Is RTS Mode Good For Gaming?

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The gaming world is seeing more and more technological advancement as each day passes. Online shooters, VR, and RPG games are dominating the world. But, RTS games still hold a special place in millions of gamers’ hearts.

Nowadays, many gaming monitors are offering RTS mode. But the real question comes is RTS mode good for gaming?

Real-time strategy (RTS) is a subgenre of strategy video games in which all players can play at the same time, in “real-time.” If you are a lover of games like League of Legends and Age of Empires, then RTS mode is good for gaming. RTS mode will undoubtedly put an additional load on your graphics card, CPU, and gaming resources. When you activate this mode, your gaming monitor will have to run along as fast as it can (120 Hz refresh rates are suggested).

But is that all or do you need to know more about RTS mode? Make sure to read this article thoroughly to learn everything about RTS mode.

What is RTS Mode?

Before we go into the discussion of RTS mode, we need to learn what exactly RTS gaming is.

RTS, or real-time strategy, is a strategy video game genre in which players construct base battle forces and seek to eliminate competing players or AI units in order to win. Players ideally develop a massive army or empire to destroy opposing forces in real-time by combining strategic planning, unit upgrades, and conquering opponents.

The premise of constructing forces, declaring war, and engaging in real-time combat allows for fast-paced and intense competitive gaming. Gamers spend hours improving their troops, preparing their next attack, and then unleashing their forces on the online battleground against their foes while safeguarding their locations and assets.

The best way to enjoy RTS gaming is by playing in RTS mode. RTS Mode on gaming monitors today is pretty self-explanatory such as – a time when your monitor hardware has been specifically engineered and improved to enhance your total RTS gameplay experience.

The preconfigured RTS mode on newly developed RTS monitors adapts your monitor settings accordingly for an optimized RTS gameplay experience. RTS games are well-known for their diverse control systems.

For example, League of Legends presently has over a hundred characters from which gamers could choose. So every character has a variety of skins and skills, which add to the graphic vibrancy and diversity of the game, mainly when many players play together.

To emphasize the uniqueness of RTS games, the RTS mode on display will boost the saturation of all color schemes to make character designs extra vibrant. The RTS option will lessen the screen’s darker edges while keeping the color and effects vivid. You will undoubtedly notice your enemies before they see you.

Any game particularly vibrant has a high level of detail in the graphics and doesn’t require lightning-quick reaction times or pinpoint accuracy with minimal input lag will undergo a significant overhaul the moment you switch your screen into RTS Mode.

rts mode age of empires

What Is So Special About RTS Mode?

As soon as you switch down to RTS mode, you will see two significant changes; alteration in brightness and saturation level.

The brightness is usually increased slightly. As a result, contrast also increases to ensure that all of your components and structures and those of your opponents, PC, or real player, are visible and easily identifiable.

Colors will appear much more lively at the start, which will have an impact on the entire graphical adherence of the gameplay experience. Colors will burst off all of your building structures and units.

Moreover, the scenery will appear more nourished and encouraging, and the involvement you feel when playing these types of games will increase dramatically nearly instantly.

When you switch from your monitor’s standard mode to RTS Mode, you’ll notice a substantially different saturation alteration happening.

Crispness brings out even the most minor details in your RTS experience, whether they are tiny components on your units and frameworks, comparatively tiny scenery aspects that would have been blurred without RTS Mode,

When playing real-time strategy (RTS) or multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) combat games with a large number of units gathered around a specific point, it’s simpler to see where your units are and what’s going on in the hand-to-hand action, allowing you to make better, extra perfected choices.

All of this contributes to a much more authentic, lively, and expressive gaming experience that you would not have been able to enjoy otherwise.

Hence, gaming in RTS mode is sure to provide you with a non-forgetting experience that no other gaming mode can offer.

BenQ Gaming Monitor RL2450H

Can You Play Shooters in RTS Mode?

First of all, keep in mind that a 120HZ refresh rate is a must if you want to experience fully performing RTS mode on your monitors. RTS mode will undoubtedly put extra pressure and strain on your graphics card, CPU, and gaming equipment.

All of this leads to FPS drops and input lag. As a result, when playing online first-person shooters or other online games that require jittery responses, precise motion, and near-instant responses, you will die without even having a fair chance.

Hence, first-person shooters are really not meant for RTS mode. Because of the way this mode is set up, your performance will suffer substantially, and you will lose a great deal more rounds than you could have won or else.

Can you switch to normal modes from RTS mode?

Today, the vast majority of RTS Mode-enabled monitors allow you to switch into and out of this model manually. Overall, the procedure is relatively easy and quick.

The majority of the time, these modes may be selected manually using physical buttons on the panel itself. To switch it on or off, simply hit the RTS Option button, albeit you may have to go through several monitor settings such as Standard, Movie, Gaming, etc until you find the model you want.

On the other hand, once you’ve played RTS games with this mode activated on your display, it will be tough to go back to non-RTS-capable monitors.

Everything appears kind of bland, lifeless, and somewhat monochromatic when you see the fiesta of colors, the degree of precision, and the whole engaging experience that RTS brings to the table.

Is it worth buying RTS monitors?

If you are a big RTS gaming fan, or if you enjoy MMORPGs or colorful titles that do not trap you against all other players from all over the world who are willing to squeeze every last drop of effectiveness out of their computer in order to conquer the eSports arena then RTS enabled monitors are a wise choice.

Fortunately, most top-tier panels and displays these days include some form of RTS option built right in. This implies that players who would not have attempted RTS games otherwise will be purchasing displays that still have those features.

Moreover, RTS monitors can be useful for showing large spreadsheets as well as seeing more of the map in your favorite RTS game. You can gain an edge just by fitting more of your game’s windows onto your screen. It can also boost productivity, depending on the type of job you perform.

Perhaps this drives them in the direction of this kind of game, and they discover the wonder of RTS skills on their own. After all, this mode is usually just a button push or two away, and it truly can make a massive difference once you experience it for real.

On the other hand, if you aren’t a big fan of RTS gaming or can see yourself switching between modes when you want to play various types of games, these monitors aren’t for you.

The Best Settings for Your Monitor

Is Fortnite an RTS Game?

Nope, for all reasons and internal gaming specifications, Fortnite is not an RTS mode. Although there’s some skill involved in surviving as the last person standing, RTS games are on an entirely different par in terms of technique and action.

Is DOTA2 an RTS Game?

So it is with Dota 2. Everyone has a part to play, and it’s only a matter of how effectively they perform it. As a result, we may classify Dota 2 as a role-playing game. However, it also meets a few MOBA criteria. At specific points throughout the game, the game itself matches each of these roles.


MOBAs are like the Kids of RTS games. Tower Defense games are very popular. RTS is designed for folks who enjoy managing forces on a variety of scales. MOBA is for folks who enjoy leading one unit in a team-based endeavor to defeat another squad.

What are a few of the best RTS games of all time?

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, Driftland: The Magic Revival, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, Supreme Commander, and Starcraft 2 are a few of the most famous RTS games of all time.


Should I use RTS on my monitor?

Answer: The RTS option will lessen the screen’s darker edges while keeping vivid colors and effects. Because speed is often an edge in RTS games, the BenQ RL2455HM features one of the quickest color reaction times amongst gaming monitors, with only 1 ms for GTG reaction.

What refresh rate do I need for the RTS gaming mode?

Answer: It is recommended that you should have a 120Hz frequency if you want to play in RTS mode on your RTS-enabled monitors.

A faster refresh rate is required for first-person shooters like Warzone or Fortnite. 120Hz will ensure that your games show considerably more smoothly and with less blur,

What exactly is FPS RTS?

Answer: First-person strategy is a type of cross-genre or fusion video game that incorporates aspects from both the real-time strategy (RTS) and first-person shooter (FPS) genres. Online versions of these games frequently enable both RTS and FPS modes to be played at the same time.

Should you play RTS games in RTS mode?

Answer: Without RTS Mode, many of today’s most popular RTS titles feel hollow, two-dimensional, and bland. When the identical games are played in RTS mode, though, everything transforms, and you feel as if you’ve been teleported right into the middle of the action.

Is RTS mode bad for a graphics card?

Answer: RTS mode is a high-performing gaming mode, and thus, it puts a lot of pressure on the graphics card. Hence it is important that you get a heavily optimized gaming graphics card if you wish to use RTS mode.


Is RTS Mode good for gaming? Yes, it is; the experience, vibrancy, and sharpness you will get from RTS mode will make you fall in love with it.

Unless you are a professional player that concentrates solely on League of Legends or another MOBA, MMORPG, or RTS, you do not need RTS monitors.

However, suppose you want to have the finest degree of detail on those caravans in Age of Empires or what the hefty jackal troops look like up and personal in Age of Mythology. In that case, you can get yourself an RTS monitor without thinking twice.

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