate of more than 500 Hz, having a lower DPI can help you be more accurate.

However, not all games will let you lower your DPI as some games have a sensitivity range restriction. Sometimes when you’re playing with low settings, your cursor can move as it likes rather than following your movement. Screens with high resolution are not that suitable with mouses with low DPI.



Therefore, gaming mice have a high DPI for more effortless cursor movement. Higher DPI means more mouse sensitivity, and more sensitivity means easy cursor control. This feature has added great comfort to the gaming experience.

Games that require fast movement across the screen are now easier to play. But high DPI does not guarantee that you will become great at gaming. That happens with practice and dedication.

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