Do Monitors Have Speakers?

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Planning to buy a new monitor? Make sure you get the right one that ensures all the features you want. Today’s market features various types of monitors, each with different elements, properties, and trademarks. Some come with a widescreen, some with better graphics, and again some with built-in speakers, to match the preferences of a wide range of users. So, do monitors have speakers?

Most monitors come with one or more speakers while some might not. It depends on the type, model, brand, and properties of the monitor. However, you always have the option of installing additional speakers with your monitor.

Now, you might think why do monitors have speakers when that is not really a part of its function and how to find out whether or not a monitor has speakers. If you want to find out whether your monitor or the monitor you’re planning to get for yourself has built-in speakers, stick to this article till the very end.

Do monitors come with built-in speakers?

Maybe or maybe not. Built-in speakers are a special feature added by several computer brands in different models. However, it is not a basic element that all monitors consist of. Many monitors do not feature speakers as the manufacturer tries to cut down the extra cost of speakers keeping the general objective of a monitor in focus.

If you find your monitor to create sound coordinating with any video on the screen, then it definitely has built-in speakers, or else, it wouldn’t have been possible for your monitor to make a sound out of the screen.

There are some advantages of getting yourself a monitor with built-in speakers and some disadvantages as well. But most importantly, whether or not is a monitor with speakers a good idea for you depends on how you’ll be using it and your personal necessity or preference.

Are monitors speakers good?

are monitor speakers good

Monitors with a built-in speaker deliver a fair sound quality that can easily meet your purpose of hearing or listening to an audio or a video taking place on the monitor. However, if you desire to enjoy high-quality sounds, the speaker of the monitor won’t be able to satisfy you.  

Since the quality of the sound coming from the monitors with built-in speakers are not that high because the slim body of your monitor can’t bear enough room for top-notch speaker quality, it won’t be a good option for you if you’re a video editor or streamer. Though if you’re planning to get a monitor for general purpose or casual gaming, monitors with speakers is an easy and shortcut option you can opt for.

There’s one more thing, the price, model, and brand are factors when it comes to the sound quality of the speakers of the monitor. Some expensive and top-notch models and brands feature a much higher quality of sound from the built-in speakers than the cheaper ones.

Advantages of gaming monitors with speakers

If you’re a gamer, whenever you purchase a gaming item, you always look for features that potentially enhance your gaming experience and performance. While gaming monitors with built-in speakers might not directly affect your gaming experience, indirectly, it surely does.

The biggest advantage of having gaming monitors with speakers is that less junk or clutter on your gaming desk. External speakers capture a good amount of space from your desk which unknowingly hampers your ease and concentration. A clean and spacious surrounding is always more helpful for concentrating.

Moreover, fewer wires. External speakers come with at least three extra wires with each speaker of a set. This often is difficult to keep organized and neat. Overall, they contribute largely to making your room look like a mess.

On the flip side, though monitors with built-in speakers are comparatively thicker than the ones without speakers and have a large chin, their foot captures the same amount of room from your desk as a regular monitor with no speakers. Along with the existence of just 1 or 2 wires originally required for the monitor around your computer.

Should you get a monitor with speakers?

Should You get Monitor with built-in Speakers

Whether you should be getting a monitor with speakers or not, almost wholly depends on your purpose and preference. If you prefer high-quality sound more than a cost-effective solution that keeps your room spacious after setting up a computer, a monitor with speakers won’t be worth it for you.

Though if you’re okay to work with a somewhat fair quality of sound, then a monitor with built-in speakers would be a good option for you. But if you already have speakers and headphones available in your house, then, in my opinion, a monitor with a speaker would be a waste.

Gamers who don’t use headphones or ear sets usually look for a secondary option to keep track of the sounds of gaming and streaming videos. Hence, they opt for gaming monitors with built-in speakers.

However, if you’re planning to purchase a monitor for normal desk works like office work or studies, unless you already have speakers in your house, monitors with built-in speakers can be a great option.

How to know if a monitor has speakers?

There are several easy ways to check whether a monitor has speakers. And I guess the easiest way is to check the manual that comes with a monitor or the description written on the monitor’s package box (if any). Usually, monitors with built-in speakers highlight this special feature in the manuals.

However, many low-branded monitors might not have this information in the description or manual. So, another super easy way would be checking an unboxed monitor. If a monitor has, it must have speaker grills somewhere at the back or front. Look for the grill and if you fail to find one, then the monitor might be without an in-built speaker.

But many times, your eyes might miss out as well. So, you can check it after setting it up and connecting it to your PC. Play audio and see if you can hear anything from the monitor. 

If you do, it definitely has a built-in speaker. Just make sure the proper drivers required for monitor speakers to work are installed in your system. Or else, even if the monitor has speakers, it won’t work.

Why Some monitors don’t have speakers?

One of the major reasons why some monitors don’t come with speakers is that people mostly prefer separate speakers instead. Because first of all, it is an extra cost for the manufacturer with the least popularity and thus less ROI. So, the most common and regular gaming or casual monitors doesn’t usually have built-in speakers.

Moreover, the reason why people prefer external speakers or headsets over built-in speakers is the quality and range of sound it offers. Most people use their monitor for multiple functions rather than one. Many likes to watch movies in it, stream videos in it, or even listen to music while working. And for that, a built-in speaker is a poor choice for them.

How to get sound from a monitor without speakers?

how to get sound from monitors without speakers

If using the previous strategies, you recently discovered that the monitor you already have does not have built-in speakers while you wanted it, don’t be disheartened. There are a few brilliant ways to extract the sound of a video or audio to the monitor without it having a built-in speaker. Here are the most popular ones.


DisplayPort is a great option to make your monitor extract sounds. It requires both audio and video data. So, to play the audio waves, you will need to have an audio playback supportive sink device and a dual-capable adapter. And for the video signals, you will need a working video card and graphics driver. Thus, install and update them before installing DisplayPort.

Once they are installed, connect the cable of DisplayPort to your monitor and audio source. Then, go to the “Sounds” option in your Control Panel and select Display Audio as your playback device. That’s it!


It is the most popular way to enjoy sound and video playback. HDMI ensures excellent audio and video streaming. All you have to do is properly connect your HDMI to each end. Click on your volume to access the menu.

Select playback devices and open sound properties. Select monitor as your playback device to enable HDMI audio and make it your default setting. And you’re good to go!

Audio line

In case you’re using an older version monitor with no such ports available except for a DVI or VGI port that carry only video signals without audio, then the audio in port is the only feasible option for you.

So, look for the headphone jack and “Audio In” port on your monitor. And then, you’ll need to connect a 3.5 mm cable with your monitor PC to transmit audio. Through audio settings, select monitor for the audio output device. That’s all.

Popular monitors with built-in speakers

If you’re looking forward to buying a monitor with built-in speakers, here’s a list of some of the most popular monitors with built-in speakers to choose from.

  • ASUS ROG Strix XG43UQ
  • AOC Gaming 27G2U5BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510S
  • BenQ Eye Care Monitor
  • Acer Nitro QG221Q


Do monitors have sound cards?

Even though many monitors these days come with integrated speakers, they don’t have sound cards. Sound cards are usually required for high-quality sound output. It is generally found in dedicated speakers but for monitors, that’d be too much investment.

Do Dell monitors have speakers?

Yes, most of the Dell monitors come with built-in speakers. The sound produced by Dell monitors is clear, crisp, and slightly echoey. But they also provide the option to connect external speakers if wished with the ports at the back of the monitor.

Do AOC monitors have speakers?

AOC monitors are quite popular for their top-notch display quality and that’s also their main focus. For which, most AOC monitors are not observed with built-in speakers, except for a few models.

Do ACER monitors have speakers?

ACER monitors might or might not have built-in speakers. It depends on the model of the speaker and the manufacturer. But ACER monitors are observed to lack compatibility with most speakers.

Do LG monitors have speakers?

The expensive models of LG mostly include built-in speakers. But the speakers aren’t that loud. The cheaper ones don’t usually come with built-in speakers. The ultrawide models of LG have built-in speakers as well.

Do Samsung monitors have speakers?

Some of the very new models of Samsung monitors are offering built-in speakers. However, most old and popular models of Samsung don’t come with built-in speakers but the option to connect external speakers.


Now you know that there are monitors that come with speakers and how to detect or find them as well. Also, you’ve come to know why do monitors have speakers and why they don’t. My job is done here. Now it’s on you to choose wisely.

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