Are Gaming Mice Worth it? (And Why!)

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Gaming mice are all the craze now. They have become increasingly popular. Almost all gamers and even non-gamers use gaming mice these days.

However, some people tend to disagree. Gaming mice are expensive compared to regular mice, but common mice get the job done. So, is a gaming mouse worth it? If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably wondered that.

These mice were designed for long period gaming and to suit different gaming styles. But they are not just for gaming; they have many features that make them stand out. Read ahead to find out more!


Are Gaming Mice Worth it?

The simple answer to that question is yes. Gaming mice are worth buying. They differ significantly from regular mice as they have higher speed, precision, higher plus adjustable sensitivity, and more receptiveness. Moreover, you can customize the grip style to match your palm size and comfort.  

A lot of people opt for gaming mice these days. Not just gamers, even non-gamers buy gaming mice for better performance and more functionalities. Gaming mice are more comfortable to use for a long period. But they can be pretty costly, so some people consider it a waste of money.


Regular Mouse vs Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice aren’t just fancy regular mice. They differ from standard mice quite a bit. Functionality and comfort-wise, there are many differences.

Everyone can attest to the fact that gaming equipment is much more comfortable than standard ones. Gaming mice are designed to be used for long periods, meaning the design accommodates more extended grips much better than the standard ones. Some gaming mice even offer adjustable weight.

You can choose gaming mice based on your grip style. Palm grip style mouse for regular pc users, claw grip for frequent gamers, fingertip grip for more control, and much more. You can choose ambidextrous grip styles for gaming mice if that’s what you are comfortable with. However, these features aren’t available in a standard mouse. All normal mice come with the same grip style.

You can also buy gaming mice with adjustable weight. You can add parts and take them off the mouse when you need to. Some gaming mice, especially the lightweight ones, don’t come with adjustable weight.


Why Do Gaming Mice Worth it?

Gaming mice have many features that made them so famous. Not only do they look sleek with their LED lights, but they are also very capable of performing many tasks.

Lighting Software: Gaming mice have LED lighting, which comes with adjustable software. You can change the color of the lights. This adds to the functionality as well. Your mouse looks stylish, and it can be adjusted according to your personal taste.

Gaming mice generally come with RGB lighting meaning the lights’ colors can be changed. You can change the light colors to match your gaming setup. There’s also a rainbow option where the colors will rotate. However, some budget-friendly mice don’t have this feature and come with one unchangeable color only.

High DPI: DPI or Dots Per Inch is an excellent feature of the gaming mice. It is the measurement of sensitivity. High DPI means that your mouse has higher sensitivity. The cursor moves when you move your mouse. This is an excellent feature for gaming.

In gaming mice, you can also adjust the DPI according to your preference. Most mice come with a DPI of 100-25k. You can play most games within the 1000-2000 range. However,  if you do some intense tech work or use your computer for an extended period, the high DPI can be extremely useful. Fast-paced games require more cursor movement meaning higher DPI.

Budget-friendly mice have buttons for DPI changing rather than software. Through software, you can choose the specific DPI, which isn’t possible with buttons. Some expensive mice have a control called DPI switch, which lets you decrease the DPI quickly. It is helpful if you don’t have much mouse space or need to aim at something small.

It’s best to buy your first gaming mouse within the same DPI range as your regular mouse. It will help the transition process.

High Polling Rates: The polling rate means the time it takes the mouse to send the input to the computer and the computer response time. Gaming mice have polling rates of 800-1000Hz. Regular mice take 3-5 milliseconds to recognize a click which is considered a lag in the gaming community.

Programmable Buttons: This another software that makes the gaming mouse stand out. You can reprogram the mouse buttons to create macros. Since gaming mice have more buttons than average mice, you have a wide range of options. However, some gaming mice don’t come with many buttons, especially if designed for a particular task or game.

Creating macros with a gaming mouse is easy. You can adjust the button commands to your liking, such as copy-paste functions, editing keys, etc. As stated above, there are mice with DPI switch or decreasing DPI buttons that help you remain in control while gaming.

Durable: Gaming mice are much longer-lasting than regular mice. Since they are designed for an extended period of intense function, they are built with better materials. Even the gaming mouse’s paint is more durable than your regular mouse, which fades after a few months.

Both gaming and regular mice are made of plastic, but gaming mice use the tougher kind. The material does not break easily, and some are even made of a metal shell. The plastic has metal accents which make gaming mice look sleeker and more stylish.

The sensors and switches of gaming mice are of top quality. The buttons are sturdy and don’t break after years of use, unlike those of regular mice. Gaming mice can last you for years without any worries.



In conclusion, we can say that gaming mice have many great features that make them stand out. There’s a reason why they have become so popular, and it is not just because of the pretty visual. Gaming mice help with different types of games, but they are also great for programming, intense tech work, and last a long time. So, if you ever are a gaming mouse worth it, I hope you got your answer.

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